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[SO] Heliot - Dream Ripper
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*Ordering period : From June 27th to July 13th 2014.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.     

* face-up design by ESTEBEBE

!!! Removing Seam service cannot be applied to Grey Skin resin !!!

* Due to its special making process, Grey Skin resin colour may be subject to marbling effect and light speckles on the doll skin. Please note that this is NOT considered as a defective item.

Dream Ripper Winged Horns
Yaoilover482(14-10-09 05:15 /
As for the theme Argument Soom has been doing a Chess/ Death theme or what ever it is so I dont see how it is copying a theme when they have been on this theme for like 6 months now -.-
Yaoilover482(14-10-09 05:11 /
Seriously -.-
Soom didnt copy anyone... I understand there is this thing called Freedom of speech but that doesnt mean you should use it, sometimes it is better to keep your opinions to yourself, but some people lack that form of self control -.- Should just be happy they are an active company that keeps bring something new to the table and their customer service is the best I have had the pleasure of dealing with. So please stop tearing down someones creations. By the logic of the wings on top of the head, well I guess every doll company who has ever done wings on the head for their dolls is just coping Ringdoll -..- thats sarcasm by the way. So I guess all companies copied the very first company to come out with BJD's by that logic any way

Soom Your work is always breath taking and please dont pay attention to those who say it is not, Different people have different tastes. Thank you Soom for all the hard work you always put into your dolls <3
Siki(14-07-14 03:10 /
Soom isn't copy!
I don't think Soom copy Ringdoll, they've made a lot of special wings before and the new Heliot also like that. Wings in the head look like Hermes god and Asterix too, so, don't think this "style" only Ringdoll have!
sahoma(14-07-01 01:10 /
he is gorgeous
I am really tempted to get him, but I'm holding for a NS human Arkose x3
Katharina(14-06-29 19:32 /
he's one of the most perfect soom sculpts after puss in boots!!
my pov~~

i'm so in love~~ (just when i thought i'll stop adding any more to my collection...! hes amazing... simply) must have!
HOTARUBI(14-06-28 22:57 /
First,I don't think SOOM,like Yero said, copies the wings, because they used that kind of-nearly-wings before many times, for example, remember Nephelin?

Second, i agree that you can say whatever you want, i just ask you one question, do you ever think what you said may do harm to you? SOOM may never sell doll to you after hearing you said they had copied the other company. Yero just advice you!

Third, Yero don't have to work for SOOM so he said so, do you think he is just a big fan of SOOM and what your said hurt him? Please think clearly about what you wanna say before you say it out loud
manscan(14-06-28 21:20 /
If I feel like asking Soom why they copied Ringdoll that is my business not yours unless you work for the company?

Yep, They copied the Ringdoll Lucifer by THEME....

Why so Defensive?  Feeling guilty cause I'm right?

Money??  What does affordability have to do making the same THEME doll as Ringdoll?

Grow up yourself.  Here is USA we have a thing called freedom of speech.
Yero(14-06-28 19:11 /
How is this related to Ringdoll? Oh, the wings on top of his head like Lucifer-Arios? Sure thing, because Ringdoll were the first to do stuff like this, right? Right...?

Wrong, those silly looking head wings have been around for ages.

That's the only thing both dolls have in common, so there's no copying going on here.

Grow up and stop harrassing companies. Not their fault you can't afford their dolls.
manscan(14-06-27 21:57 /
Why did you copy Ringdoll?
That is too bad you can think of your own design.
teja(14-06-27 18:55 /
Dear Soom!
He is perfection! I can't tell you enough how beautiful he is!