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[MD/Sep] Sphaler - Millennium Mireu
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Sep.23th. to Oct.10th.

* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Halperion(10-08-22 05:34 /
Yay~! Modify Delete 
When I saw this doll in September, I had no money to obtain him and I was saving to go to a trip.  I had been watching SOOM for a long time and none of the dolls appealed to me until I saw Sphaler. I knew I -had- to have him...without me even asking, my good friend bought him and allowed me to pay her back.  She even painted him for me.  I finally have him in my hands and I absolutely love him. Thank you so much SOOM for this wonderful doll, I'm sure I'll be buying from you again. <3
Katherine(09-09-30 00:17 / )
Bare Sphaler
Soom finally released the pictures without the photoshop effects. And I\'d have to say. I love him more now. The human form is absolutely gorgeous and the outfit stunning. I\'m glad my budget can accommodate him.
Jeanne(09-09-29 18:28 / )
To the last poster about the feet
lol Yes! Yes. they can support them. VERY well! I have a Euclase and his feet make him more stable than any doll I\'ve ever known.
Guest(09-09-27 10:40 / )
Doll Feet Modify Delete 
Your dolls are so mystical. but can their mystical feet support their bodies on thier own?
crolfven(09-09-26 13:12 / )
beautiful!!! Modify Delete 
he\'s gorgeous!!! i love his claws and all the white that he possesses!!
kiwi(09-09-25 03:20 / )
I wish I could review him more acurately... Modify Delete 
"... but it\'s hard to tell what he looks like :( I agree with many people that the pictures are so bright that it almost hurts my eyes. and there are no \""normal\"" un-photoshopped pictures to give an accurate representation without all the glamor and artsyness. But I like the concept a lot!"
kirika20(09-09-24 14:27 / )
serene! Modify Delete 
that was the first word that came into my mind when i saw him! he looks so calm. wise and strong! very lovely man! you did another great job SOOM!
V(09-09-24 14:05 / )
New Soom Modify Delete 
He reminds me of the Dragon in Spirited Away.
Kinzie(09-09-24 10:38 / )
Hes ok....
I suppose its a good thing I dont like him. I cant afford him. Maybe if your pictures werent so heavily modified and over exposed there would be a bit more feeling there. I am liking his outfit though. and his wig. though I am thinking a tail would have sold the dragon aspect more then the feet. :)
sharonyu(09-09-24 10:14 / )
Modify Delete 
carolyng(09-09-24 08:15 / )
AWESOME <3 Modify Delete 
"Don\'t listen to those negative comments from people who set themselves up only to fall- a little variety is very nice~! I love his ears. and the clawed feet. He\'s gorgeous- so who cares if he\'s not a grey unicorn or has hooves? And this is coming from the girl who has a deep love for any and all odd colored resins. I always thought that your MD\'s should test the limits of your amazing artists imaginations. and I will always look forward to what you guys come out with next. :) I actually saw the preview picture and said to myself. \""Oh. he\'s nothing special\"". Boy was I wrong! Everything about his design is quite stunning. from the sculpting on his Mireu hands and clawed feet to his intricate yet not overly done clothes. My only regret? Not having the funds to purchase him! I\'ve really fallen in love. Oh well. maybe someday I\'ll have the chance to get him second hand. Anyway. keep up the good work~! ~Clap-For-Carolyn"
spyder66(09-09-24 06:48 / )
Absolutely lovely!
He is a wonderful addition to the monthly doll line! I do with he had a jointed dragon tail but that is just an extra wish :) I love the style of the legs. outfits. and horns! It\'s nice to see so many mythologies represented in your dolls.
(09-09-24 02:39 / )
Hes stunning I think I might be in love.. But!! is there any way you guys can give up more photos? You have always given us photos of the human form as well and over all just more shots.. We really really would like more pics even on the board we were all wondering why we did not get more.. PLEASE
Sheila(09-09-24 02:36 / )
He is amazing!!!
I love him in every detail. i love the outfit. love his hands and his feet!
Andrea(09-09-24 02:29 / )
Finally! :D
I had been hoping since Sard came out that you would create a dragon... and you did! ^___^ He\'s very beautiful. and I love how masculine he looks. His outfit is also gorgeous! I would also like to see some unmodified images... It is a little difficult to imagine him in normal skin tone with all of that glowing white. ;) thekwobt. I find your comment just as rude as some of the ones above. No one is *entitled* to anything. but people would like to know what they\'re paying $1000 and waiting 4-5 months for. especially if they are not ordering fullset and have plans from their own *imagination* for these lovely molds. Soom has provided unmodified images in the past -- which many people. myself included. are always grateful for.
Avery(09-09-24 01:57 / )
I LOVE this boy and he\'s got such a strong. masculine aura about him. Probably my favorite out of the MD line up so far. The outfit is AMAZING and gives him such an elegant. powerful look. But have to agree about the pictures. Pictures are too photoshopped. too bright and hard on the eyes. We are unable to see all his beautiful details. It would be lovely to see a few more head shots as well on this beautiful guy. ^^
NecrochildK(09-09-24 01:11 / )
He\'s just so wonderful from head to toe! Modify Delete 
Oh god. Soom. you make me cry! I wish I could get this amazing beauty! I love dragons so much and you just stunned me yet again with this creation!
Louise(09-09-24 01:03 / )
To Katherine
Katherine. I agree with you on some points. :) If people do not like the doll. then they simply should not buy it. Soom can design their dolls however they like. and people are free to buy them or not. But on the photoshopping - if I am to spend almost $1000 on a doll. I would like to know exactly what i\'m buying. ^^ For such an amount. I want to be sure how the item looks. and therefore I prefer clear pictures. Also. some people are hesitant to buy a doll if they are not sure how it looks. because the photos are edited. or you can\'t see it from certain angles (eg. profile or whatnot). These people may then decide not to buy a doll. if the pictures aren\'t clear. Therefore it is an advantage for the company as well as the customers with clear pictures from many angles. :) That\'s not being unimaginative. that\'s being sensible.
Katherine(09-09-24 00:41 / )
Knock it off already!
All of you need to quit acting like Soom owes you anything. Soom doesn\'t owe you a thing! You\'re not entitled to any kind of doll and if you REALLY can\'t figure out what the doll looks like from these pictures. I suggest you get another hobby since obviously you have no imaginations. Soom- this is a beautiful boy and you\'ve really outdone even Amber with the extras. Thank you for taking the time to bring some whimsy into this hobby. I\'m sorry more people don\'t appreciate all of your hard work. but I certainly do!
(09-09-24 00:04 / )
Argh! My eyes! Modify Delete 
He seems a gorgeous boy. but it really is hard to be sure with all the photoshopping. also it\'d be nice to see a pic or 2 in NS to get an idea of how he\'ll look.
sethrea(09-09-23 22:57 / )
Too much PhotoShop! Modify Delete 
You are using more and more PS effects in your promotional photos. It makes them prettier. but also less clear! Please minimize the amount of effects used on your promotional photos. Ornaments and texts - yes.. but anything that changes the appearance of your dolls - please. no! Also. please avoid making those pictures. bring the Brightness down because so much white is hurtful to eyes of some people. and it also hides the magnificent details of your dolls!
haru(09-09-23 21:23 / )
those pictures are hurting my eyes. please post more picture LESS white/photoshopped. thanks ^^
Ludegirl(09-09-23 19:53 / )
Nice. but would like to see more pictures
The concept is brilliant. :D Looks good so far. I love the feet. but the head doesn\'t swing for me. :/ I would find another head for him. :) The outfit is nice. and I would consider getting it. though I am usually not into buying fullsets like that. ^^ But I think there are very few pictures of him. :O It is hard to see and really get an impression of him. and he is also very photoshopped. It is hard to make out details. I would like more angles of his head and face. and some better ones of his outfit.
manachanok(09-09-23 19:51 / )
Does him has Human part ?
Hi. Does his has Human part ???????????????? Please let me know. Thanks.
Summoner(09-09-23 18:35 / )
Dragon god!
So beautiful! I think this is the best MD this far. I must have him! So serene and regal face. I just love him. The legs are stunning.
faustfy(09-09-23 17:43 / )
Human Ver. Modify Delete 
He\'s so cool~ and very handsome. But I really want to know the human hands and legs will be included on the set or not? and are there more pictures of human version?
pendrithgirl(09-09-23 17:21 / )
hmmm Modify Delete 
well he looks better than i expected. Still not your usual standard though. And you cant see half of the photos. I like his clothes but im not sure what they consist of cause they\'ve been photoshopped so brightly we cant see all of him. The photos are editted to much. there is too much white :(
NecrochildK(09-09-23 10:51 / )
I\'m with AnimatedFox Modify Delete 
^_^ I loved seeing the picture with the antlers and hand in it too! He\'s got e very lovely face frontal view that hides his seeming weak chin. maybe an underbite. but every angle is still beautiful! I love seeing that difference in him and I love catching more sight of the inhuman side! The dragon bearding behind his ears. the antlers. that dragon claw hand with the scales painted in faintly. sooooo tempting! ::cries:: I so wish I could get him! I\'m Soomed to death!
tonhigh2002(09-09-23 02:41 / )
My comments Modify Delete 
"I love him. Especial the concept of \""The Legend of Dragon\"" I adore with chinese style and love this resin color it\'s so beautiful But I hade little bit comment with his face about the molars as follow : 1. His face is not balance because the molar of the right side is bigger than the left side. You should be observe again and if it\'s true you should be amend them before released him. 2. I thought that the molars of his face is over large. It\'s should be slight more than this. However I\'m waiting for all Photos. again. And I hope that he will make my feel to got him to my home. ^_^ Best Regards. Thawichoke"
Cotterpin(09-09-22 23:18 / )
beautiful. but other resin colour. please
He is really beautiful and I love his face. but I would only buy him if he came in Normal skin resin or even gray.
animatedfox(09-09-22 22:05 / )
hey Modify Delete 
Hey. what happened to the other picture of Sphaler? The one that shows his horns and hands. I think he\'s a really cool looking doll. I really like that you chose to make him different from Bygg and Beyla.
Lil' Akure(09-09-22 19:41 / )
Let me guess. a kirin? Modify Delete 
I bet this guy is a Kirin. and I bet he\'s going to have hooves... yeah...gotta get use out of that hoof mold :|
Reiyuu(09-09-22 17:33 / )
The more you look.... Modify Delete 
The more I look the more I like.. i think he\'s going to be one that grows on me but we will see when you release him in full. Soom. you own my soul!
April(09-09-22 16:16 / )
Serene and Beautiful!
Another beautiful MD! Thank you. SOOM!
calp(09-09-22 15:55 / )
Modify Delete 
toma(09-09-22 15:52 / )
Modify Delete 
mokyo2000(09-09-22 12:39 / )
Modify Delete 
(09-09-22 12:01 / )
Lovely~ Modify Delete 
So far he\'s very beautiful. I hope to see the rest soon! ^_^
Rochelle(09-09-22 10:37 / )
Don\'t listen to the negative people. He is absolutely gorgeous! I love his hands and the ears! I can\'t wait to see the rest of him. He may be my favorite boy yet!
kireix(09-09-22 10:30 / )
Absolutely stunning (nervous about feet)
He is just a beautiful piece of work! I wish there was a picture of his face from the front. it is kind of hard to see his facial features very well. I really hope he has claw type feet (kinda like Euclase. but more scaley than feathery) I have been searching for someone selling a fullset Euclase for about a month.... but I think this boy might just fulfill my want for a euclase(I am most attracted to the feet) Beautiful work as always! I can\'t wait to see more pictures of him! PS - I will be in so much trouble if you release a tiny version (sort of lie Bygg and Beyla are tiny Heliots)... I will have to get those as well. Don\'t release them too close to each other so I can get them both!
alyson(09-09-22 10:04 / )
wow what\'s this i see
oh wow..... Soom. what a beautiful face. and amazing fantasy parts..... you always do the most innovative things...... i would love it if he has dragon feet. and dragon tail
Francisca(09-09-22 03:13 / )
timid dragon? >_<
"my sister was born in the year of the dragon (chinese zodiac. of course). so i was happy to see that you now have a dragon in your lines of MDs. however. as a dragon. he looks very timid to me... >.> a dragon should have stronger facial features... you know. not timid like this. i can\'t say that i like his face... T^T compared to bygg and beyla... umph~ but still. he\'s beautiful... >.> but not \""dragonish\"" enough... please don\'t mind my opinion. i\'m sure a lot of other people will like him more than i do... >.< he looks more like carnel than your other MDs... but i like carnel more. ^^"
Catw07(09-09-22 02:32 / )
Thumbs up!
Ooh. an Asian Lung dragon! Great idea! This one totally threw us all for a loop. A totally original idea! I just love his face and outfit. so beautiful! I like his horns a lot better than Amber\'s. The smoky blushing is also very original. I told myself I wouldn\'t get another big doll (especially a male) but now I may have to re think that! I can\'t wait to see what you do with his feet! Don\'t listen to the rude comments...they are few and those of us who like him are many! Please keep up the good work Soom!
Rebecca(09-09-22 00:55 / )
Great JOB. He is stunning :D
"Most people I know were SURE he was a grey Heliot. but this is so MUCH cooler! How very serene and gorgeous he is! Thanks so much for not taking the \""easy out\"" and tossing out a grey unicorn boy!"
anjichan(09-09-22 00:28 / )
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
"I just want to say I can\'t wait to see more pics. I think he\'s beautiful. and love the ears! I might just be enamored again! I do have something to say to the not so good reviews. Atleast give reasons instead of just saying he\'s ugly. or worse the curse words. Someone put a lot of time and effort into him. and the least you can do is give reasons instead of posting an unhelpful comments like \""he\'s ugly\"""
shannyk(09-09-22 00:22 / )
So gorgeous! Modify Delete 
I love his beautiful face! I can\'t wait to see what the rest of him looks like. I\'m hoping for hooves rather than claws...maybe a tail and optional human parts? I think this is my favorite teaser yet!
macabrexx(09-09-22 00:20 / )
Divine. Modify Delete 
He looks like a mythological Asian god 8DDDDD
countes(09-09-22 00:16 / )
Not the class Modify Delete 
hm..... I dont know what happend to u but this is worst guy of your new MD
Jeanne(09-09-22 00:10 / )
So excited!
I so can\'t wait to see the rest of him! I just wish we weren\'t in a hole and facing losing our home. I\'d so love to bring this one home if I had money! I love dragons and been so waiting to see Soom put one out! He\'s incredible!
(09-09-21 23:24 / )
D: Modify Delete 
His hands look diseased XP but I like his face. ears and antlers.
DarkRu(09-09-21 22:57 / )
Eyes~ Modify Delete 
Wow his eyes. it looks so calm O.O gorgeous guy~ XD
Bakkhios(09-09-21 21:11 / )
He looks promising... the horns are deer-like but with the claws and the asian guess is that he is a DRAGON! ^^ So he might have clawed feet. more like Euclase. I\'m looking forwards to see him whole!
SinghamWilk(09-09-21 20:41 / )
I really hope you havent given him legs like amber though. as pretty as they are. very impractical.
haru(09-09-21 20:25 / )
hoping there is the choice to choose gray skin too!
yekenjin(09-09-21 20:03 / )

pendrith(09-09-21 19:46 / )
oh dear
Well...he is stunning. A really gorgeous boy and i\'m still looking forwards to seeing the full pics. But i was so hoping for a grey skin boy :( A big version of Bygg would have been perfect for me. I had my heart set on him.
SinghamWilk(09-09-21 19:42 / )
WOW Modify Delete 
Wow!! i am really looking forward to seeing the final pics for this baby!! Bring him on!! love those nobbly fingers. remindes me of the whole Pans Labyrinth look!
saturn(09-09-21 18:49 / )
Awwww <3
Oh his fingers! They are delicious!
Ayusan(09-09-21 18:37 / )
omg looks so sage *-* .... gorgeous ! I suppose it is a boy ?