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[MD/Jan] Chalco - Forest King
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Jan.25. to Feb.10th.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for the Normal Skin 'Chalco-Forest King', 
  Plz click the Related Parodcut    'Removing seam[MD]-Legend SG' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for transperent resin, Grey Skin and Brown Tan Skin
starvingme(10-10-13 22:19 /
My Hooved Man
I can't write a review because I had help ordering him from someone else, but MY GOD, is he gorgeous...  I thought I'd be mad, saddled with all his fantasy parts that I didn't want at first, but WOW, I do love him...  His spindly Linnus hands are kind of (and by that, I mean REALLY) stabby, so I have to carry him a special way, and his hooves are kind of heavy, but WOW, he is stable, steady, and just GORGEOUS!  <3333  You guys make beautiful resin babies <3333
JennyNemesis(10-05-27 01:50 /
Absolutely beautiful!
I received my Chalco fullset and I am already in love with him. His face, his resin, his makeup & blushing, his hair, his clothes, & his Linuus parts... they're all so beautiful! It is tricky to make him pose, though. I like to just stare at him. <3
revengeNIN(10-05-08 08:54 /
My Chalco arrived today and is absolutely WONDERFUL. Could NOT have asked for more! Thank you SO MUCH, Soom!
franceslin20(10-04-27 05:37 /
Soom this doll is amazing.

just gotten my Chalco today. and i'm amazed by how he can stand alone without stands on his own two feet. good job SOOM.
The Starving Artist(10-03-01 07:21 /
Oy Modify Delete 
Soom, you have changed my mind about your dolls.  I saw him, and after praying for him to have paws, I saw this hooved-man, and I just had to get him.  I'm now halfway done paying him off, and then it will be KILLER on me to wait, but as soon as I see him, I think I won't be able to part with those hooves.  Way to weedle your way into my wallet!  XD  I missed Chrom, but then I saw this guy, and I just HAD to get him.  Soom is the master of Mix n Match, I think, I'm getting a Chrom outfit to go n my Chalco, and the Chalco outfit is going on a different boy...  I think this will be my only Soom doll.

For now.
ladyemrys(10-02-10 12:56 /
He's fabulous
I can't wait to pay him off so he can come home!!!  Hooves and horns, I love fantasy dolls!!!!  I'm so excited!  He is my first Soom dollie, thank you Soom for making another hooved/horned dollie since i missed Sard!
nolavon(10-02-03 19:20 /
heh way to eat my wallet soom! Modify Delete 
caved and put down a payment on this guy.  Wish I could pay all up front but seeing as how I cant REALLY afford him...the payment plan is best.  *sigh*  I DONT WANT TO WAIT SO LONG THOUGHHHHHH
shinkonokoko(10-02-01 07:19 /
He's Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
Wow... I'd really love to have him. I wish I had the money!! I hope, SOOM, that you'll come out with another tan doll sometime in the future! He's quite gorgeous and pretty much exactly the tone of a doll that I want with tan skin!
Aventurite(10-01-31 22:23 /
Modify Delete 
love the skull and the horns
NiveusUmbra(10-01-31 06:23 /
TAT Modify Delete 
Ah! Why can't I have more money? This doll is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I want him so bad! X( But I'm broke!
yukiookami(10-01-28 13:39 /
AH!! O_O He's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. MUST. HAAAVE. =____=;...... -grabby hands-
keltxo(10-01-28 04:08 /
He´s coming home Modify Delete 
I just decided yesterday and fell on the trap, I will have a Chalco at home, just can't believe it!!!
Gwilwileth(10-01-28 01:08 /
That's definetely the best way to begin 2010.
This sculpt is simply goergeous. Classic, powerful and stylish.
We ♥ you SOOM.
molko(10-01-27 19:58 /
God,I love him....
he's so pretty!!!
DarkRu(10-01-27 13:11 /
OMG!!! Modify Delete 
Paula(10-01-27 10:56 /
Chalco! Modify Delete 
oo, so he's a minotaur? pretty!
but i had my heart set on a stag/elk guy with antlers, so I'm passing on this one =)
Meee(10-01-27 10:19 /
AMAZING Modify Delete 
Wow, yet another AMAZING release! ALL your dolls are really wonderful, including this one. Chalco's legs and mask are unmatched.  The overall presentation is superb. For every one person that SAYS they don't like this one, there are 100 more out there who love it!

Keep up the great work! The most beautiful, ground-breaking dolls are made by Soom. And on a monthly basis, too. Thank you!
Gnomevamp(10-01-27 10:12 /
OMG! I want him! Modify Delete 
He is BEAUTIFUL! I promised myself I wouldn't buy another doll for a long time after buying Chrom... but... ahhhh I might have to break that promise?! The only thing stopping me is the wait.. my impulsive heart cant handle another 6 months of waiting.
lexi(10-01-27 08:36 /
Soom Modify Delete 
Not your best work, honestly the worse doll you've come out with. :( He doesn't look real at all
Avery(10-01-27 07:13 /
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
The BEST I've seen far, gorgeous man! Sad he was given the amber legs and won't be able to sit well (only downside), but still a fabulous doll! Awesome job Soom!
Klaranessa(10-01-27 04:50 /
Awesome! Modify Delete 
He's amazing!!
River(10-01-27 03:39 /
Perfect sense~ Modify Delete 
@crionigirl: Well given he's supposed to be linked to Amber, IO, Ai and Afi as per the whole theme with this years worth of MDs, I think Amber-esque hooves make perfect sense for him, but they can't please everyone can they?
Miki(10-01-27 02:51 /
Wow~ Modify Delete 
He's cool looking!  Very beautiful!
crionigirl(10-01-27 02:47 /
Just an Opinion :P Modify Delete 
Wow he looks so cool! :D (did that sound generic or what XD)
LOL sorry. Anyways, he IS a really cool doll, however, I don't want to be mean or anything, but personally I'm getting tired of seeing dolls with hooves all the time. Be creative! Make up something that's never been thought of before! Like make a doll that's mostly an animal with a human head, or vise versa.
Malle111(10-01-27 02:07 /
Gorgeous Modify Delete 
Truly Soom, this guy is your best work so far. He is outstanding in his own way and the linuus legs are LOVE! Sadly, I dont have 800dollars written dolls all over :I
Nayami(10-01-27 01:34 /
MY DREAM DOLL Modify Delete 
woooow soom you did it! This is EVERYTHING I Have always, ALWAYS wanted in a doll! Hooved legs, eye markings, long twisted horns and those eerie long fingers. Im in love and ordered him the minute I saw him. Best work EVER soom! I fell in love<3
ymglq(10-01-27 01:28 /
This is the perfect Modify Delete 
When I saw him, I could not believe this is true ...
This is what I have always dream of that doll!
I do not know how to praise SOOM, your work so good.
I will meet him.
I will always be concerned about the SOOM!
taliamarie(10-01-26 23:53 /
Amazingly outstanding Modify Delete 
I'm just awestruck looking at him. Though I have *no* more funds to spare for another doll, he is just a work of art and I just had to stop by and say well done! Beautiful, and I am just anxiously anticipating what will come next! But enjoy your success in the meantime. Gorgeous!
cherrychan01(10-01-26 20:52 /
Soom Chalco! So amazing and so handsome! Modify Delete 
OMG! He is so amazing! I can't believe it! I never thought I would ever want a Soom MD male in the Super Gem size...but I am really amazed with this one! He looks so handsome! I want him now! But no money!!! DX Maybe I can sell some of my old stuff and get him before he is no longer for sale...
cry(10-01-26 19:02 /
Release him please...I can't wait TAT Modify Delete 
Release him please...I can't wait........TAT
jenna(10-01-26 18:44 /
more pictures Modify Delete 
this guy is taking too long, please add some new picture today >.<
vilastar(10-01-26 13:49 /
i cant wait Modify Delete 
i cant wait to see more pics!
Nikolai(10-01-26 06:23 /
Photos Modify Delete 
Monday, monday~ time for more photos! :o
wince(10-01-26 01:33 /
cant wait to see more picture, hope the picture got upload soon
lessa(10-01-25 17:36 /
!! Modify Delete 
its mondayy, time to add new imagesss
CaptainLanta(10-01-23 23:43 /
@haru Modify Delete 
Haha, shush. XD I mean in this series!
Lyn(10-01-23 20:36 /
Hoping,,, Modify Delete 
I'm so CURIOUS!! I HOPE he comes with NS tone <3
keltxo(10-01-23 20:18 /
More pictures please!!! Modify Delete 
Even if he is only human or what ever i can't keep thinking on bringing him home!!! just can't wait to see more pitures!!!
arvanah(10-01-23 15:13 /
Well it's just a profile but... Modify Delete 
If he comes with elf ears and has a white-skin option like the little ones did, I might actually be in trouble here... o_o;
Azyntil(10-01-23 07:53 /
Hope! Modify Delete 
I really hope I'm "Soomed" on this one! I can't wait for more pictures! I'm crossing my fingers for a normal skin option, but the tan does look sexy. ^^ Keep up the great work, and I can't wait for more. Your teasers kill me. . .
Number8(10-01-23 07:03 /
yes! Modify Delete 
Finally tan doll! :D I love this one
haru(10-01-23 03:25 /
CaptainLanta Modify Delete 
cm'on Lanta.. don't tell me u never seen IO? ;D
CaptainLanta(10-01-22 22:14 /
SO awesome Modify Delete 
Oh man ... I might seriously be screwed with this guy.

Also, c'mon Haru ... when are they ever ONLY human? ;D
Gotiks(10-01-22 21:41 /
Looking good Modify Delete 
He is looking very promising espessialy with this mask, and the tan skin will be amazing for the closing this Legend. But as for me, he looks too young and innocent for real Forest King :) But who knows, how this boy turns out!
Shadowchan(10-01-22 21:19 /
Was expecting.. Modify Delete 
Was expecting just a little bit more from the new year, Sooom xP

Though this IS just the preview shot, Wheres the feline we've been poking for <3

Lets see the new full photos, soom ;D  I'll be waiting ;D
SinghamWilk(10-01-22 21:00 /
Looking possitive
i'm looking forward to seeing how this guy turns out!
the bone mask is wonderful :D
it would be nice to see if him comes with alternative leg parts :D
teja(10-01-22 18:40 /
o.o Modify Delete 
Looks amazing so far! Can't wait for more!!!
Belkis(10-01-22 18:15 /
So cooooooooooooool! Want to see more pics 8 - )
pendrith(10-01-22 18:06 /
XDD Modify Delete 
oh he looks so cool!!!!!
haru(10-01-22 16:58 /
tan! Modify Delete 
oh please, tell me isn't only human >.<
Thanatchaya(10-01-22 16:43 /
So cool Modify Delete 
Can't wait to see more.