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---Rosette Eyes----------------------------

The Rosette Eyes has a well adhesive feature and it is also easy to adjust the angles of the pupils with the silicone eyes.

Material: Silicone

Size: 12mm/14mm

How to handle

Wipe with wet tissue or with cotton swab which is wet in clean water, when the silicone eyeball is stained with wax or dust. Safely keep it in a case if the silicone eyeball is not used.

How to fix

1. Prepare plasticine.

2. Coil the plasticine in thickness of about 1.5cm.

3. Surround the rim of the eyeball with the coiled plasticine.

4. Grasp the rear grip of the eyeball, adjust the Rosette eyes to the eye positions of the head, and then, press and adhere the plasticine.

5. Wipe the surface of the eyeball with cotton swab or wet tissue in order to remove dust.


* The image could look slightly different from the actual product.

* The silicone eye is gradually yellowed if it is exposed to the sun.

* Adhering silicone eye, please use white color plasticine preferably. There’s the possibility of some stain by colored plasticine.

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