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Toad & Sapo - only One
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Dear customers,

This time, in the site Neo-AngelRegion the release of
Toad & Sapo - only one
(2set) there will be a random lottery event.

We changed to offer head options according to customer's requests.
Please fill in SOOM ID/Name/email/phone number/Country and which type of head you want.
We'll select two people : one person for each head at random.
In case of asking for both heads, please make a separate request.

iMda+SOOM Pet Doll 'Toad' & 'Sapo'(2set)
- Price : 1 set $350
- Full set :
  Toad: Doll, eyes, outfit, bag, brooch, shoes, candy, snail(head dress)
  Sapo: Doll, eyes, outfit, belt, brooch, shoes, candy

- Period to apply: From June 15 to June 19. 2017. (Korean time)
  Announcement: June 20. 2017. 11:00 (Korean time)

Full Custom : Designed & made by Dwarf MogMog (Japanese artist)


How to participate in the event :

1. At 'A Random lottery event', post a notice as 'Event participation' application
2. Please fill in
   We'll select two people : one person for each head at random.
3. Wait until June 20. 2017. 11:00

4. The winners announcement will be shared on June 20. 11:00AM(Korean time)
5. A notice with the list of the selected participants will be published on the Soom website
6. Also, an email explaining how to purchase will be sent individually to each winner.
   (ID information scheduled to be shared)
7. In 24 hours, the winner must complete the order (delivery within 15days.)
8. If in 24 hours, you have not completed the order,
   after a new random draw, we will share the new result.

* Full payment is required.
* The doll is shipped within 15 days after the date of full payment. (Refund is unacceptable.)
* We will consider carefully enough the fairness of the lottery event
  (random lottery by computer and after pictures are scheduled)
* We hope there will be many participants. Thank you very much.
* It is not allowed to resale(through Auction, Blogs) within 1 year from your purchase.
  If you do, you might get disadvantage.

- Neo-AngelRegion -



Toad : Ce**a
Sapo: mo**_**ee

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