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[SO] Puss in Boots - One Fine Day
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* Ordering period : From June 5th to June 29th 2014.
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* face-up design by ESTEBEBE
VinsentWolf(14-06-25 17:53 /
Wigs as option
Please add wigs!!
AterFelis(14-06-13 03:48 /
Thank you for adding the option for hands. Could you please also add an option to buy both heads? And also an option for darker skin tones. Pleeeeeeeease!!!!
VinsentWolf(14-06-09 20:31 /
More options
So beautiful boy! Please, add more options... wigs, both hands and skintones
1696661313(14-06-09 20:12 /
More options!!!
Please add these cute wigs and other colors! Tawny or bronze! And options for both heads and hands...
Reiyuu(14-06-06 19:12 /
More options?
Please do the option for both heads and hands... that way i dont have to choose just one lol