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[MD/NOV] Clozel – Vala of Agony
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* Ordering period : From Nov.9th. to Nov. 23rd .2011.
 Opening: Nov.9th. 9:00 am (Korea Time)
quantumcrystals(14-12-05 14:37 /
In Love
Will you ever sell her again? Only doll I want! Beautiful.
ShatteredCiel(11-11-12 10:59 /
Wow she's pretty!~ ...
Oh come on people... if you don't like a certain part of it because it's from a real animal rather than synthetic, then don't buy it, and leave your feedback on the Q&A for SOOM, not plastering it all over the Dolls' page.

And yes, they do use fur on the leather too, not just feathers. I know that just by looking at my Yrie's fullset pant.

All this Animal cruelty crap aside( you don't know for sure if it was taken humanly or not anyway!~

I think this girl is absolutely gorgeous! I adore her face and every little detail about her~ I do however wish she had Three full toes rather than 2 and the extra claw. Visually she is the perfect mix of Beryl and Cuprit in my eyes <3 I only wish I had the money to purchase her fullset~ She's gorgeous~
Nayami(11-11-11 00:42 /
Lets keep this on topic of the doll, if you wish to make it a personal complaint, go talk to SOOM in their Q&A section. Lets try not to make this a rant over the opinion box because you will strike up various amounts of different opinions and are taking away the appreciation of the doll which is a piece of artwork. I still don't agree with you but I wont reply since it should be about the doll and not about animal rights haha. Go to PETA if you want that.

And don't buy the wings if you're so against it no one really cares what you do, I still think they are lovely. Great job SOOM, I can't wait for your next doll! Maybe I'll have funds then ;D
chessapphire1214(11-11-10 10:40 /
Slaughter is slaughter, guys
Essentially, you're still saying the birds are killed. And yes, I have had chickens and no, I'm not spouting crap. You can find footage of animal cruelty like this all over the web; just watch the movie Earthlings if you want to see it all collected together
By law, animals have to be stunned before, still, being killed. However, often they aren't, because people generally don't care. Also, in my previous post, I was talking about birds kept specifically to be used for their feathers. I don't know what sort of feather-collecting you guys do in your research, but you're probably not trying to sell them for a profit.
Nayami(11-11-10 01:44 /
Wow SOOM she is beautiful. I love how unique you are getting with the fantasy parts and just the overall image. I absolutely love her legs, they give her such a different look. I'd for sure love to snag her but I just don't have the funds. I do wish (as a personal opinon ^-^) you'd offer her in a different skin color! Theres been alot of CW releases lately and I'd like to see a greater variety.

Also about the wings, I too am an animal lover and I also work with Animal Sciences in the Canadian agritculture department and to let you guys know collecting feathers is not a painful procedure at all for the chickens. Feathers are by-products of the chickens and in no way they are plucked alive (I seriously don't know where you guys here this) All animals are always (at least by law) have to be stunned first before any killing is done to make sure everything is painless.
danaleescreations(11-11-09 21:41 /
Lovely yet again Soom
Wow her face is breathtaking but can't do it this time with other dolls still on layaway.

To the nutter vegetarians - normally feathers are a by-product of meat producing. The animal is slaughtered, gutted and then the carcass is scalded in hot water for about 45 seconds before plucking as it is nearly impossible to pull the feather out beforehand. If you plucked a bird alive it would probably die from the shock and the stress would make the meat would make the meat unusable. It takes more than 6 weeks for a feather to grow back entirely. Some people should get real facts before spouting PETA crap. I keep birds as pets so I'm not just getting "facts" from a website with an agenda
kuroshi666(11-11-09 18:59 /
She reminds me of Heavenly bird - light, pretty, but not someone who is a Vala of Agony. Soom, you've created another masterpeiece and i love it!!!
chessapphire1214(11-11-09 11:18 /
About the wings
About mukusan and parton's posts, I'd just like to point out that I'm a vegan and animal rights activist and yes, birds used for their feathers are strung up by their legs and plucked alive, an extremely painful procedure, and are then either slaughtered or returned to a crate where they are confined for six weeks before being plucked again.

I've never bought wings from SOOM before, but I'd be extremely disappointed with them if they were using real feathers and fur in their products (I'll spare you my rant on fur xD).
whitewings(11-11-09 11:10 /
Shoes please......
I'd love to see a picture of the shoes before ordering..... can you put one up please?
parton(11-11-09 11:02 /
Love the wings! Want them especially.

The chickens can grow their feathers back, mukusan.
mukusan(11-11-09 10:57 /
As an animal lover, i decide not to support the product with feather from now on... although I love the doll so much.
cometblack(11-11-09 10:17 /
why soom? WHY?!!!
She is ... perfect, i love the lips and the eyes on her... I will most likely be getting her.
Thanks for another great release soom. :)
P.S. are you going to put pictures of her shoes up? i am really curious too see what they look like.
lunaria1(11-11-08 19:14 /
hope in human choice too!
yes please!!
give us the chance to get her human only, with no fantasy part like you did with shoshon *____* it would be wonderful!!!
Tangles11(11-11-08 16:10 /
I hope she has human legs.
WoW!  An etheral beauty. She's like an angel descending from heaven. Please don't make her too expensive, because I really want this one!
whitewings(11-11-08 07:02 /
Grabby hands!!
Oh my gosh guys - I NEED this girl!!!
Cant wait for the release!!!
sahoma(11-11-07 23:44 /
she makes me think of....
she makes me think a bit of a younger beryl ^^
so far she seems very pretty, can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!!! :D
neffy(11-11-07 17:52 /
Wow Soom team, you have done it again! Her face is utterly gorgeous and I LOVE the outfit! :D