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[MD/May] Chrom - Bane of Wood
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From May.29th. to June.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* If you want to have the Remving Seam service for the Chrom-ban of Wood, plz click the Related Parodcut "Removing Seam [MD/May] on the bottom of page. ↓

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Ilkaril(12-09-21 06:01 /
Dream doll
I love this doll and i love his human version, I'd die fore him as a human in bronze. I'd be the first to by one no sleep and all. He's the most perfect doll.
Galileo(10-11-18 21:18 /
Release as special order pls Modify Delete 
Please re-release Chrom as a special order, basic human version doll T_T
...(10-08-12 01:24 /
? Modify Delete 
Can anyone tell, will chrom be released again or not?
Aoede(10-07-22 20:01 /
New release? Modify Delete 
I missed his first release, so is there any chance that he will be released again? His face is stunning. He is nothing but beautiful.
lz.zheng(10-04-11 18:52 /
will he be released again? Modify Delete 
will he be released again?
JenKat(09-07-08 10:18 / )
OMG! He\'s Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
Wow! He really is gorgeous!
feonalita(09-06-22 08:55 / )
SOLDOUT Modify Delete 
Why he gone so fast .. I just got money for him . Nooooooooo T^T
Jane(09-06-13 03:49 / )
he\'s perfect
i\'m in love with this werewolf :)
Manu(09-06-12 21:50 / )
Same as others Modify Delete 
Does not impresses much... could be much better... But anyway - look average.
Modestas(09-06-09 03:29 / )
it sucks Modify Delete 
Looks like a perverted boy....
(09-06-07 03:47 / )
<3 Modify Delete 
He\'s so gorgeous. And for those confused. he is a wolf it says so in his information in the photo that is like a page from a book. it says he is a human and wolf God.
Francisca(09-06-06 03:04 / )
Amazing ><
I\'m buying him. I have to... >.< He\'s too gorgeous to be passed by! And a limited edition too... >_>
cacao(09-06-05 17:47 / )
stunner~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! Modify Delete 
My dear soom~!!!!!!!What a perfect artwork~~TAT~~ I felt my heart combusting~! How can you imagine such a perfect dream and make it come true?Who\'s the designer?He/She must have the same aesthetic ability as the muse~!! Thank you.Soom~!!
Vivian(09-06-04 23:44 / )
perfect Modify Delete 
Perfect...So handsome....I'm excited again....Go back quickly~my dear~~~~~~~
saoirse(09-06-04 01:02 / )
Normal skin?
Is his skin normal or a special colour?
elvaruq(09-06-01 20:45 / )
haunting! Modify Delete 
he\'s very very very magnificent. the best soom\'s boy ever! like his character. his face. his body sculpt. almost everything. Gorgeous!!!
Novae(09-06-01 15:00 / )
In love!
I just knew this guy was gonna be wolfish! I love the way he turned out! His paws are just too cool! And woah at his hands and ears! This guy\'s face is the best though... I can\'t stop thinking about him!
Che(09-05-30 02:28 / )
His legs and claw hands are really well sculpted! I like the wolf theme he has. Though I wish he had a wolf tail and larger wolf ears. perhaps magnetic ones that would sit on top of his head. Otherwise. he\'s very nice!
bear(09-05-29 22:12 / )
Fabulous face!!! Modify Delete 
ALL PICTURES! MY GOD so beautiful young man!!! I can\'t believe who can resist of him !!!
Link(09-05-29 19:56 / )
Question Modify Delete 
How long must we wait to see him?
carolina(09-05-29 17:39 / )
erhmm... hello? we\'re allready in june where is this doll? XD
Selina(09-05-29 06:21 / )
wow O_O
I cant wait for him to be released! he\'s fantastic! much more my cup of tea! If he has Paws all the better! I hope if he is a wolf you have some cats lined up to go with ^_~ Thank you Soom!
Teresa(09-05-28 14:02 / )
Just gorgous.
He\'s gorgoues. I saw him yesterday.
posseskairis(09-05-28 12:32 / )
in love!!!<3 Modify Delete 
i new it hes a boy!!!
Rozga(09-05-28 07:25 / )

Moi(09-05-27 14:06 / )
GUH. Modify Delete 
Ragh! Devious makes a good point. We\'ve all been assuming he\'s a . . . well. he. Oh. noes. While I hope he\'s a he because I like hes and would only want him as a he (love that sentence.) at the same time it might be better if he was a she because I don\'t exactly have the money right now D= . . . oh. the confliction. Anyway. he looks fabulous with just what little we\'ve seen . . . the anticipation is killing me. *was just thinking this morning that she wanted a wolf doll D=*
alanna214(09-05-27 11:05 / )
Crom Cruach Modify Delete 
He looks very interesting indeed. ^_^ I can\'t wait to see the rest of the pictures. I\'m fairly certain that it will be a male doll. If for no other reason than his name seems to be taken from this section of mythology: Though I don\'t think Soom is getting the wolf part from that myth. Artistic liscense? ^_^
AyaOkita(09-05-27 08:17 / )
Slipping Away Modify Delete 
I feel my determination of not buying the next Soom MD slipping away. We will have to see the full thing but he looks promising so far!
phantomyuri(09-05-27 05:08 / )
CHROM WOLF Modify Delete 
im stoked there is a wolf comming out! especially since there has been more mystical things. i think its a he because Chrom sounds more masculine. I think there should be a female version of it if it is a guy!
posseskairis(09-05-27 04:05 / )
POSSES Modify Delete 
i hope is a boy!!!
nefla(09-05-27 03:38 / )
Holy crap Modify Delete 
I think this doll is a boy. but I REALLY hope it\'s a girl since I have no money T_T Oh man. I want it so bad!
gnomevamp(09-05-27 02:59 / )
So Excited! Modify Delete 
I cannot wait! He looks amazing from what i can see right now! Love the nails...ear...face!!!
cherrychan01(09-05-27 02:47 / )
Oh my gosh! So handsome! *drools* Modify Delete 
He is so handsome! Oh. I wish I had more money right now...I\'d snatch this beautiful darling right up! He is too cute! I can\'t wait to see more of him!
Alba(09-05-26 22:27 / )
>w< it\'s perfect!!
Is a lion or wolf? >w< he is very beautifull
albamas(09-05-26 22:25 / )
>w< it\'s perfect!! Modify Delete 
Tia(09-05-26 20:45 / )
OH my rat god!
He looks really hansome.
mysticaldoll(09-11-22 07:06 /
Chrom Modify Delete 
I received my Chrom and am very pleased with the beauty of the sculpt of this doll.  His nose is an incredible sculpt as well as his beautiful mouth.  Love the shape of his eyes - he really could not be a more perfect look.  Thanks again, Soom.
haibanne(09-10-24 23:34 /
Important details
I've received my Chrom two weeks ago and I must admit that he is even more beautiful than in the pictures.
To me, the nose is his most important feature. It gives him a personality I don't find in all the dolls.
The paws are greatly well done: we can see scratch over the claws like real ones. And the fire lord legs are really posable once you understand how the gravity center works.
His face is a bit more masculine than feminine but with the right make-up he can be a beautiful woman too!
About the wig : we don't really see it in the pictures but it has a long ponytail behind which has not a red color but a vine one.
I can't be more satisfied!