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Shale & Adamelli - Golden Light Children
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* Ordering period : From May.6th. to May.25th.2011.    
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.     
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam' on the bottom of page.

AnnoDomini(11-05-10 15:44 /
So Lovely Soom! Modify Delete 
OOHHHHH,Shale is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
Since the females typically have the 'softer' look
I love how you gave it to the boy this time! Great
switch-up! ;)

Because of that it makes him even more beautiful
and her even more memorable. Thanks Soom! Keep it up!
freefall5589(11-05-09 08:17 /
^.^ Modify Delete 
once again soom you did a gorgeous job on the new dolls im hoping to get adamelli. but you always put out gorgeous dolls every month and you just keep improving.
and to your brother,

if you dont like the dolls on Soom then why do you even bother to join.
Brighteyes(11-05-08 05:10 /
Yes OliviaChao, sorry i made a mistake, your friend is right, the $395 includes the 2 heads, 1 human body, hooves, horn and little wings

i do not know if you can choose the girl body if you buy the additional body, but i think you will get just the same. You can ask Soom in the Q&A board^^
OliviaChao(11-05-08 00:35 /
About add the additional human body
Hi, I'm an newer here...only look the beautiful dolls .

Shale is so loving and I could buy him probably.

Heance, my friend told me the USD395 means including 2 heads, 1 human body, hooves, horn and little wings; it seems so perfect it right?

If I order boy Shale and want to buy the additional body, can I chose the girl body or just the same?

relly so confused :~
Brighteyes(11-05-07 20:56 /
^^, to Kayla
Dear kayla
if you choose "doll type: shale" you will get human legs plus hooves, romantic head and fantasy parts, this is all included^^. You will get a human Shale, plus the additional fantasy parts: hooves, horn, romantic head and little wings^^.

If you choose to buy additional human body too, this means additional, so you will get two human bodies with the fantasy parts and the two heads^^.

And remember, there is no stupid questions, there is only stupid answers ^__^

Lovely regards!
kayla(11-05-07 03:12 /
This is probably a stupid question Modify Delete 
But if anyone can help me.. If I choose only "doll type: shale" will I get human legs PLUS hooves? Or, in order to get a human doll I have to buy additional human body as well?
Rozga(11-05-07 02:47 /
Really? Modify Delete 
I hate you soom, Just as I am finally about to get over you, you put out these cuties.  I want ya to make more MSD sizes PLEASE!

I am so buying these.....
Human Doll(11-05-06 23:58 /
DX I just bought Trond! Modify Delete 
Lol I just bought a Trond. >_< Little Heliot babies(who's mother lol, is an inanimate object?)! Darn you soom. Darn you to heck! I may have to find a way to get one~
Zelinas(11-05-06 20:43 /
Amazing... Modify Delete 
Very beautiful Soom.... It brings out the child in me again (for unicorns were my favorite things growing up) to see these two. Absolutely stunning. I am hoping I will be able to bring little Adamelli home.
Ehryn(11-05-06 19:18 /
SOOOOOM!!! Modify Delete 
Damn you. Damn you. Damn you. I have no hope of owning one of these. I just can't cope with tinies, but an MSD unicorn... GAH. I hate my wallet, and whyyyyy can't you release the MSD sized dolls I want when I actually have money!! X3 Well okay, that's not possible because I want them all but STILL! :D Yet another gorgeous release, hopefully some day I can bring one home from the second-hand market~ <3 Keep the mini's coming!! =D =D
ymglq(11-05-06 18:52 /
GOOD~ Modify Delete 
They are beautiful so I will meet them.
 I do not understand "your brother. "
 If you don't like, You can as you can't see.
 No one forced you.
Brighteyes(11-05-06 15:48 /
Dear Soom they are so incredible beautiful!!! i am very impressed!!**_________** i can not understand how you can always improve yourself and make always so beautiful dolls, this is really amazing!!
SkylaRose(11-05-06 15:12 /
O.O Modify Delete 
Oh wow, these two are both so beautiful. If I had the money to, I'd have them both as full sets. I love everything about them! So, so pretty.
Oh, and this is the last time I'm going to react to
"your brother"
No, don't wanna XD
Remmah(11-05-06 15:01 /
Ask an you will receive.

They are beautiful Soom! Exactly what I was hoping for for a big sister for my Beyla! Just put one on layaway!
Coldsnap(11-05-06 14:33 /
Can't wait Modify Delete 
I don't know what 'your brother' is getting at with all these random posts... but these two take my breath away XD! I can't wait to see more pictures, you're killing me Soom! I'm so hoping I can bring home a sibling for my little Beyla.

I'd die if these were released in grey, so I could get one to keep my Bygg company too.
elshe(11-05-06 11:46 /
lolol theres a troll on the loose.
you're a pretty bad troll, 'your brother', cant even spell <3
SkylaRose(11-05-05 23:44 /
to Zelina Modify Delete 
Don't worry about it. "Your Brother puts that exact same comment on every single doll. has so far this year anyway. It's getting rather boring just ignore it lol
Coldsnap(11-05-05 14:51 /
Doomed Modify Delete 
Well I might be soomed again. These two look so pretty! I think I'll have to add at least one of these beauties to my family.

And I wouldn't take 'your brother' seriously. I really think its a bot, I've seen him post this on several dolls... it's always the same thing, exactly the same every time.
Zelinas(11-05-05 11:14 /
To 'your brother' Modify Delete 
What's your problem? You put the exact same thing on Auber's page. If you don't like a particular doll, there are better ways of saying so. It is your opinion that they are ugly, and they shouldn't have to 'get out' because of a single persons opinion. And in MY opinion, you are the one that should 'get out' and let the rest of us enjoy the doll release.

Soom, once again you have released two magnificent dolls. I know you try very hard to please all your fans, and we appreciate it, or at least I do. I can not wait to see more pictures of them. Thanks  again for another beautiful doll! ^-^
elshe(11-05-05 07:14 /
oh soom~ Modify Delete 
you should stop hurting my wallet like this! but i cant make a decision until i see all the pictures.

karleecakes(11-05-05 05:44 /
So Excited Modify Delete 
They look wonderful, I haven't been so excited for a release in a long time. I hope I can get my first Soom MSD
jaideen(11-05-05 03:15 /
So pretty
But once again you're producing dolls faster than I can buy and pay for them. Oh well, lots of other folks are loaded with cash I supppose.  Just too many companies, too many dolls and so little cash!  *sob*
Hope(11-05-05 01:17 /
Not the MD of May . . . Modify Delete 
Remaining Story MSDs are a series of their own. This is not the MD of the month, so you should still look forward to a large SG a little later in the month. It's not very polite to whine about everything Soom releases because it's not your taste. Just be paitent, admire what's presented, and wait for what you want to come. More time means more saving up. . .
Neffy(11-05-05 00:47 /
adorable Modify Delete 
The unicorn head is so pretty! And i looove the cutsie little wings!
mizuno(11-05-05 00:21 /
OMG I WANT Modify Delete 
SOOM why are you torturing us. My Beyla can have and older sibling.
SkylaRose(11-05-04 23:38 /
Kya! Modify Delete 
OMG! Soom! For the first time ever I want an msd O_o the unicorn is so beautiful can I has him/her? PLEASE!!!!! Sadly I have no room in my collection or purse for these. Any chance of releasing SG versions of them in the future *as in months from now when I'm done collecting my stories cast and can go on to buying dolls just because I want them? lol
what(11-05-04 23:03 /
Boy? Modify Delete 
Shouldn't this monthly be a boy doll? MSD's were just released! Im kinda let down by this. They look cute though they just aren't the size I was looking for. Pretty faces! I hope they have cute feets!
sywen(11-05-04 22:39 /
OMG Modify Delete 
i like the two <.< and the little centaurid omg <.<
Kateness(11-05-04 21:59 /
Wow!! Modify Delete 
MSD BEYLA. I mean, in a good way! But that is definitely the same facial structure! Oh god I want one.....
Lila(11-05-04 19:51 /
Kinda enjoying the pace of the releases myself... Modify Delete 
They are just so cute!! I can't wait for more pics! ^_^
LekLek(11-05-04 19:34 /
Wallet is dooooommmmed
Finally there's unicorn MSD's
my wish is fulfilled
ohhh how my wallet is going to kill me in my sleep
hana(11-05-04 19:17 /
soom……you are too fast........ Modify Delete 
I can see a new doll almost every day......
Can you slow down?......OH my pocket.....
chessapphire1214(11-05-04 18:48 /
Not again! Modify Delete 
Agh this is way too soon after the Auber and Aloa/Sov!
Leann(11-05-04 17:36 /
OHHHHHHHH 0____0 I really really need to have them BOTH, they are sooooo cute and pretty! Can't wait for them to be out, I'll snatch them immediately wahhh ha ha ha

Beautiful and Awsome job Soom, thank you soooo much ^__^
Brighteyes(11-05-04 17:09 /
Oh my God!!! why are they so incredible beautiful?!?!?!?! perfect!! *______________*