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[MD/OCT.] Morga - Illusionary space
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: Soom
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[MD/OCT.] Morga - Illusionary space Outfit
[MD/OCT.] Morga - Illusionary space Wig
NT05 Blue Violet
NT02 Illusion sky
dragon(17-02-03 18:38 /
Congratulations on a superb creation!
Morga is, in my opinion, the most beautiful doll you have created for a very long time. She is truly stunning, and yet understated.

Congratulations on a job very well done indeed!
lapierle(16-10-05 15:39 /
If I order the special high heel feet in option ,
I've still have the basic feet or the high heel feet with ?
Thanks in advance
Luckyl(16-10-05 13:10 /
Second Request for Normal Skin!
I love this doll and will be buying her, but would really prefer her in normal skin also. Please normal or pink skin as other options!
Thank you for your consideration!
sahoma(16-10-05 09:00 /
White skin :/
She's beautiful! I love her face. It's very different to your other big girls so that's nice too. The feet are cool. The long nails are cool too! But why only white skin? Please soom, when will you learn to always release limited dolls with more than one skin tone? Almost every single time you have people begging for a different colour! Please make this beautiful girl in normal skin too <3