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River – The Merry Monarch
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* Ordering period : From . Aug. 26th. 2011 to Sep. 12th. 2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for transperent resin and dark resin-bronze,grey,brown tan,etc...
* Slight color gaps due to a sanding work on the edges of some parts during production process may appear on dark-colored resin dolls.
Thank you for your understanding.

Removing Seam - Idealian72
SlytherinSu(18-07-30 15:13)
please re-sell this doll Modify Delete 
We all love river so much,please give us who knows soom too late to buy it a chance to have him. THank you!
At least 10 friends I know want have this guy! so please think about re-sell it !! thank you soooo much!!
Loralai(11-09-04 20:55)
A True Masterpiece! Modify Delete 
He is absoloutely stunning! such regal and hansome features, i would love to see more monarchs in the future aswell.
im doing my best to save up for him, if your feeling generous a few more days on the ordering period would help alot ^_^
spiritlivesinme(11-09-02 04:53)
Stunning sculpt and Regalia
Soom the ordering periods are too short. It would be better to have more time to order these dolls. The cost is high and it does take a long time to make this kind of money. Layaway is an option but by the time the downpayment is earned the ordering period is over.
Also. Outfits should be made available for purchase separately without having to buy the doll. Some may have other dolls in the Ilealian line that this outfit will fit.
You do fantastic work and your artist are wonderful but if your public can not afford to purchase the doll then where will your artists be?
Please consider longer ordering periods. price adjustments and other options so that many of your wonderful dolls can be enjoyed by many of your adoring public.
jd09(11-08-31 22:58)
Gorgeous sculpt. I agree we need more on this theme, please
gelfling9(11-08-26 22:07)
Loving your work! Modify Delete 
Wow Soom!  This boy and the outfit are truly wonderful and what a great theme - hope we see more monarchs in the future!
Hologramme(11-08-25 12:06)
Royal !
I really love his crown ! I hope he will have a sword, a stick and a baton, other accessories of a king.

I want a throne for him ! >.<
sakuraharu(11-08-25 08:35)
Lovely! Modify Delete 
What a beautiful chin and eyes he has!  Wish I could afford him.

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