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[MD/June] Eliv&Iv - Sweet Melodies
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From June.30th. to July.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* If you want to have the Remving Seam service for the Eliv&Iv - Sweet Melodies, plz click the Related Parodcut "Removing Seam [MD/June] on the bottom of page. ↓

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Rachael(09-09-07 02:22 / )
They are so precious. some of the cutest tinies ive ever seen.
caffeineaddict(09-07-11 04:32 / )
Fishy love! Modify Delete 
I think these guys are adorable! And fishy feet is far *less* lazy than a full mermaid. which has been done before. The fishy feet is very unique. I\'ve never seen anything like it! Great job. SOOM!
gnomevamp(09-07-07 02:48 / )
Cute and Innovative^^ Modify Delete 
I really like that Soom came up with another way of making Merchildren and the fact that they can still stand is great!! But more than that i really like their human form! They are truly adorable!
misslilith(09-07-03 18:53 / )
Gorgeous Doll. Modify Delete 
Absolutley adorable. I love the eyes on the dolls and their fins.
Ayatchi(09-07-03 02:20 / )
Counter Point Praise
It was pretty impolite of Blanche(Elizabeth). to critisize SOOM in such harsh words. SOOM can\'t be expected to anticipate the needs of 100% of their customers. I like innovation and happen to think it\'s a unique idea for the feat. because I\'m sure that there would have been some complaints either way for how the legs \'couldn\'t bend right\'. I also happen to think these two cuties are adorable. SOOM made their faces adorable and the scales on their legs are too cute. Thanks for another gorgeous MD SOOM! :3
Cometblack(09-07-03 01:21 / )
legs and arms Modify Delete 
I Love the two legs and new designs. i really love the ears too i look forward to ordering Eliv :)
Elizabeth(09-07-03 00:53 / )
Laziness is not attractive
It looks like you are just being lazy. Soom! These dolls are cute from the neck up and fugly from the neck down. What happened to mermaid babies?! Fishy feet are *not* attractive and *not* something that I want. I was looking forward to ordering a mermaid baby; now I\'m going to save my money. Bad form. Soom. getting lazy like that. Bad form!
p.M(09-07-01 20:32 / )
more pictures
aaaaaaaaaaaaw how cute are they ^^
nekokoi(09-07-01 12:26 / )
amazing! Modify Delete 
i think the foot-fins are probably the most ingenious depiction of a mer-person i\'ve ever seen. without sacrificing any mobility at all. i love the two legs. one big fin would look nice. but probably not move well at all. i\'m amazed. and i can\'t wait to play with them in person.
Glenn(09-07-01 04:38 / )
ils sont terrible!!!!!!! Modify Delete 
j\' adore. je suis trop fan!!!!!!!
namine(09-06-29 10:08 / )
kawaiii!! Modify Delete 
they are very cute!!^_^
S(09-06-29 03:47 / )
Cute smile Modify Delete 
Looks really cute! I definitely will get them if he ears are detachable (which I think it will be). I love the smile x)
cacao(09-06-28 21:31 / )
So Cute~! Modify Delete 
Maybe I need consider
takiko(09-06-28 13:07 / )
So cute and pretty! Modify Delete 
I have been waiting for their release! I have been hoping they would be little fishy like beings. They are so adorable! I love the little finned feet and ears! Using the transparent resin is very lovely.The pastels are very soothing. I need to see more! :D
(09-06-27 22:59 / )
LOVE! Modify Delete 
So cute!!! I love them!!!
(09-06-27 13:40 / )
@.@!! Modify Delete 
Wahhh~ they\'re so cute! >w< Can\'t wait to see full body pictures! Their little fins are so original <3
p.M(09-06-27 01:07 / )
they look very pretty well done Soom im curious to see more pictures of them
hunajasieni(09-06-26 22:56 / )
WOW! So pretty! Modify Delete 
Oh wow! They\'re really sweet!
ningyobaka(09-06-26 22:51 / )
zomg the answer to my prayers Modify Delete 
oh my god those are beyond awesome looking so far!!!! i\'m now even more stoked about their release. X3 please have webbed hands please have webbed hands!
misa1(09-06-26 22:48 / )
Squee! Modify Delete 
Oh my goodness. they\'re just divine! Love!
Areeelf(09-06-26 22:36 / )
Very innovative Modify Delete 
I love the new design I hope you can chose girl or boy body for them. That or genderless body would be great. Looking forward to the whole body pictures.
A.R.(09-06-26 21:16 / )
Very sweet Modify Delete 
I love their cute faces and i\'m infatuated with the new transparent resin you\'re incorperating into your designs. but I hoped you guys would steer away from the generic mermaid theme. Maybe drift more into specific fish or seahorses (unless you\'re already planning that out for the next MD) Nonetheless. I love their sweetness <3
slept(09-06-26 21:04 / )
LOL~So sweet~~~! Modify Delete 
All pictures~~~~chop-chop~~~~