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Pel – Thunderbird Summoner
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· Manufacturing company
: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Jan.24th. to Feb.9th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam - pel' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for bronze resin.

Scykyill(11-01-26 03:00 /
So pretty!
I love how she doesn't have any fantasy parts; not every doll needs them. Her outfit is absolutely amazing and Pel herself is very pretty. ^_^

It's a shame I don't have any money for her. ):
spyder66(11-01-25 02:23 /
Pretty but...
She's very pretty and I love the bronze skin option.

But I was really hoping for fantasy parts with her! I though bird legs would have been lovely.

Perhaps next time :)
Kitten(11-01-25 01:02 /
Well, Modify Delete 
Hmm. . . I hope you'll cast this color bronze again in the future. She's such a lovely color. But, her nose deters me from getting her. It's way too upturned from the front angle. . . I wish there was a boy too. Or maybe a bustier girl body. . .
ShinigamiDuo(11-01-25 00:59 /
Very familiar.... Modify Delete 
I really can't help but see Euclase when I look at her. Especially in the eyes.... Hmmm.........? Is there something we don't know?!

She is very adorable, and her outfit is well designed. Another great job SOOM!
sywen(11-01-25 00:21 /
i love her Modify Delete 
i really love her, ill be cry for dont have money <.<. But really good work, all doll with fantasy part i start to see that bored. Soooo cute doll :D
anon(11-01-25 00:19 /
~ Modify Delete 
hmmm not what I expected at all.  luckily i'm safe this time! phew.the hat is quite cool though.
yamila(11-01-25 00:07 /
boot? Modify Delete 
the boot, i am really hard dude about. they have the thing how in the picture or they are a normal boot wiht no thing?

Harumi(11-01-24 23:00 /
*cries* Modify Delete 
I can pass on fantasy parts, but..... why not a boy version ?? T^T
Minto(11-01-24 14:07 /
cute, but... Modify Delete 
I have to admit the lack of fantasy parts was very disappointing to me too, but her outfit is nice none of the less though! If only she were a boy~
Kazio(11-01-24 13:39 /
wow. Modify Delete 
I hate to be mean, but I'm pretty disappointed in this monthly doll. I was expecting some sort of fantasy parts especially for her being an msd.  Oh well, she has a cute face and I guess some people aren't into fantasy bits.
Anon(11-01-24 13:01 /
Really Dissapointed Modify Delete 
I am really dissapointed in this MD...I would have liked to see some MSD bird parts or something similar to the Alk and Yrie tiny's

The girl has a nice face though, its very cute
Avery(11-01-24 12:12 /
Sad Modify Delete 
Why no boy doll option??? :(
RedWings(11-01-24 09:20 /
Ohdear! Modify Delete 
If this doll has wings like Alk and Yrie, I'm in trouble. I have no dolly funds, so I'll just have to hope I don't get Soomed this time!
Nanjura(11-01-23 19:54 /
Oh no!
I hope. he/she/it has no wing and claw parts ... otherway I'm lost ... then I have to buy ... xDD
mixi(11-01-23 09:31 /
i love him!!! i think i would buy he/her
takiko(11-01-23 02:36 /
Oh! She is very tempting! I just love her face! Very pretty! Also very interested in her theme. I'd love to see more! Is she going to be a mini size?
Muffinator3000(11-01-21 12:03 /
She is a real cutie. Too bad I have no money. Darn you, Soom.
sywen(11-01-21 08:57 /
love !!! Modify Delete 
ohhh sooo cute i wanna see more!!!
Kateness(11-01-21 01:59 /
Oh boy! Modify Delete 
The way the eyes and nose are shaped, from what I can tell, make me think of an older yrie! Plus the title, I'm thinking MSD birdie! Thank god I don't want one, you already ruined me, Soom! But I still can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!
Reykur(11-01-20 23:41 /
*_* Modify Delete 
OMG why? I did not plan to buy any doll too soon again... but this looks like it will be extremely tempting! Anyways even if not, I'm excited to see new pictures!

Looks like it might be msd size?
Avery(11-01-20 16:46 /
YES! Modify Delete 
I am EXCITED for this release, I love Thunderbirds and I like what I see so far! I'm so happy this theme was released for the msd line!
Brighteyes(11-01-20 16:35 /
what a lovely face, i can not wait to see more!! gorgeous!*____*