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[MD/AUG] Obsidius –Vala of Warfare
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* Ordering period : From Aug. 5th. to Aug. 22nd. 2011
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
Grendel(11-08-07 10:24 /
Very Nice
Now that I see the whole doll, I really like his nose, his profile & the super gem bodies seem quite nice.  The face goes with the warrior "angel" theme.  A slight vein of the hedonist, a sensual mouth with an overlaying otherworldliness/sanctity.  I wonder how the wings attach.  Looks like they tie to the shoulder?
gelfling9(11-08-05 23:17 /
Congratulations Soom!
Another stunning creation - he is so completely handsome!^^
Best wishes to all the Soom team that help to make these things happen.  Long may you continue!
ayami(11-08-05 20:27 /
He's perfection. Can't wait to get him
No words to discribe how beautiful he is
Love him!!!
whitewings(11-08-05 19:07 /
Bring it home....
I cannot wait to bring this guy home.... Soom you made my dream boy!!! <3
nekopoychan(11-08-05 17:30 /
He is gorgeous and perfect !!!!!!! Very wonderful work SOOM XD
Kill me again and again >//////<
neffy(11-08-05 16:14 /
He is so utterly gorgeous! Incredible job, soom team!
starsun(11-08-05 15:12 /
He is super cool!  Great job!
Asanao(11-08-05 14:31 /
Fantastic, He is absolutely gorgeous!
yukiookami(11-08-05 13:33 /
This new boy is wonderful, Soom. Don't listen to the rude comments from the other customers. His face reminds me of Sard and Dia, it's truly gorgeous. If they don't like the sweet faces, then they should consider doing what other people do. Customizing them to make them their own. That's the point of these dolls, right? It's possible.

Again, he's beautiful, I can't wait to see the other pictures of him. Well done. <3
kakyou(11-08-05 12:47 /
I just simply love his feminine face~
Can't wait to see more pictures of him!!! ><
Beth1(11-08-05 11:12 /
I love this doll!
I love feminine men! I think this is a gorgeous doll. One of SOOM's most popular sculpts is a modified female head (Sard). The fact SOOM's heads can make both great men and women is a positive point for SOOM.

SOOM, keep it up, please. I would love to see more sculpts like Obsidius and Sard!
jugoldai(11-08-05 03:24 /
hey there ^^
Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for not being a 'one note' doll company. Your artists produce a wide variety of dolls, and I thank you for it. Your ideas cater to many people with a wide taste range. And thats the beauty with your MDs if the doll isn't you your tastes this month, be patient and wait.
No need to leave rude comments and the like.
Grendel(11-08-04 12:10 /
Woman Warrior
Why not create a female doll warrior with this sort of face?  A less girlie-girl that isn't so top heavy as well.  I'd buy one.  I think the clothing is taking a very ultra-fem line too, a lot of gauze and embroidery.  I like it, but would like to see other fantasy clothing – wool capes and forest hunting garb.  How about armor decorated with leaves and animals.  Brown boots? I agree with Sethrea, that Shoshon's clothing and appearance was nicely masculine.
ivrom(11-08-03 21:25 /
Oh this guy would make a lovely brother to my Cass, too bad I already have another one of your dolls on layaway >.<

I think the "sweet" girly guys are really nice, they're both realistic and feminine without being childish, which is awesome! Not everybody's into bulky men.
Aeda(11-08-03 18:24 /
Thank you, Soom))))
He is too much sweet for me... My credit card remains safe this time))))))))))))))
rishimsin(11-08-03 17:13 /
Love it <3
He's amazing Soom, this year has been good for you! Love his strong chin and beautiful nose and his lips.

Can't wait to see more. ^_^
1120727ik27(11-08-03 16:57 /
Dear Sethrea, first Idealian was a man, but from second till now they become more and more girlish ( I and many others didn't like this tendention. And I don't want to cut somebodies lips or cheeks. Soom' dolls should be perfect. They are special for me, but from 2011 year to much sugar...
sethrea(11-08-03 16:20 /
Dear 1120727ik27,
Soom makes a lot of though guys, check Idealian line.
There are also some pretty though and manly MDs, Monzo from the top of my mind or Shoshon.

Besides, I think this one can become pretty rough if you get a customface-up or a different wig, too.
1120727ik27(11-08-03 15:43 /
I am sorry, but his lips is too girlish, he is not man. Too much sugar. His face is unpleasant in its sugary. Please, made though one man. I guarantee it will sold totaly. A lot of your fans get tired of this sweeties.
Perona(11-08-03 14:43 /
Is this already sold out?
I want to see more pictures about him ❤❤
arcadegel(11-08-03 12:37 /
Oh my gosh!
I choked on my water when I saw him!
Beautiful ; A:
But I'll never be able to afford him.....
Well done Soom though <3