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Tuff & Sueve - Messenger of Heaven
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Sep.17th. to Oct.6th.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Product 'Removing seam - Tuff & Sueve' on the bottom of page.
Riddle(10-12-22 05:40 /
Thank you!
I just got my Tuff today in the mail and really he's even more amazing in person.  Thank you for doing such amazing work!
Sigma(10-10-17 11:55 /
Out of stock...? Modify Delete 
Will these dolls ever be in stock again? There very beautiful. I wanted to buy the full set but i am to late...*sad* (;_;)
SkunkMight(10-10-07 11:09 /
Oh Goodness~ That was close
I clicked purchase then I saw Sold Out after I went back to look at them again~~ Phew, what good luck.
Suki Doll(10-10-04 13:24 /
Such Regret Modify Delete 
I honestly wish I was richer and had found out what BJDs were sooner, and that I could possibly be able to get a job. This doll is absolutely breath taking. I've shown many of my friends this doll and they're all just captivated by their appearance.
I really, REALLY hope and wish that you will be able to sell these dolls again. By then, without fail, I will find a way to possess them.
HadassaXD(10-10-02 06:31 /
Oh!! My dear Soom!! So perfect!! *¬*
I love so much! I love soo much angels... and They is so perfect!!! I want have money just now >.<... Most perfect in ever! Congrats ♥
Aphids(10-09-23 12:13 /
D: Modify Delete 
They're georgeous, but this means the beautiful Euclase has a lover! That's heart sinking.
Hayate-san(10-09-23 04:57 /
Adorable Modify Delete 
These are soooo cute ;w; I just think the wings look waaay too stiff. They would look better if they were either jointed or actual feathers with a magnet or string attachment. Otherwise, great job! I love their faces >w<
SilentMirror(10-09-20 02:39 /
Beautiful but.. Modify Delete 
I too am waiting to see pictures of the dolls in CW resin (with faceup and blushing) as well as pictures of the girl body.
I hope you have not just used the same boy body and have created a totally new unique female body.
sywen(10-09-18 22:33 /
cream white Modify Delete 
i would like see any pictures the your head and make at cream white ^^
ymglq(10-09-18 00:58 /
Beautiful angel Modify Delete 
They are indeed beautiful angel ~
But the back of the wings, ah ... ... looks very stiff and there is no three-dimensional.
I love SOOM ideas. Your stylist is very good.
I look forward to seeing the beautiful angel ~ as large as the Bible!
Ha ha ~ ~ ~
foxface(10-09-18 00:17 /
Congrats Soom ^^ Modify Delete 
What absolutely divine dolls, they are truly beautiful ^^
I also like the fact that you haven't given them optional fantasy feet... it would have been quite inappropriate for these little angels!

Well Done
Brighteyes(10-09-17 22:35 /
Girl body^^
>////< i want to see pictures of the girl body too!!!, i love her face, she is so perfect!!! *_____* THANKS SOOM
cometblack(10-09-17 22:22 /
I absolutely love your msd's so far, :) i love the wing ears and the eye shape, there very serene and calming.
maria(10-09-17 17:37 /
Cream White skin Modify Delete 
Please upload some cream white skin pictures! Thanks!
miki(10-09-17 17:32 /
Girl body Modify Delete 
Looking forward to seeing pictures of the girl body!
Ana(10-09-17 17:23 /
Optional heads, please Modify Delete 
Please add one head as option, then I may be able to afford one of them!
sara(10-09-17 16:24 /
Yay. Modify Delete 
Thank you so much for the white skin option.
Cannot wait for them to be released.
Klaranessa(10-09-17 16:22 /
Cream white! Modify Delete 
There is white skin option!Yeah!
CAL!C0(10-09-17 12:57 /
OH. MY. GOSH. Modify Delete 
I adore your MSDs, Soom. I truly do. These two look gorgeous, I can't wait for more pics<3
jesswight(10-09-17 11:41 /
Please post pictures of mini girl body!
They are very sweet! Please post pictures of the mini size girl body since it is the first one for this line.

Thank you :)
gelfling(10-09-16 23:41 /
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
I love them! ^_^
Beautiful work, Soom!
marissa(10-09-16 16:57 /
more adult please!! Modify Delete 
please soom i adore the msd buy i begg  you for msd with faces more adult, cuteless
Kateness(10-09-16 12:18 /
Ha! Modify Delete 
Tuff and Sueve.... Tough and Suave?

Not exactly the first things that came to mind! XD

Seriously though, very pretty. I'm sure whatever amazing thing you have planned will be.... amazing.
veralidaine(10-09-16 11:51 /
WHITE SKIN Modify Delete 
Please, please, please don't put them both in normal skin!

One should be white skin!!!

they are incredibly gorgeous though~~
Sarah(10-09-16 10:51 /
Wow! Modify Delete 
White skin white skin white skin!
sywem(10-09-16 06:17 /
wow Modify Delete 
i really like, i hope they have a special leg ^^
HeavyKitty(10-09-16 03:09 /
!!!! Modify Delete 
Oh, are they MSDs?
They're beautiful!!
mika(10-09-16 02:25 /
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
Oh I hope they are white skin! So excited!
koolcat_23(10-09-16 01:04 /
angels Modify Delete 
you can see angel wings behind the one on the right next to the pillar.  def MSD angels
Skadi(10-09-16 00:23 /
Very cute! Modify Delete 
What beautiful faces! I am falling more and more in love with your dolls SOOM!
Ayatchi(10-09-15 23:26 /
Whoot! Modify Delete 
Wing ears! I see wing ears! 8D Nicely done SOOM, I can't wait to see the rest!
Brighteyes(10-09-15 21:19 /
*___* Modify Delete 
They are amazing, i love their faces >/////<, gorgeous work Soom!!!^^
miki(10-09-15 18:31 /
Lovely~ Modify Delete 
Wow, look at how pretty they are!  Their lips are amazing!  And those ears!  I'm totally in love~
sara(10-09-15 18:02 /
Wow Modify Delete 
I agree, please let them be cream white or have a cream white option.  Thank you Soom, they are stunning.
Avery(10-09-15 17:40 /
White please... Modify Delete 
Yay more msds! Love what I see so far. Please let there be a cream white option! XD
Klaranessa(10-09-15 17:30 /
Wow Modify Delete 
Wow.They're amazing!
Marluxia(10-09-15 16:55 /
Oh soom Modify Delete 
Oh soom they are simply gorgeous! Perfection i would call it