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[MD/SEP] Carbon & Luxullia – Raucar of Destruction
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* Ordering period : From Sep. 7th. to Sep. 26th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
!! Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for transparent resin, pale blue, dark resin-bronze, grey, brown tan, etc.
kateness(11-09-10 01:57 /

I have worked with Soom's snow blue and I can tell from the pictures that pale blue is not the same color. It's a lot more BLUE, whereas snow blue was actually pretty minty green-blue, like a very light teal. (I dyed WS parts to match a taco head, a quick dip in RIT teal was a PERFECT match.)

About the dolls themselves though - just not my cup of tea. This whole year, actually, has not really been Soom's year. But that's just my opinion. These horns make me think of wasps and grubs at the same time, and the feet make me think of camels. I don't like the eye shape at all, but that's just personal preference. I hope everyone who finds them adorable will end up loving theirs very much.
joselyn(11-09-06 14:51 /
Carbon/pale blue vs snow blue?
Are they the same blue? Snow blue did not cost extra, but pale blue is an extra $60.
carolyng(11-09-06 13:09 /
I can't wait!
I'm so excited to see what these guys will look like! :D They kinda make me think of little succubus'. xD <3 I'm really liking the outfits so far and I can't wait to see what those feet look like! >w<

And Tenaku, blue can a "hell" color. :b In the Biblical Hell there is an area made of icy wastelands! Besides, who said that cute little demons have to only come in dark colors? C:
chibihaku(11-09-06 11:20 /
Very pretty
Nice work again, Soom~!

Luckily I'm safe from these two (For now, let's see what happens when the full body shots are released.)
Tenaku(11-09-06 05:28 /
Need grey!
Will be better if Carbon have a grey resin *_*
The blue - isn't a hell color ^^;;
Syaronn(11-09-06 03:52 /
Oh my!
Love blue resin! I hope they have tails! 8 )
sahoma(11-09-05 23:36 /
I love their horns and that blue resin!
starsun(11-09-05 22:06 /
Those horns are awesome!
lovelik(11-09-05 21:15 /
omg blue resin again? ;o;