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[MD/JUL] Migma – Rauco of Sin
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* Ordering period : From Jul. 8th. to Jul. 23rd .2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* Migma will be shipped with the upgraded elbows parts. We are sorry for the confusion we may have caused.
* WARNING!!!!!
The additional human body comes with regular breasts only.

Sonski(11-07-11 23:11 /
She is so beautiful! * ___ *
Lelite(11-07-08 17:19 /
She is absolutely gorgeous!
Soom, she is absolutely breath-taking!  And everything fits together so nicely, and that purple resin is lovely. I love how original she is - her bat legs, the large bust that hasn't seen light of day since Breccia, and most importantly, a second head with a different expression! I already bought Lami, and I would LOVE to see dolls with different facial expressions in the future!

Migma is one very fine doll. ^^
freefall55899(11-07-08 15:54 /
OMG !!!
Soom once again you rob my wallet but shes so gorgeous i have been hoping you will bring back the purple skin and shes perfect i just had to get her :)
sahoma(11-07-08 05:05 /
@ ravenlunaloo
here are the pictures of her in white skin

and you can see her shoes here
mylilpazuzu(11-07-08 02:50 /
Truly a wonderful doll
The last few female MDs were pretty but in a bland and ordinary way. Migma is astounding. I'm seriously considering ordering her, because I don't think I've ever liked an MD this much since Onyx. I'm also glad to see you've brought out the large bust part again.

Great work. Keep it up!
tornapart(11-07-08 02:33 /
Thanks HerrZog!! ^^ Now i am really worried. Coz I am thinking hard on getting her >.< Is her eyes limited as well?
ravenlunaloo(11-07-08 02:25 /
Can you add pictures of the shoes & of her in WS??…
I really love her but I did not see pictures of the shoes or of her in the WS. I do not know if this is possible, but I would love to see it! Great job!
Brighteyes(11-07-07 23:56 /
OMG O____O
Dear Soom, she is just a dream, so beautiful and perfect, you are the best, and make always the most beautiful dolls!!! Thanks you for your good and very hard work!!!^^
sahoma(11-07-07 21:16 /
OMG YAY!! I was really hoping she would have Breccia's breast :D <3 thank you soom!
her face is amazing! most perfect doll ever. I'm gonna do everything I can to get enough money to buy her before the sale ends!
HerrZog(11-07-07 20:27 /
Here is the link, but maybe Soom will change something in the pic -
tornapart(11-07-07 20:23 /
I cant see the pictures >.<
why!!!??? I am reading everybody´s opinion and i cant see the rest of her pictures!! i am dying to see the rest of her >.<
Sheila(11-07-07 19:32 /
AMAZING girl! <3
I can't even decide which one of them i like the most, she is truly amazing, i love her in every detail! *_*
gelfling9(11-07-07 18:59 /
Gorgeous doll!
Great concept and beautifully executed!  Soom you are the best!^^
philiera(11-07-07 18:55 /
Best work!!!!
teja(11-07-07 18:53 /
omg pergect vampire fangs!
OMG dear Soom, those fangs are so so so beautifully done! Perfect fangs! I hope it is not rude to say, but please make a big male vampire with such perfect fangs!
nekopoychan(11-07-07 18:41 /
She is prefecttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt XD
I adore her soooooooooo much m(_ _)m
Very nice work, SOOM !!!!!
jesswight(11-07-07 08:10 /
Purple skin please!
Is this beauty purple skinned?! I hope so, I know its been a while since I've gotten a doll from ya'll but she'll break the streak if she is sparkly purple.

I love her face up also ;)
cometblack(11-07-06 10:37 /
Por Que?!
Her face is beautiful!
Can't wait to see more pictures.
shinigamiduo(11-07-06 07:55 /
Oh boy...
Why do I have a feeling she is going to have skin similar to Vesuvia? This GS seems to have a purple hue to it. I already have so many wonderful SOOM males, and have been waiting for another female to join my Cuprit. I have a feeling this will be the girl!
ravenlunaloo(11-07-06 01:26 /
Thank you!!!
Oh, Thank you so much soom. I was hoping for a greyish super gem girl and she has the long nails I love so! And those wings look awesome! I can't say no to her! I can't wait to see the rest of her, I am so excited! Great work!!!!!
Rosaline(11-07-06 01:20 /
Oohhhhhh my god Sooom.
I have no choice, she's mine.
anchixdpx(11-07-06 01:17 /
She is really gorgeous, I hope you release her in other skin tones though. Can't wait to see measurements and more pictures! She may just be the doll I'm looking for [=
sahoma(11-07-06 00:12 /
I'm already in love
and she's grey(ish)?? Total must have!! :D <3

the only i'm afraid is that she'll probably have fantasy feet like rauco of pain... his feet really creep me out *shiver*
kuroshi666(11-07-05 22:22 /
She' Gorgeous
Oh My God! I'm tottaly in love with this Rauco of Sin. Got to have her
thinkpink(11-07-05 19:13 /
Omygosh! I need her <3
She is what I've been waiting for since missing out on Vesuvia (at least, she looks purple to me?)!
There isn't any chance you will re-release the Temptation High Heel Parts (and the scorpion tail & waist part), right? ;)
Oh well, wishful thinking. But thank you!
minchen(11-07-05 17:20 /
Migma is gorgeous!
I'm sooo happy for this release!
Exactly what I was waiting for. :D
Thank you Soom! I'm sure she
will be added to my doll family!! ;3
arlequinne(11-07-05 17:06 /
I am very impressed so far!
Her face is so pretty, and those wings and hands! I can't wait to see more!
I'm pretty sure this girl is coming home with me when she comes out. ^w^
HerrZog(11-07-05 16:45 /
She looks very cool ))
Looks like I'll get +1 Soom girl in my family ))

Great job Soom! =)
Naranja(11-07-05 16:36 /
About the first photo
I am fall in love ¡¡¡¡¡ She looks wonderful
I hope add this pretty girl to my family ^^