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North & Iceland - Snow Maiden & Ice Lad
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* Ordering period : From Nov.23rd. to Dec.7th .2011.
 Opening: Nov.23rd. (Korea Time)
bato0128(11-12-02 14:26 /
totally agree with some of you... :(
xelacosplay--they're Little Gem (~43cm, "MSD" size).

I've been a fan of SOOM's sculpts and creativity for a while also, but lately I do agree with some of the commentors saying that the MD/remaining story dolls have been lacking that sense of creativity and originality. The facial sculpt itself is very cute, but some of the biggest reasons why us fans choose SOOM are the unique resin colors, stories and body sculpts that are both so high in quality and originality, and cannot be seen anywhere else. North and Iceland, in that sense, totally wrecked my anticipation. All they have are sleeping heads and the legs. Not that I'd ever be able to judge the effort and time that were put into making these dolls, but regardless I truly feel they could have been much, much better (even if that means a much higher price).
I hope the next one doesn't disappoint anybody, because nobody wants to be disappointed by such an amazing and talented team that they trust in.
xelacosplay(11-11-29 16:30 /
Cuuuuuuuuuute but...
I love these; with their little polar bear paws

But can someone tell me what size they are? I can't work out is their teenie gem or not
TheMoonlightTide(11-11-28 02:30 /
I Love them BUT
Hey soom I love all your dolls and you never seem to displease me, but i am disappointed with your fantasy parts for these little ones.

There face sculpts are gorgeous and I love the outfits everything about the just need better fantasy parts thats all.

 Also i wish you will be more creative with the little gem resin colors in the near future so far all I've seen is cream white bronze and normal as much as i love them I wish you will have more fun colors with them.

Unfortunately i dont have the money for these little ones. Thanks a bunch soom i love your dolls never stop and i hope I'll be able to get your next ones.
Nayami(11-11-26 02:23 /
Can we please stop it?
No offense but I'm getting pretty tired and annoyed of everyone picking apart other peoples posts on this opinion box.

Why can't people feel free to write their own opinion to SOOM without having to pick apart other peoples opinions? If someone feels like the fantasy parts need improving we are free to say so without the fear of causing a debate.

If you don't feel that way simply say that you DO like the fantasy parts instead of making the people who posted below you feel bad about posting.

Simply IGNORE the post and state your OWN opinion if you feel the need to without bashing someone else's OWN opinion. No offense you aren't going to change the way I feel just by putting "OH I DONT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT I LIKE IT!11!! blah blah blah". I hate how everyone in this hobby feels the need to best each other.

I'm free to say that I was not impressed by JUST the polar bear paws, and I'm free to say to since I'm talking to SOOM in a poliet manner and expressing how I truly feel. I'm not bashing anyone, or being insulting. I don't need someone breathing down my neck and telling me "I shouldn't be complaining".

Seriously. Back off and stick to your own comments people.

/end rant.

I do like the paws by the way SOOM, as well as the face sculpts and clothing. I'm beyond expressed with the way these dolls have been coming out! I was just expecting a bit more.
cometblack(11-11-25 00:13 /
I have seen a lot of amazing outfit and eyes from you guys lately,I love the detail and the hats and crowns, with veils (Clozel) i hope to see more outfits like this in the future; their worth the money and i will definatly buy them,I would denfinatly like to see some outfits similar to north's on Tiny Gems. keep up the awesome work.

For the fantasy parts, i think that were lucky to have a company like you soom around to at least give us such a varity so thank you soom keep making things that are too adorble to resist. 

Last note, Their faces are soooo cute, honestly if i hadn't just robbed myself and bought clozel i would get the North girl. Sorry i gotta pass this one up.
neffy(11-11-24 17:44 /
So adorable!
I think they are just the cutest things!
I can see the russian old costume influence! Please make such outfits for Supergem!
As for people complaining, I dont really know what you are complaining about. They have paws and they are supercute with amazing outfits!
sahoma(11-11-24 02:01 /
I love both of their outfits so much!

but I agree, the fantasy parts are SO disappoiting! :/ you're letting yourself go on that part...
they really could've used to fantasy hands and/or ears!!

but in a way I am glad they don't because they are a bit less expensive ^^;;;
bambi666(11-11-24 00:11 /
Cute but a bit disapoited
They look really cute!!

And i'm agreed with Nayami. I miss the other parts from a polar bear to. The ears tail and paws... You dont see good if it is a polar bear or not..

Really want a polar bear girl. But this is not what i want as polar bear girl. This is not polar bear enough for me...

Hope one day that there coming a better polar bear in SD or tiny format . Should be great!

Greetings Bambi
Nayami(11-11-23 15:18 /
Awe they are super cute! However, Im not sure what they are supposed to be?

Polar bears?

If so I would have liked to have seen more fantasy parts! That would have really sold them for me! Like little bear ears, or paws and a tail! They just come off a little too simple for my liking. (But I'm a huge fantasy parts lover so I might be a little biased :P )

Also, I wish you'd offer a different skin tone! All of the remaining story dolls (well most) have been released in Cream White. It makes sense these Arctic dolls are white though( with being from the North and all) but it would have been nice if you gave a chance of like snow-blue skin or light snowy grey!

Just my opinion though! I really like the boys face, very well sculpted!
sahoma(11-11-23 10:10 /
dear soom,
it is now 10:10AM, november 23rd. where are the pics???

EDIT: now 10:40......