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[MD/JAN] Taco&Dolomi - Sweet Snow
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* Ordering period : From Jan. 3rd. to Jan. 19th.2011.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam and sanding' on the bottom of page.
Spreeunit(11-02-03 04:22 /
=3 Modify Delete 
So happy to bring Taco home, I just hope Soom will ship fast
Gummiesss(11-01-16 04:10 /
*Applauds* Modify Delete 
Yay! You put the option for head! :D
Novae(11-01-13 12:59 /
yeah... Modify Delete 
If not wings, they should have at least came with some cool clawed hands. I feel like they could have used more. Specially compared to the last tiny MD's.
Malison(11-01-13 12:05 /
Ordering Modify Delete 
Getting one tomorrow! SUPER EXCITED :D
SkylaRose(11-01-07 09:17 /
To CloudedStrife Modify Delete 
I never complained about Nephelin's wings myself. In fact I joined a split to get them for a doll I already have :)
CloudedStrife(11-01-06 03:57 /
oh lolz.
So proud to be bringing a cutie dolomi home x3

also have to wonder...

so many people complained that nephelins wings were ugly etc and yet you want those same wings on these babies?

wtf(11-01-04 19:28 /
So adorable ; ^; Modify Delete 
I'm really curious as to why both of them are the same price even though the blue resin is fairly new. It makes it so much harder to choose which one I want >w< They're both so amazing!

Oh, and what ever happened to customization?
Anyone complaining about lack of wings must also have lack of imagination. I, for one, would hate to have a doll like everyone else. Buying or making your own wings isn't so far-fetched of an idea and definitely adds some individuality to the doll. Now, complaining to Soom about something that was never there (or never promised to be there) is just ridiculous.
ladywillow(11-01-04 09:35 /
Dissapointed a lil bit
Very cute and all, I like the tails, but why no wings? Dolomi is really super cute though. Face is to precious, but again seriously bummed about no wings.
SkylaRose(11-01-04 08:00 /
hmmmmm Modify Delete 
Someone just wondered why some of us are disappointed about the lack of wings. personally, I assumed they would have wings because of Nephelin having them, also the characters I wanted them for have wings too. I do realise not all dragons have wings. Still it would have been nice.
Avery(11-01-04 02:43 /
Lovely! Modify Delete 
Taco is AMAZING! I love the blue skin! I love that you get both heads, but with Taco it might be a problem later on with no blue bodies about to buy. Giving us the option to buy another blue body in this special resin color in the future would be splendid.
RB(11-01-04 01:45 /
Cute! Modify Delete 
They're so cute! I'm a total sucker for oriental dragons.
Totally killing me here soom ;u;
mizuno(11-01-04 01:35 /
Soom why does the Open head doesn't have the … Modify Delete 
this is an idea a lot of are thinking make the sleepy head human and the open head with the special ear shape, my bbs are going to look all the same.

>_> I don't know which one to get. they are both cute.
varjostin(11-01-04 01:32 /
Lovely Modify Delete 
I personally don't get it why so many are disappointed about the lack of wings. Just think about the long Chinese dragons for example, they do not have any kind of wings either - they just fly by themselves. A dragon doesn't have to have wings. ;)
I love the blue skin but I also do agree that these little ones do resemble some other MD's, I can see a Bygg/Beyla, Glati/Glot and Grit/Syen in those, but it doesn't bother me. There are a lot similar sculpts out there.
falcon(11-01-04 01:31 /
Yay dragons :3
Fantastic! little dragons, finally. I'd love to see another set of these too, but a different them and ofcourse with wings; shame you didn't have them this time around! I might just have to look at my wallet for this one xD
shlee(11-01-04 00:59 /
Cute, but familiar... Modify Delete 
They're very cute, I must say. But their faces look almost identical to Minette/Pyrol. Maybe with a tiny bit of Ai/Afi or Glot/Glati mixed in. I'm also a little disappointed they didn't come with wings, and their tails and fantasy legs look a little like the sculpts got rushed. Would have much preferred a longer tail and wings on these little dragons. It saves me, at least, from scrambling to find money to throw them up on layaway though. ^_^;; I do want the outfit, however.. >.>
summoner(11-01-04 00:29 /
Lovely dragons!
Thank you so much for the blue skin dolls, please keep making cute fantasy dolls in interesting colors in the future also!
SkylaRose(11-01-03 19:24 /
Damn you! Modify Delete 
Dammit where are their wings! You gave them a tale but no wings *cries* WHY?
They are gorgeous btw
Blank(11-01-03 18:36 /
Oh no! Modify Delete 
Gahhhh!!! So cute! I'm somehow going to have to get the money for a Dolomi. I want it so bad D:
miki(11-01-03 18:10 /
Blue skin! Modify Delete 
Blue skin is fabulous!  More interesting skin colors please!

But please, PLEASE, stop putting human ears on the open eyed heads.
Some people would like the fantasy ears on the open eyed head too.
Kateness(11-01-03 16:28 /
Thank god! Modify Delete 
I'm saved! They're very cute, yes, and I hope those who decide they love them will get them and continue loving them, but me, I'm pretty disappointed. The faces are extremely similar (not identical, but certainly close) to Glot\Glati!

The blue skin is a no-go for me, but that's just personal, TONS of people are looking forward to it, and it DOES suit the sculpt better than WS, I think.

Also, what's with the fur? Aren't they dragons? I suppose SOME types of dragons could have fur, but Nephelin and Sphaler sure don't!
Sakhmet(11-01-03 14:30 /
Interesting Modify Delete 
Snow blue resin on Taco eh?  I've got to say Soom, I'm interested.  And the promo with the sleeping head, the face sculpt looks very peaceful.  Happily asleep even.  Can't wait to see the full reveal, the promo has done a good job of getting my interest piqued.
fransyung(11-01-03 10:15 /
smiling children? ^^ Modify Delete 
i think i detect a smile in this one? ^^ a subtle one, but it's a good thing... there were many grumpy faces in the past, i miss the smile on soom teenies! ^^ and the skin looks grey to me! i want to see more of them... this one looks so cute. ^^ good job, soom!
Blank(11-01-03 10:12 /
:D Modify Delete 
Oooo! I love them, I hope they come out soon! I want to see more. I keep changing my mind if that picture looks blue skin, gray skin, or white skin. Though I think they look like dragons.
Miko(11-01-03 08:14 /
Looks like dragons Modify Delete 
if you take a look, the nails and horns looks more like dragon parts than Deer or just hooves and horns
namine(11-01-03 02:47 /
cuteeeee Modify Delete 
i hope they are baby dragons!!!and gray skin!!
luvanon(11-01-02 19:52 /
lol Modify Delete 
I love you anon
maisa(11-01-02 18:51 /
cute *_*
Oh, so cute baby <3

SOOM team, you injure my heart every time... I want to buy all your dolls:)))) they are wonderful!
anon(11-01-02 14:47 /
Hmm... Modify Delete 
I don't know what everyone is talking about...They're definetely kangaroos.
Novae(11-01-02 08:33 /
lol Modify Delete 
Let me guess... more hooves? >>
mixi(11-01-02 07:30 /
omg i just saw this doll and died of exitmen if it is a boy girl what ever gemder it is so so so so so so so so cute and i am exited to see more pictures!

ps great job soom on all of your dolls they are the best ever
mizuno(11-01-01 23:15 /
PLEASE SOOM take it easy with the teenies Modify Delete 
Not being rude here, I love your teenie dolls, but, please take it easy with all this new dolls coming out. You recently release the uni-centaur teenies in november. and now your releasing this month. >_> Have no funds to get this one.

 I hope I can pass on this cute little. I'm still waiting on my Pyrol.

I'm think these are Elks *type of deers by looking at the antlers, i hope they aren't dragons. They are still cute.
anon(11-01-01 17:24 /
I'm excited!! Modify Delete 
Ah, do you think the lack of a banner means they will go up very soon??
jenkat(11-01-01 15:50 / be dragons? Modify Delete 
If these 2 end up being little Sphaler-esque mini dragons then I fear I might be seriously apologies to my bank account in advance! Aargh... Soom.. so many excellent releases in far too short a time!
anon(11-01-01 12:47 /
Sooo... Modify Delete 
How about putting these up tonight, Soom?
ladywillow(11-01-01 07:38 /
OMG I,m still waiting for my Neph from october and i swear of these a baby dragons im gonna find the money somewhere for them. Just too cute.
anonymous(11-01-01 06:39 /
Cayute! Modify Delete 
Good job SOOM. So purrty.
Cholland22(11-01-01 03:47 /
Definitely a Dragon of Some Sort Modify Delete 
Adorable! If you look closely at the hand near the bottom center of the picture you can see reptilian looking fingers with claws.  These little cuties have got to be dragons.  :)
SkylaRose(11-01-01 02:43 /
So soon? >_<
I knew you'd be releasing dragon teenies but was hoping you'd wait until Febuary at least XD Oh well. As long as one is Cream White or Normal Skin and they have pale dragon wings it looks like I'll be buying my first Soom doll. Shame I'll need to do it via layaway though.
By the way, sooooooo adorable!!!! X3
Chez(11-01-01 00:12 /
Has anyone noticed... Modify Delete 
There is a blue tint to the left ear. So I'm thinking blue resin/dragons, considering the blue blushin on Neph.
ShadesOfBlue(10-12-31 22:30 /
Dragon or Deer perhaps fusion? Modify Delete 
Can't wait to see what these two lil ones look like! Fantasy parts and all but the biggest question it dragon or deer?
anon(10-12-31 21:55 /
Gah Modify Delete 
uuurrrgh.go up already.
Avery(10-12-31 12:02 /
Pretty! Modify Delete 
I love what I see so far. My hope there will be blue skin!
spyder66(10-12-31 03:22 /
Gah! I can't keep up! My last 4-5 dolls are all from You Soom! I can hardly catch a break and I already have a Teschen on layaway!
KireiX(10-12-31 03:02 /
Little Dragons? Modify Delete 
I hope these are well done little dragons. Black and Grey skin would rock!

If they have "talons" like Alk and Yrie I will definitely not be interested. They look more like maggots than talons...

If they have awesome feet like Sphaler though... I am doomed to be SOOMed again. hehe =)
Brighteyes(10-12-31 00:13 /
OMG i can not wait to see them......oh god, little dragons!!!! *____________*, you are simply the best Soom!!!
stellamaris(10-12-31 00:10 /
Somebody help me
Where are there more views of this gorgeous thing or things?
Carolyn <3 (10-12-30 23:02 /

I love you. There are no words to describe the joyful sounds and motions I made when I saw this.


....And now I want Mexican food. :B
Mitsukai90(10-12-30 19:53 /
Veeeery cute
Oh my... so cute :3 I'm really looking forward to what this will look like ^^
Kateness(10-12-30 16:28 /
OH MY GOD Modify Delete 

I! I need him\her! I'm going to jump the dragon boat, lord knows I've been DYING for some lizard feet!

And his\her name is TACO. Just yes.

Ooohhh, I hope he\she will come in WS! AUGH WHY DO I NEVER HAVE ENOUGH MONEY?
beanyxoxo(10-12-30 15:53 /
God I just finshed paying for her and these little cuties appear
Muffinator3000(10-12-30 14:05 /
Oooohhh Myyy... Modify Delete 
I literally started breathing harder when I saw him/her. SOOO cute! It almost looks like blue resin...Kinda like Haidi? And yeah, definetely teeny Nephelins. Which I was hoping for.
Roxas Highwind(10-12-30 13:57 /
Dragon! Modify Delete 
I'm so excited to see these little ones!

And it's obviously going to be dragons, look at those claws.
anon(10-12-30 13:44 /
Deer? Modify Delete 
Looks similar to Afi/Ai. Hopefully they're not. Looking forward to seeing more photos.
PandaQueen(10-12-30 12:21 /
Lovely~ Modify Delete 
This little one looks lovely so far. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. The horns are delightful.
experiment499(10-12-30 12:14 /
Very pretty.
I wonder if she's a dragon or a deer... looks more like a dragon with those lovely antlery doodleboobers. Also, TACO? O.o;; Sounds Delicous...
Chibaraki(10-12-30 11:47 /
OMG so fucking awesome ehh Modify Delete 
I like to saaaaay omggggg