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[MD/JUL] White Rabbit The Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland
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* Ordering period : from July 4th to July 18th 2013.

* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, please click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* 'Removing the seam’ is not included to the ‘Body Blushing’ option. Also, we do not provide the 'Removing seam' Service for Dark skin dolls like grey, brown tan and black. Thank you for your understanding.

*** White Rabbit and Mad Hatter are the same doll. The name changes according to the skin colour.
Costenlos(14-08-25 19:20 /
wow~The white rabbit is so cute~
At that time,I haven't knew anything about the bjd. I missed it!

Really love the white rabbit! Is there any chances to own it in any cases?
cheesedemon88(13-07-08 15:25 /
Pink skin ?
I am on the fence with this one, I love the sculpt, the feet are positively adorable and I love the smirking face, but I wish he came in pink skin or even normal skin, oh well, we'll see if I get the white one anyway
Lugi(13-07-08 10:05 /
Body types?
I definately want to get this guy! I just wish he wasn't so much to start with! What is the difference between "simple" type and "extra" type body? Are there pictures of the new super gem? It's hard to make a decision when you don't know what it is. lol
Knight(13-07-05 06:28 /
Being a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, I want these dolls so bad. I LOVE the rabbit face with his cute little smirk! And being a male doll collector I feel quite lucky! :D Looks like this is another Soom doll I'll be adding to my wishlist! ^^ Thanks Soom!
(btw, the grey color look great!)
kuroshi666(13-07-04 19:12 /
Soom, I'm so unhappy! I've been waiting for this release, even intrigued, I love his face expression, and Rabbit-Hatter idea... but not in the summer *tears*, when it's time for summer vacations and wallet is almost empty.
I guess I'll have to wait for him in free choice event *double sigh*