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Nelen - Spring sprite
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* Ordering period : From Feb.18th. To Mar.2nd.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on  the  bottom of page.

시이나(11-03-20 16:59 /
Give me a spring sprite ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Modify Delete 
한글로 써도 알아보실까 모르겠지만 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ;
너무 예쁘네요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!!!!!!!!!
어제서야 숨 싸이트를 찾아서 들어왔는데 ;ㅅ;
어째서 너는 판매완료된거니 아이야 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 으헝헝
갖고싶던 다른 싸이트의 구관아이보다 훨씬 저렴하고, 훨씬 더 끌리고요 ㅠㅠ!
그러나 솔드아웃.. Aㅏ.......
제눈에서 솟아나오는거 보이세요? 피눈물이에요 ^^^^^^^ 우와 신난다..
AmePanda(11-03-14 18:11 /
Spring is here! Modify Delete 
Oh! This is a faerie I would LOVE to have in my collection! I'm not a fan of the partially closed eyes though. :(  Other than that, she is breathtaking!
ladyofthefae(11-02-21 09:20 /
Lovely! Modify Delete 
She's lovely BUT Soom...why does every faerie you release have to be more and more expensive? Perhaps the resin market has gone up? Who knows...but she's kinda pricey! The extras like the flute and high heeled feet are VERY nice, but perhaps make them a option next time for people that loose small things easily? lol.

I vote for a Unseelie court fae next round please!
kwiksilva(11-02-19 17:13 /
all these fae are super cute but are we going to see one from the Unseelie court soon?
karleecakes(11-02-19 17:10 /
So Enchanting Modify Delete 
I really love this faery! Her coloring and wings are so perfect ~I love yellow! Plus those high heeled feet are pure love. Great job again soom.
starvingme(11-02-18 22:57 /
Very pretty!  I wish I had a place for her--but if Soom does a boy faerie, then I am in a world of trouble XD  Oh well, off to Ender with me!
lucky7(11-02-18 14:56 /
So cute!
Can't wait to see more pics!!!!!!
namine(11-02-18 08:18 /
WOOW Modify Delete 
shes Gorgeous!! love the half open eyes!! . but please soom make a boy fairy!!
kakyou(11-02-17 18:59 /
But I want a boy ver. too!!!
ikaru(11-02-17 17:28 /
So good! Modify Delete 
Oh, if Faery Legend have boy type, i must have to buy.
btw girl type is good too.
Koyappi(11-02-17 14:27 /
She's beautiful and I love the half closed eyes!
Would love for you to do a night or dark fairy though... darker more intense colors!
kaleido(11-02-17 13:59 /
SD Size someday Please Modify Delete 
I'm so in love with the soom Faery Line but really wish you would make another Super gem Faery.
SkylaRose(11-02-17 09:03 /
Awww Modify Delete 
Awww she's so sweet looking. This is my favourite fairy so far Soom :D
Nyx(11-02-17 01:37 /
Splendid Spring Nymph... I LOVE HER!!!
miki(11-02-16 19:51 /
Cute! Modify Delete 
Hope she's white skin!
flowerb(11-02-16 19:50 /
Really lovely Modify Delete 
I love the fact she have half open eyelids, I think that's a very nice change!
again the sculpting of her hands are delicate, and the use of transparent/colored resin for the wings is great!
Just a thought, I would love to see a faery with matching horn!
chibihaku(11-02-16 19:20 /
Gorgeous Modify Delete 
I love her wings and her pipe, Soom. Such a glorious colour.
Phynix(11-02-16 15:36 /
Why me... Modify Delete 
I need to really stop coming to soom! she is so lovely  I love her face!