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[MD/MAY] Bazael - Rauco of Pain
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* Ordering period : From May.16th. to May.31st. 2011
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
* 'Removing the seam’ is not included to ‘Body Painting’ option. We do not provide the 'Removing seam' Service for Dark skin dolls like grey, brown tan and black.
Thank you for your understanding.

kuroshi666(11-07-05 22:38 /
love love love
Can't wait till this handsome man joins my doll family
chocobikies(11-05-17 19:01 /
I actually only want the wings! Q_Q
they're so beautiful - soom - you should have a fantasy parts section! >.<
aprillee(11-05-17 07:49 /
Beautiful Demon!!!
Congratulations to all the Soom designers!  The sculpt, the wings, the feet, horn, hands, outfit--everything is just so beautiful and imaginative.  Soom is the best at fantasy themed dolls in the world.  I would buy all of your dolls if I could!
fransyung(11-05-17 01:19 /
Amazing work, as always... ^^
Not my favourite, because he kinda looks like Sphaler in more than one way! XD But amazing work, nonetheless! The wings and wing parts are beyond awesome, they're just... fantastic. And I love the ears... and the clawed feet! O.O It looks like he just came out of hell itself. Very clever, very creative!!! ^^ I just don't like the face. (_ _)
Nayami(11-05-16 21:30 /
WOW SOOM! Wicked job! I already have him in my cart! He's way too awesome to even attempt to pass up! It's going to hurt my wallet but I need this boy! Thank you sooo much!!

Perfect wings, perfect face, and I'm SO happy you gave him fantasy feet! The grey skin is perfect too! I cant wait till I get him home!!! <3
SkylaRose(11-05-16 21:03 /
Aw :(
I am majorly put off by his lips, I really don't like them. But the ears are adorable *_* please use that ear design again PLEASE!
I wont be getting this one. I do however look forward to maybe seeing his children in the future...not too soon though just in case I like them enough to click the buy me button XDDDD
nastyavin(11-05-16 19:28 /
Dear Soom! You are forgot show pictures for us!
mishakoru(11-05-16 18:56 /
Pics Please!
I totally agree! This is complete torture! I've been SO looking forward to these pics all weekend! ^_^
pendrithgirl(11-05-16 17:58 /
please update the pictures, this is torture! lol
chibihaku(11-05-15 14:02 /
So gorgeous!
Oh Soom, he looks wonderful. -wistful sigh- But those elbow joints mean he's a MegaGem and I really don't have the budget for one of those right now. T_T

He's so absolutely amazing, however.
aprillee(11-05-15 12:40 /
Teaser looks very good!  ^__^
HikariSora(11-05-15 08:25 /
wow :D
Dear Soom,

Bazael is so pretty! I'm looking forward to the photos.

Can I write somewhere proposals and requests for dolls?
I love hyenas! Can you eventually make a hyenadoll? *_____*
JenKat(11-05-15 07:02 /
Gorgeous grey
Love those wings...and always a big grey skin fan. Also hoping for gorgeous fantasy feet but already with those wings, horns and those typically gorgeous hands he's looking perfect.
sahoma(11-05-14 04:48 /
grey skin *me gusta* <3
oooh he looks good so far! just hope he won't be on the mega gem body. I'm not to found of it

@rizuhanakuro : lol, what about euclase and galena? :'P
Knight(11-05-14 02:54 /
Wow Soom he looks quite promising! I even like his name XD! Those wings are awesome too! Oh god why must he be a gothic looking doll
who's big and male and cool? All of those things scream 'ME'!!!!!
SkylaRose(11-05-14 02:10 /
Soom, I am so tempted, even though he looks nothing like any of my characters I WANT HIM *makes grabby hands*
I just knew this light and darkness line would be hazardous to my paypal account.
I think I will be picking up playing the lottery lol
shadowchan(11-05-14 00:01 /
Oh my god!
If I had money, this boy would be so mine!  I hope for WS or NS counter part as usual! 

...give me dragon demon boy!
Nayami(11-05-13 22:33 /
OMFG!! Demon in grey skin!? I SO need to buy him! I cant wait till more pictures are released!! Please have fantasy feet!! AH I havent been this excited since the released of Chalco. Thank you so much SOOM!
evenstar1(11-05-13 21:21 /
*stares at poor wallet*

Soom you are forever going to make me broke. He's gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pics.
Mahuma(11-05-13 19:26 /
Wonderful image !
Excellent grey boy for my next wish list ! ;)
freefall5589(11-05-13 17:10 /
Yes I can't wait for him to come out so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rizuhanakuro(11-05-13 16:45 /
I love you Soom!<3
Yay! Finally, SuperGem in grey skin!