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[MD/June] Dorothy - The Wizard of OZ
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   · Points :
   · Skin color :
   · Option Parts+Parts Blushing :
   · Face-up & Body Blushing :
   · Outfit & Shoes :
   · Wig :
   · Eyes :
   · Quantity :


* Ordering period : From June 5th to  21th 2015

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Parts blushing may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the ‘Parts blushing’.
*‘Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body blushing’ option.
* Wig => Twin tail  hair have been made for the photo shooting. This item will not styling before shipping.  
* Designed and made by SOOM
dediney(15-06-14 02:29 /
The company are THIEVES!
Dear Layn, thanks for your care - but the situation is much worse than you see it. BTW, I didn't get any points. But why would I need them? Their doll quality became awful, and the service is unacceptable. And they steal money. I payed this company with real money, and I want my real money back, as I did not get any goods or service for my money. Nothing. 

Layn(15-06-13 16:04 /
Please consider selling the bow and arrows separat…
I would love to get them for my FCE Thera, but have no need for another Little Gem.

Person who is claiming they didn't get a refund, Soom will give you points equal to the amount of the refund. Check your account.
dediney(15-06-13 04:07 /
Fraudulent company!
I still did not get my refund. I'm not giving you money for nothing.

Your actions and unwilling to answer and respond correctly prove that you are fraudulent company, doing everything to steal money from people.

No one will buy from you if you keep stealing money!
lila37(15-06-12 05:49 /
Separate sale please!
Please consider selling the bow and arrows separately
suzy1220(15-06-08 23:43 /
Boy body
PLEASE open up an option for boy body!
Boussole(15-06-08 21:39 /
Can you please show an image of how the wings attach to the back of the doll?
mizuno(15-06-06 02:28 /
Separate Sell for bow and arrow and outfit PLEASE
Please offer the separated sale post for them, like you do with the other dolls. It would be fair for though who can't afford the whole dolls.