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Muksan(17-10-26 21:15)
So handsome Modify Delete 
I just realise that I miss out this handsome one!
lylesenpai(17-07-26 16:19)
Hyperon Destiny Symphony
I just wished that there are also available skin tones for him. Hyperon is my ultimate grail doll and i am happy to see him resell many times than the other sculpts. I wonder if will soom get to release a Soulmate Version or One Fine Day Version as well?

Also, is there a chance for a Mercenary resell? THIS IS (sorry for the caps) my favorite of all Hyperon Sculpts.
Ica(17-07-18 13:14)
Hyperon Modify Delete 
He is so handsome! Ive been waiting for a hyperon without scar, not r.hyperon version. This is soooo perfect but please make him tawny 72cm for me please. 75cm is too tall beside my megagem.Tawny is my favorit resin tone. Please please make him tawny 72cm. Ive bee wanting hyperon tawny 72, no scar, not romantic ever since. Please.

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