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[MD/Jul] Cass - Abyss Rhapsody
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: Soom
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Mahuma(11-04-22 19:58 /
Caudal fins, shell ears ...
Magic elf from the fairy ocean ! She is excellent ! :)
augie(10-09-03 08:46 /
she should be my first and my last Modify Delete 
Mbutts(10-08-05 05:51 /
Love and Sadness Modify Delete 
Bring her back, please (or at least do another mermaid)!! She is the most beautiful doll I've ever seen! Her ears are so delicate and her dress is stunning. Even though her face is not the most unique or complex, it still holds a sweet gentleness, which is lovely.
anita(09-09-16 20:56 / )
Amazing Modify Delete 
So preeeeettty~!!!!!
Rachael(09-09-07 02:20 / )
she is so gorgeous.... i really wish i could have gotten her. great job soom
vampyreyes(09-08-22 16:54 / )
Brilliant Modify Delete 
My absolute favorite Soom sculpt. She is stunning from every angle. I\'ve honestly been less than impressed with most of the MD sculpts lately as they all look so similar. and I\'m not a fan of the lees realistic aesthetic. Cass reminds me more of the mecha angel sculpting. She\'s realistic. complex in expression and truly an interesting sculpt as well as a beautiful one.
Xuchilpaba(09-08-20 03:07 / )
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Not only is she amazing. but I am a Pisces who is true the classic water loving description... this is the perfect doll for me. I ordered her!
Jackalope(09-08-14 08:44 / )
Cass: Modify Delete 
One of the most beautiful female doll faces I have seen. A great look
ivrom(09-08-14 07:41 / )
Soom. the girl is really beautiful. She\'s exactly what I\'ve been looking for. so perfect in every way. I can\'t wait to have her home.
Briana(09-08-09 01:42 / )
she is beautiful and very tall. good work soom. another beautiful creation. i need her!
Jenn(09-08-02 00:48 / )
So beautiful!
Wow! She\'s really gorgeous! Here\'s one of the times where I wish that I had the money for a monthly doll! I love her outfit and the shoes too! She\'s a really gorgeous sculpt. I wish SOOM had the past sculpt heads available for sale... IO was a really great sculpt as well!
Catw07(09-07-29 17:07 / )
Mixed feelings Modify Delete 
I have to say. I have mixed feelings about this doll. I love the two dresses. but I\'m really disappointed with the weird legs. I had really hoped that you would give her an actual mermaid tail!
Cotterpin(09-07-29 11:51 / )
Normal Skin option Modify Delete 
Another beautiful work of art! Soom. I hope in the future you will offer Normal Skin Resin as an option for the MDs. I personally would have enjoyed human Cass in normal resin.
Titania(09-07-29 11:43 / )
just ok Modify Delete 
Well the face is not that impressive really...not the best piece of work by soom so far. imo. Amazing photos though. They need to find a way to surpass themselves.
Jay(09-07-29 06:43 / )
Beautiful Girl! Modify Delete 
I think Cass is the most beautiful girl yet! What a magnificent creation! Her ocean dress is particularly stunning. but the earth dress is beautiful too. Thank you for this gorgeous creation! Jay
gnomevamp(09-07-28 22:31 / )
Lovely! Modify Delete 
Ooooo! I love her human form! Her face is just stunning! I wish that I could purchase her...but that would probably be unwise as I have not received my Chrom yet... :waits patiently: :waits: AHHHH^^
Anna(09-07-28 19:19 / )
question about the amount of eyes Modify Delete 
Dear Soom. I wonder. what is the Cass eyes size?
Teja(09-07-28 16:07 / )
Sooo pretty! Modify Delete 
She is so pretty! Great job Soom :) She looks so serene. love her expretion! And it is so nice that we can buy only human doll!! Thank you!
Imania(09-07-28 11:54 / )
Thank you for the option to get only the human doll! The ocean elf parts. while delicately beautiful. are not for me. but I will certainly be getting her human form. She\'s lovely. and those dresses are exquisite.
:D(09-07-28 10:11 / )
New MD Modify Delete