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Ray&Luna - elves of eternity
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ordering period : Nov, 04th. P.M 4:50~ Nov, 18th. P.M 4:50 . 2015.  (Korea standard time)

* Including
+Assembled Little Gem Human Body (Cream White or Tawny)
 : (Select Boy type or Girl type , Girl type : Blossom Breast Available only)
+ Open eyed Human Head
+ Romantic Head
+ Parts : Wings - Pearl  Transparent(A type or B type), additional hands (LG H06)
+ Owner’s Guide & Certificate of authenticity
* Options
- Little Gem Human body
 : (Select Boy type or Girl type , Girl type : Blossom Breast Available only)
- Face up (LE)
- Body Blushing (LE)


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- SOOM Eyes (LE) : Ray - 14mm Sunset / Luna - 14mm Bluedream
- Wig(LE) : Ray - Blond / Luna - Peach Bloom
- Outfit (LE)
 *Boy : Dress, Cape, Arm decoration, Waist decoration
 *Girl : Neck holder dress, Train Jacket
- Shoes (LE) : Boots

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary
  the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘Parts blushing’.
* ‘Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body blushing’ option.
* Due to its special making process Tawny resin color may be subject to marbling effect
  and speckles on the doll skin. Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.
* Some materials used in clothing (the ribbon tape, buttons etc.) are subject to change.
* Dark fabric, may stain doll if worn for a prolonged period of time.

* Model Design & Sculpted by : SOOM Workshop ( Head Sculptor : Jung Hye-Eun)
* Designed and made by SOOM

[Special Accessories]Ray&Luna - Wig
[Special Accessories] Ray&Luna - Eyes
[Special Accessories] Ray&Luna - Shoes
[Special Accessories] Ray&Luna - Outfit
Shiyaria(15-11-06 15:21 /
Disappointed in price..
I really LOVE the sculpt for Ray & Luna and I was super excited to see Tawny skin offered..
But this HUGE price increase is a really big turn off.

Ray & Luna have less in fantasy parts, but are so much higher in price from the recent Little Gems releases.
Arsinic(15-11-06 13:33 /
Chubby fingers
I'm I little sad these two have the fat fingers. Since I've seen other Little Gems with delicate, detailed fingers I had thought that soom was finally done with that look/sculpt.  I'm debating getting one if not both Ray and Luna, but I'll be desperate to buy different hands for them.

Love the freckles on Ray!