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[AUG] Serin & Rico - The Little Mermaid
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* Ordering period : From August 29th to September 14th 2014.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.     

!!! Removing Seam service cannot be applied to Transparent resin !!!

*** Wig => braided hair have been made for the photo shooting. This item will not braided before shipping. ***

* Face-up design by ESTEBEBE

About LG Girl Blossom Breast
kalu(15-06-17 05:45 /
please open another period!!!!!
I need this doll !!! I could not find another siren that is so beautiful 1/4 scale u__u are considered and re- sell it please!
RT12191(14-09-15 05:56 /
Super Gem Mermaid
I love the way the mermaids look. Would love to buy a Super Gem Mermaid if you make one in the future!!!
ReidFire(14-09-04 14:57 /
we need merboy
Soom, we need merboy as well T___T we're seriously lacking here. I would have seriously tempted to buy one if you have male body option.
dreamyfantasia(14-09-03 14:55 /
Absolutely gorgeous mermaids!I hope SOOM will consider release a super gem female mermaids~! I will buy  it for sure if it really comes ture~
meeve(14-09-03 11:20 /
Male body option
I agreed with the rest, it will be great if we have an option to buy it with male body too! I will order it in a heartbeat if I can choose the human male body.
yukichanto(14-09-01 14:39 /
This is another amazing work from Soom, they are both so beautiful!  I would love to see a violet tail option, and a boy option as well!  Thank you for the hard work bringing your fans what they love!
Lesserstorm(14-08-31 22:54 /
She is lovely. Do the heads have  human ears under the mermaid ears or is the side of the head blank until the mermaid ear is added?
mayichan(14-08-31 08:13 /
Boy chest option
Both girls are wonderful, but I would love a boy merman option please
Chrys(14-08-30 20:49 /
Full set body
Does the Full set include a complete human body and the Complete mermaid body?
vhdangel(14-08-30 19:33 /
<3 Mermaids!
Soom, you have really out done yourselves! These girls are gorgeous!  I am so hoping I can gather the funds to get both. :D

May we please get photos of the mermaid tails without blushing? I'd love to see what the coral and sea green transparent resins look like. Pretty please?
soom(14-08-30 14:46 /
Hi~ Thank you, we are so happy to see that you love them !!
The outfit set is the same regardless of the doll version you choose.
On the mermaid doll, skirt 2 has been removed whereas the full
outfit set is shown on the human doll.^^
Chrys(14-08-29 19:39 /
Wow!! They are awesome!! 

Does the human dress come with the full set?  How do you get the human clothes if you want the full set?