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Preorders on sale.


Basically, the process of making products take 20 or 30days after customer complete the payment.

Therefore, the shipping will be one or one and half months later at the point in time when you completed the payment about your order.


* size : 8~9 inch

* Color : white + honey blond bleach
* Material : Synthetic fiber-withstand high temperatures 

1) Price : $25


2) Pre-order Period : from Jan.13th. 2011. to Jan 30th. 2011. (KOREAN STANDARD TIME)


3) Availability: This item will be shipped after 20~30 working days from the day you get confirmed your payment.

(If there is any problem with manufacturing process, the shipping will be delay without any notification.)


* The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

Amber - Daughter of Caliph
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