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Aenigma – Spider sprite
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* Ordering period : From Nov.2nd. To Nov. 16th. 2011
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for transparent resin or Magenta Skin Type.

EriChanHime(11-11-03 00:58 /
Non-Photoshopped Pics, please
I am uncertain of her special resin color and would like to see pictures of her in Magenta, without the Photoshop effects, please. Also, if we could get a color comparison of her with one of the other special resin color dolls, like Migma, that would be so helpful! :)
danekabr(11-11-02 09:21 /
Oh she is sooo pretty!
danekabr(11-11-02 09:19 /
Please Soom, make a bone raucor or fairy or please make a wolf little gem for the next MD doll, maybe December?
JLostein(11-11-02 09:05 /
Hi Soom! Just want you to know I've been sitting here refreshing! xD
lunaria1(11-11-01 21:38 /
.... and what if it's a spider body? XD
want to seeeee!!
shadowchan(11-11-01 13:56 /
Oh my..
I think I see a tail of some sort... look at the back..
it's too misty to tell..

So gorgeous.. I'm gonna look at her c;
Reiyuu(11-10-31 20:39 /
What a lovely little black widow! I bet she's going to be beautiful! Maybe my first mini...
mukusan(11-10-31 16:54 /
so beautiful~
i think i will like it.
whitewings(11-10-31 10:43 /
WOW !!
She looks so incredibly delicate!!!  Cant wait to see more pictures!!