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[MD/OCT] Phonolus – Rauco of Fear
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   · Skin type & Additional human b :
   · Face up :
   · Body blushing :
   · Eyes & Wigs :
   · Fur wings :
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* Ordering period : From Oct. 6th. to Oct. 23th. 2011
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
!! Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for transparent resin, tawny, pale blue, dark resin-bronze, grey, brown tan, etc.

CoyWolf(15-12-26 07:34 /
Please consider releasing Phonolus again. Many of us would purchase him; he was only available for such a short time.
Iluvia(14-04-13 08:05 /
Want this!!
Please please please release Phonolus again...
LeeP005(14-03-14 22:02 /
OMG!!! I am super sad! I was 3 years too late!!! I  would so buy him, if he is ever up for grab!
Ashanaelle(13-11-22 21:36 /
Stunning !
Hope it will be released again ^_^
yuanmdx(13-04-20 15:02 /
It has to be HIM!!
please re-release him! or at least include him in x-mas kit 2013 ~~~> <~~~ I'm saving already~~
Meliarn(12-10-09 21:02 /
please, re-relase him!!
gigidollfie(12-07-14 21:55 /
iam totaly soomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forget about obsidious and his girly face, this is  the man!!!!!!!! *__* iam soooo enchanted by this doll and his manly looks, i want to buy him so badly!!! please soom make him again SOON plz!!! i gotta have him!!!!!
aernath(11-12-22 05:14 /
Perfect timing!
I now have one big box under the Christmas tree! Thank you! *__*
mukusan(11-10-20 20:20 /
soo cool
Very handsome~! His chin is so beautiful~
danaleescreations(11-10-07 06:14 /
He's like a hotter, darker version of Obsidius. I wish I could swap my Obsidius order for him. Damn it I can't afford him and the free choice event.
sahoma(11-10-06 21:04 /
I can't be soomed by a megegem! I dislike his huge body and really can't afford 2000$ in dolls this month! but his face ... HE'S TO GORGEOUS <3
Grendel(11-10-06 10:40 /
Lovely Face
He has a beautiful face!  Very manly, very nice edge of mouth and cheek, lovely work!!!
Mads15(11-10-06 04:00 /
His eyes look awesome! I cant wait to see more of him!
Nemesis(11-10-04 19:43 /
Wow, So handsome! I love his eyes *_*
Asanao(11-10-04 19:14 /
In love!
He is so beautiful! Already love him!
kuroshi666(11-10-04 18:27 /
Fantastic so far!!!
OMG!!! Is he a MegaGem...I love his lips and hands