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Gneiss - The Birth of a Goddess
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* Ordering period : from Mar. 9th. to Mar. 25th. 2012

* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* 'Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option. We do not provide the 'Removing seam' Service for Dark skin dolls like grey, brown tan and black. Thank you for your understanding.

grankaa(12-03-29 08:06 /
A true goddess!
She's amazing and has SO MUCH potential! I officially got SOOMed!  ^__________^
bandit1971(12-03-11 09:09 /
Pretty but...
I'd love to see some closer photos of her shoes, and photos of the snakes and wing ears separate from the doll so we can see how they attach/look?
PredatorSVE(12-03-09 21:21 /
oh, as that...
Expected the bigger... In general in any way it turned out Not so.
Asanao(12-03-09 17:23 /
Most Beautiful Woman
I can't wait anymore! TT_TT When SOOM? oh When?
Dalia(12-03-09 13:47 /
So beauty
I think she is Gaia ,snake is her messenger
PredatorSVE(12-03-08 20:02 /
and where a doll photo?
Forces aren't present more to wait!
bandit1971(12-03-08 17:10 /
I believe you'd be thinking of Hermes. Wings + snakes are kind of his thing. Caduceus ya know?
glamad(12-03-08 17:08 /
Why is her not on sale yet?
She looks really gorgeous. Please show us more photos.
laughingcrow(12-03-08 16:05 /
(Um...Zeus has absolutely nothing to do with snakes? :P) Maybe you're thinking Medusa. I too think of the Delphic Oracle. She is gorgeous!
Rumiko(12-03-08 15:04 /
She looks lovely. I like the new body very much. I might actually buy a soom girl now to go with my boys :3
cometblack(12-03-07 02:11 /
The snake head wings remind me of a female goddess so your definatly spot on. Can't wait to see more pictures her face already looks like its going to be irristable.... my wallet is hiding from me...
fishcake(12-03-07 01:13 /
A beautiful new face!
I think her face is gorgeous--it will be a struggle to get inside the order period, but I will try! I like the creativity--she makes me think of the Delphic Oracle for some reason.