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[MD/May] Grit & Syen – Little Guardian
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From May.17th. to June.6th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service, plz click the Related Product "Removing Seam [MD] on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide 'Removing Seam Service' for 'Grit'- Grey resin.

bandit1971(10-06-06 04:33 /
So far, I've been very disappointed in all the Dolls this year (excluding Chalco. He was amazing. But he's part of the last 'world' so i guess that's why.) and I'm REALLY happy to see that these two are just perfect!
They don't have little piggy noses like Shonki and Appini (and while Shonki's black resin was a good idea, it just looked funky on it.) and they don't have overly large breasts like Breccia (not that tinies have them to begin with...) and they aren't a funky size that's different from all the others with wings that go INTO their back, not on their back.
All in all, Syen and Grit are WAAAAYY to cute. I ordered Syen myself as soon as I was able to get all the money. Good job SOOM! Keep up the good work and let's see more dolls like these two and past years!
Nayami(10-06-02 14:15 /
Loveeee! Modify Delete 
I was so hoping you guys would do another set of grey teenies! I was so close to treating myself to a second hand Bygg since I love grey resin but BAM you released Grit! I absolutely love him! The grey skin and vampire teeth are to die for! And that little sneeky evil-like face is amazing! I ordered one within minutes! Awesome job! I was pretty upset with Monzo since you guys randomly upped his size which stopped me from getting him, but I think these teenies sorta make up for it!

Awesome job SOOM I can't wait till my Grit gets home! <3
Token(10-05-19 11:11 /
Cute but... Modify Delete 
Man they're cute, but I'm more in love with the outfits! All I can think of is my Beyla in Syen's outfit.
Kateness(10-05-18 11:53 /
Um. Modify Delete 
Some good things, and some bad things. I HATE the bridges of the nose, and the lips are just okay. I LOVE the feet, they look like little lizard feet! I love lizard feet. You should do a lizard doll. Anyway. Mostly the grey one, despite being GREY, reminds me of David Bowie, and that's a good thing. Too bad I'm broke. But I prolly wouldn't have bought it anyway. Nice, but not nice enough.

*P.S. Lizard feet. Make them.*
aisu(10-05-18 10:15 /
Thank you! Modify Delete 
They are so cute! Thank you for giving them ankle joints, Soom! ^o^ I am getting Syen's paws for my other Teenie Gems!
Rosenrot(10-05-17 10:01 /
little vampires Modify Delete 
Cute. They remind me of 'Little Vampire' (children books by Angela Sommer Bodenburg- which I grew up with). Until now I didn't like the tiny ones- but these are cute.
heathbarcrunch(10-05-16 22:45 /
I'm more into the adult or teenage dolls, but even I like these.  I do wish their eyes were a little more open, but I love those fangs.  I am looking forward to next month's doll.  I was off by two days on the Monzo Ston Heart.  I want an adult female (Super Gem) with horns, tail, and/or wings.  The same for a male Super Gem.  I curse myself for waiting until May 12th to order the Monzo Ston Heart.  Two days late!  These are cute.  Evil babies are so fun!
lilyfae(10-05-15 14:47 /
white skin boy Modify Delete 
please be gender neutral
i need the white skin one to be a boy!
VileKitteh(10-05-15 12:44 /
Awwwww! <3 Modify Delete 
Cute little baby BATLINGS!  <3 <3
Ayatchi(10-05-15 10:36 /
So so so sweet.
I can't wait for you guys to release them so that I can purchase him. They're both so adorable!
Well done again SOOM on creating something we all adore, your talents are increadible and I hope that no-ones opinion will ever change what you do with your amazing work!
The Starving Artist(10-05-15 08:33 /
MEEP! Modify Delete 
Please don't be gender-neutral, pleeeeeeeeease don't be gender-neutral!!!
spyder66(10-05-15 04:50 /
A plea for mercy!
Please, Soom! Please stop making such awesome dolls! I want all of them so badly and unfortunately I'm not a millionaire. PLease, just make some crappy dolls I don't want- or take a break for a while- go on holiday :) Buit please, I need a break from wanting your dolls so badly!

P.S. They are awesome and I will try to buy one *sigh*
palartok(10-05-15 04:37 /
more of *SOOM*'s je ne sais quoi, please! Modify Delete 
Love their noses! The fantasy parts look wonderful so far, too.
But.. The eyes remind me of MiniFee Marcia, from Fairyland. Please stick to your own style of sculpting! It's why we love you!
Nevertheless, I'd love to see more pics! :)
karleecakes(10-05-15 03:54 /
Wonderful Modify Delete 
I love the looks of these so far, especially the grey one's blushing. Great job again Soom :).
arcadegel(10-05-15 03:26 /
Aw, they are so cute! Little bat babies > w<
Too bad I just blew all my money on Monzo ;;
Elebuu(10-05-15 03:24 /
Wonderful~ Modify Delete 
I'm so glad to see more unique dolls from this company. ^_^ Can't wait for more pictures. <#
andrey(10-05-15 02:22 /
/ Modify Delete 
Thorn(10-05-15 02:15 /
-.- Modify Delete 
Oh man... i dont like those... I was so excited whene i saw  The wings of the Big doll and thought: Oh great! I´ll definitly buy little ones with wings and spiky ears... But they look like crap -.- I dont like dolls with eyes half closed, and grey skin... Bah!
Mushoom(10-05-14 23:12 /
eeeeppppp!!!!! Modify Delete 
O M G !!!
I'm sooo soomed! I love their lil faces!!! They are adorable! Cant wait to see more! I'm curious about thier feets ^^

Soom. I'm impressed as always <3
jesswight(10-05-14 22:20 /
I really like their outfits, you continue to inspire Soom.
Kiri(10-05-14 20:52 /
Grey girl please Modify Delete 
If they are not gender neutral, then the grey one should be a GIRL.
Harumi(10-05-14 20:50 /
Mini Bats Modify Delete 
OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! please dont make them neutral gender. I will get them, but i want the boy as BOOOY . Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseee
sooo cuteeee(10-05-14 16:16 /
omg Modify Delete 
they look so cute i love the fangs!!! i wan to see moreee cute cuteeeee
MS7(10-05-14 15:29 /
Very cute! Modify Delete 
They're adorable!  I really hope they're gender neutral though.
I want the grey one, but she'd have to be a girl!
Belkis(10-05-14 15:07 /
What a babies! ^_^
Cute babies! I'd like to see other pics - )))
Ellanie(10-05-14 14:53 /
Oh wow!
Little vampire bats? I didn't see that coming!

I quite like their evil little faces, and I can't wait to see more of them!
Kae(10-05-14 14:35 /
Bats?! Modify Delete 
I saw Shonki and thought "that black resin would look so cute made up to be bat-like." And it does look cute bat-like. Heehee.

They are very sweet, but the faces they're shown with in the teasers are not at all to my liking. I really hope they come with option heads.
Amaira(10-05-14 14:01 /
Not Soom'd...
I really hope that there's separate heads with them because the teaser pictures does not make me want to buy them. There head molds are so unflattering.
missmeli(10-05-14 13:48 /
I can't wait to see more, are they tiny gargoyles?! Wow!