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[MD/Nov] Galena - Deity Pitta[Grey]
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* Ordering period : From Nov.27th. to Dec.10th.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for the cream white 'Galena-Deity Pitta', plz click the Related Parodcut 'Removing seam[MD]-Legend SG' on the bottom of page.
* Please understand that it is not possible to provide the Removing Seam service for transperent resin and dark resin.
Brianasama(09-12-01 07:21 /
Pretty... Modify Delete 
I still wish I had the monies to buy a monthly XD She's very pretty, but for some reason seems a little... stone-faced. Though she's GORGEOUS in the gray. Beautiful match for Euclase. ^^ Great work, Soom!
kirika20(09-11-27 16:32 /
She's sooooo beautiful!! The grey skin color goes so well with the face up and the wig, she's breathtaking!
woody(09-11-27 09:21 /
grey skin?? Modify Delete 
She is sooooooo beautiful ,but grey skin..... I wouldn't buy her. Let her skin color can be choose....please...I love her face...If her skin color is cream-white  I have to buy both....
B-r-s(09-11-27 05:39 /
Grey??? Modify Delete 
I was waiting for this doll, Harpies are my favorite mythical creature. But grey skin? Really? I wouldn't buy her now. I just have never really liked grey skinned dolls, they look like they're DEAD. If it had a skin option, sure. I would gladly buy her! But grey? No.
GiftLek(09-11-27 02:56 /
SO STUNNING!! Modify Delete 
she is soooo stunning , i order lil birdy and want his mom too but sadly i dont like gray skin (T^T)

ANYWAY,keep up the good work Soom !!! you are totally the best^^
luvpetdolls(09-11-27 00:41 /
Absolutely beautiful Modify Delete 
LOVE the skin color and translucent wings!
HerrZog(09-11-26 19:08 /
She is really great! I strongly want this beautiful grey girl!
Thank you Soom! Please, let she will be available in greyskin only - in cream-white/grey case I have to buy both _-_
2sethrea - do you really believe in "Soom MD never can be re-reliesed" afrer 8 NS Sards and Post MD Event? They can, if it's good for PR =)
Keine(09-11-26 19:05 /
Completely in love^^
Galena is so absolutely amazing! Her face is most beautiful and I really adore her grey skintone^^ She is a girl of my dream!
Thank you so much for her, dear SOOM!
sethrea(09-11-26 18:30 /
Grey skin... Modify Delete not everyone's cup of tea. And as Soom's MDs are unique and rare, never rereleased, it's natural that people who don't like gray resin but otherwise adore the concept express their feeling.

Some of you don't mind or are actually happy with gray skin and you express that, good for you. Some of us don't like this skin color and we also express that.
Belkis(09-11-26 17:21 /
She is amazing! Waiting with inpatience for other pics 8- )
Dreadfulme(09-11-26 17:02 /
I love her! Modify Delete 
She is beautiful & I can't wait to order her! Thank you sooo much Soom for making another grey beauty ^_^
Nayami(09-11-26 15:51 /
I don't know why people complaining so much about the grey resin. Barely any dolls actually get made into having the unique grey skin. I think its a great concept. By the looks of things, having that she has the word "deity" in her name, she's most likely made to match with Euclase, who is also grey skinned. I don't know about you, but I think it's a grey skin match, and randomly making her white wouldn't have flowed with their concept. I think it's awesome SOOM continues to go beyond unlike some companies who are strict with their Resin coloring.
I saw WOOT to soom, and to their lovely new doll.
thriith(09-11-26 06:55 /
Constant Perfection
Ah, my wallet is not safe. Thank you so much Soom for releasing this grey skin beauty! She's breathtaking. I've always loved the uniqueness and mind blowing concepts to all of your dolls. Your concepts and unique designs is what pulled me into the BJD world and what continues to keep me in it. Thank you so much! Very much a sale here ^^
JenKat(09-11-26 06:25 /
Gorgeous! Soomed again! Modify Delete 
Grey skin is my biggest weakness...and the semi translucency of the wings! Perfect!
Cotterpin(09-11-26 05:39 /
Fantastic! Modify Delete 
Galena is absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see more photos! I've been waiting to see more grey resin!

To the poster above, I read that as 'Oh my GODDESS!'
mimichocolat(09-11-26 05:18 /
Wow Soom! Again congratulations for your creativity and hability to create such gorgeous dolls!!!
I love this doll so much! I'm sure when I see her complete I will be mesmerized!
I just wish I could afford her with all extras, just like you show her :)
Rosered(09-11-26 04:47 /
Lovely! Modify Delete 
She is gorgeous!
I love Soom's grey skinned dolls.
And it looks like she has transparant wings! Which would be amazing.
I can't wait for more pics to see.
Kyrie(09-11-26 04:46 /
She is beautiful! Modify Delete 
I always enjoy the monthly dolls but Galena is particularly gorgeous, and the grey skin is beautiful just the way it is.  There are plenty of white skinned dolls out there, but Galena is special.  Please continue creating original and unique dolls in special resin colors, thanks!
Azyntil(09-11-26 04:37 /
Beautiful Face! Modify Delete 
Her eyes are so stunning for me. Grey skin is also not my thing, but she is still beautiful nonetheless. Perhaps, as some hope, there will be a skin option. Great job, Soom! Keep the awesome dolls coming! I can't wait until I find that perfectly MD that I can't live without!
kitsch_brigade(09-11-26 03:56 /
I'm in love! Modify Delete 
I absolutely adore your grey resin and I'm so very happy to see the Galena got it. She's very beautiful and the sculpting looks amazing. Keep up the fabulous work Soom!
Hayde(09-11-26 03:31 /
Gorgeous Galena Modify Delete 
Well, I for one am relieved that she is a grey-skinned girl. Almost all of the MDs that have been released thus far in girl form have been Cream White and blonde, and I'd say it's time for a change.

 I think she's a gorgeous concept, Soom, and from the teaser I've seen, she is breath takingly beautiful, and creative. The clear resin wings were a stroke of genius, and I think the darker skin makes her look that much more exotic and enchanting.

 A perfect match to any Euclase, and a long time coming, too!
Wind_barot(09-11-26 02:07 /
Wings! Modify Delete 
Wah, she's so beautiful! I don't even care about
her skin color, she is just too pretty to be left
out of my wishlist! XD
jaideen(09-11-26 00:56 /
Pretty wings Modify Delete 
She is beautiful but like the others are wondering:  will she come in a white skin option?
cacao(09-11-25 23:15 /
amazing. Modify Delete 
She is a dream.
More perfect in white skin,though.
LordKrishna(09-11-25 23:03 /
Grey skin? Modify Delete 
I would buy in heartbeat if she had white skin to compliment her blonde hair and wings.  Lovely concept, though.
isi(09-11-25 23:00 /
gal Modify Delete 
I hope she comes in white skin!
MoonChild(09-11-25 22:39 /
Fabulous Modify Delete 
I think she's gorgeous.  Why wouldn't you have the skin option?  I think they'll let you choose.
woody(09-11-25 21:59 /
Oh my Goddess!
She is a beauty!! Very lovely face!
But... why her skin color is grey ...I like White skin...if her skin color is normal or white,I want her...
Or maybe skin color can be choose from?
Jactance(09-11-25 21:52 /
Yes ! Modify Delete 
It is just what I was expecting :).
I wanted an Onyx grey/euclase girl, and now I have !
fauna(09-11-25 21:36 /
Very Lovely Face! Modify Delete 
But I'm safe because she's grey.  I've been hoping for almost a year that Galena would be the doll I would buy for a character of mine, but since she's grey that won't be happening.  The concept is lovely, however-what I can see of the wings promises that they will be truly impressive and I do like the wig and hair ornaments.
kikyo44(09-11-25 20:41 /
very very beautiful !
I love grey skin....
please ! another pics :D
sethrea(09-11-25 18:49 /
Oh my Goddess! Modify Delete 
She seems stunning, I was waiting for her for months... those wings, the face!

But... if her skin color is not Normal or White, why were both of the Birdie Windies white?
I got my Yrie mostly because I wanted her to be  a Mini-version of Galeana whom I was for so long hoping to be My Girl, The Girl... and now it won't work out in 100% :/
It's such a pity! I really think at least one of the babies should have had her skin color.
Or maybe she will be available with color option to choose from?
maankatje2000(09-11-25 18:34 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
I was dreading this but it seems I am going to get my first big MD. Grey resin and transparant wings omg.
Cant wait to see more of her.
sophie(09-11-25 18:18 /
Sublime ! Modify Delete 
She's amazing
i can't wait for more !!
Maria(09-11-25 18:17 /
Ohhhhh! Modify Delete 
Oh my god! She is stunning! Thank you Soom for releasing a grey doll, since I missed out on all the grey ones. She is STUNNING!
MausuZ(09-11-25 18:08 /
Oh my GOODNESS! Modify Delete 
WOW! Just a teaser shot and already I can see the doll is going to be gorgeous! A Super Gem with wings! That is going to be beautiful and fascinating.

I love the beaded head-dress and the wig is lovely. I wonder if the resin is grey or if Soom is doing a pearly resin like with Vesuvia again. Most likely grey or something like that I guess.

Very very beautiful! I can't wait to see the other shots of the doll when you get ready to put it out for sale.