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Mystic Shadow
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Mystic Shadow
Mystic Shadow
Mystic Shadow
Rosty Rose Set
dragon(18-02-12 18:38 /
Not All THAT Big...
The average adult human body is 7.5 heads tall -- i.e., the head is one seven-and-a-halfth (1/7.5) of the whole body. In the normal population, there is a variation more or less between 1/7 and 1/8.

This Vesuvia's head seems to be slightly smaller than 1/7 of the length from heels to the top of the head (the exact value is probably more like 1/7.06 or so); that is discounting the wig but taking into account the high heels.
So, a slightly larger head than average, but still well within the human norm.

While standing on the high heels, the proportion in the total effect seems close to 1/7.5.

On the other hand, the wig has a very enlarging effect on the head. It seems like it might be unnecessarily large -- a smaller wig size, or a flatter style, would make the head seem more proportionate.
resination(18-02-06 04:40 /
Mystic Shadow Vesuvia
First, I am curious why the word "Idealian" is shown on the last picture of this doll?  In my opinion, her head is way too large for the body it is shown on.  She would be terrific, absolutely stunning on the Idealian female body.  I would buy her on that body, but I am a stickler about proportion. I just adore her face up in the tawny resin and really regret that the body shown just doesn't look in correct proportion to the head, therefore I have to pass on this beautiful doll.  I would buy the head separate if offered, but the body it is shown on just doesn't look right.  I would love to see a buyer's option for the Idealian female body for this lovely sculpt.
Noirlace(18-02-02 21:30 /
Lovely Lady
The makeup is spot on for this girl.  Love the outfit.  The scorpion tail would have been a nice touch.  I do love the way she looks on the new body.  Keep up the good work.
yukiookami(18-01-29 12:52 /
She's pretty, but.....
Too bad all of the female heads look too big on the girl body. :/ Pleaaaase make a better female body.
fishcake(18-01-27 03:39 /
She is gorgeous..
Whoever is doing your makeup now is wonderful--I think that is one of the best face-ups for this classic sculpt I have seen. And she looks amazing in Tawny.