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Tremo - Fire Bird
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Opening Date : May. 9th.

* Ordering period : from May. 9th. to Mar. 23rd. 2012
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* 'Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option. We do not provide the 'Removing seam' Service for Dark skin dolls like grey, brown tan and black. Thank you for your understanding.

mukusan(12-05-10 11:57 /
Soom Soom, i love the feet. It looks so powerful~! ...But the chopped off wings really scare me off.. Personally prefer resin wings.
Nayami(12-05-10 06:07 /
Hm..nice concept!
I'd have to agree with everyone else. I thought he'd be like Galena with the resin wings and thought I'd be in trouble but now that I see him, he's not doing it at all for me. The arms look more crab-like than bird. It was a really cool concept but maybe you should have made resin-wings or at least make it an option between resin or feather wings. His claw legs are a nice change but I worry if that will effect how he stands. His face didn't really win me over either. His chin looks very large in comparison to his body. I do like his clothing though! I think I'll wait for the next boy though....
fishcake(12-05-09 23:23 /
Tour of new male body?
I love Tremo's face, (and his head decorations). The feet are brilliant. I hope he will be issued later again as a Special Order since he would make a lovely human. I would also very much like to see more photos of the new male body. I found that was very helpful in my decision to buy Gneiss, since I was able to see in detail how the new female body posed.
ladywillow(12-05-09 22:54 /
whats with those wing arms???
I can't agree more with the previous comments. Those arms are horrendous! I would have loved it more if they were placed in the back like Neph, Migma, or Ampy. And without the feathers make it even worse! But, everything else...OMG beautiful. I LOVE his face and I even like the claw/talon feet. What really makes me happy are those front forehead horns. I have the perfect character for him scrounging up th money to buy him!
HikariSora(12-05-09 21:37 /
I think that the wings are really awful ...
I like birds and his legs, they are now movable?? that is very good! *~*
But why do they always just thick under lip? It always reminds some of a boat...

and you have the male body changed? why? This joint is so immobile in the breast and annoying .... something is bugging me already of Zinc
ShadesOfBlue(12-05-09 21:32 /
Modding options = a go!
So the wings on the body kinda okay but for modding purporses I can see soo much potential with those joints! Loving his claws but WHYYY are the feather optional?! Seriously it's just weird without them or if not feathers why not an optional resin feather part to fit them instead? So much potential missed but still reckon I'll get him...such a sucker for talons!
sahoma(12-05-09 21:17 /
I kinda agree with shinzo
please soom, make the wings optional!
those are the ugliest things I've ever seen! they look like worms or raw saussages on each side of his body Ô_o

but a big thank you for making bird feet with articulated toes!! <3 I've been hoping that!
shinzo(12-05-09 20:33 /
Wow....ummmm I'm sorry dear soom. Why is he so cross eyed? Its easy to put eyes into the doll. Also can you make wings one would want those hideous thing...they look like crab arms or something. Pretty face though.
kitsutenshi(12-05-09 04:23 /
Can't wait to see him!
I love his face! and a firebird or phoenix is a beautiful idea. Will he have winged arms and talon feet like Galena?
ShadesOfBlue(12-05-08 18:15 /
Soomed again!
GAhhhh a pheniox?! I can not not get this guy!! Looking forward to the others pics, talons...I hope so!
lula78(12-05-08 14:53 /
What a striking face!Excited to see his fantasy parts, especially
his feet...looking forward to his release XD