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[MD/Mar] Cuprit - Black Frost
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Mar.27th. to April.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Ashanaelle(13-11-22 21:43 /
Magnifique !
Hope this one get released again ^_^
I want it !
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:46 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Pooka1(09-04-18 10:45 / )
AWSOME Modify Delete 
omg I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =^.^=
Jenn(09-04-10 14:51 / )
So pretty!
Wow. She looks really gorgeous! Her face is very soft and pretty and her clothes are also really fantastic-looking!
DMW(09-04-09 19:44 / )
fascinated Modify Delete 
Once again your doll fascinated me@@ Add oil SOOM staffs!Keep up the good work!
shiina(09-04-01 15:03 / )
Good Job.Soom Modify Delete 
"\""Good Job.Soom!\""this is what I was thinking about when I met her. And now.the only thing I want to say is \""Good Job!\"":D I wish a Soom MD\'s girl to be my first girl:D So.keep doing! And make more horns.wings and more fantasic creatures Never ending dream.Soom!"
Misa(09-03-29 03:03 / )
Modify Delete 
(09-03-28 05:39 / )
1 Modify Delete 
OMG She is beautiful.......But she is just not my type I don\'t know why.....
Marilyn Allen(09-03-27 23:17 / )
Another beautiful creation Modify Delete 
Congratulations. This new doll is absolutely beautiful and so creative. I love that you are creating a whole universe for the next monthly dolls. Your artists and designers are so very talented.
BebopHunter(09-03-27 15:43 / )
Beautiful Modify Delete 
Another lovely addition to the Monthly Dolls. To be honest. I hope she doesn\'t have hooves. just because there has been so many with them. Either way. I\'m sure she\'ll be another fine masterpiece. Can\'t wait to see the rest of her pictures and get a better feel for this doll.
Samantha(09-03-27 14:04 / )
She is purely magnificent. A few questions... The Horns: is the angle adjustable or do they come out at a curve like in the picture? Either way. I like how sinister the horns look at this point. Body: Skin color...white? Pinky? I cannot tell.... Hooves: Will she have hooves? Eagles\' feet? Or. something we have not yet seen? I will keep my eye on this beauty.
KuroiAisu(09-03-27 12:57 / )
She\'s gorgeous! Modify Delete 
I think she\'s gorgeous. I personally love her tiny little nose. I can\'t wait to see the rest of her. I hope she has hooves too :3 I love dolls with hooves. I wish there would be a limited release of just hoove parts though ):
kesschan(09-03-27 11:16 / )
Ummm Modify Delete 
I don\'t like her mouth and also her eyes. its look a bit odd. She has very little mouth and when see her in front before you changed the picture. her mouth looks like a stroke and very 2D. and her head is really small when compare with the horns. I\'m so bore with horn or hooves. WANT to see something NEW
Sybilla(09-03-27 10:30 / )
Is this an MSD? Modify Delete 
Just wondering why everyone\'s thinking she\'ll be super gem size?? It says she\'s a 2nd land doll...and Heliot. Amber and other like size are 3rd land. Glot/Glati is 4th land. Although maybe the lands are unrelated to size..I\'m not sure....sooooo IS Cuprit 2nd land an MSD?? PLEASE tell us! \'lol\' I think she\'s lovely either way. A hooved MSD would be great.
sfsd(09-03-27 03:18 / )
BEAUTIFUL Modify Delete 
Dont listen to bad remarks. this doll is perfect.
Jeshi(09-03-27 01:32 / )
Not super impressed...
Hey. Not sure how I feel about this doll... I don
posseskairis(09-03-26 20:50 / )
shes gorgeous but make and boy!!
chloe(09-03-26 18:32 / )
oh my god
she is stunning :O the third best MD soom have released so far. i really hope she has hooves that would be just perfect i\'m really disapointed that i\'m most likly not going to be able to aford her
Kassy(09-03-26 17:38 / )
Please let her have hooves too!
Glenn(09-03-26 16:48 / )
Elle est vraiment superbe!!!! Felicitation. j\' ai vraiment hate de la voire entiere. Je vais finir ruin?... Merci de cr? de si jolie poup?s! Glenn
(09-03-26 14:57 / )
Very nice. though.. Modify Delete 
I\'m a little disappointed. I don\'t know why. but I was thinking/hoping she would be little gem/msd size. She is beautiful. though. I\'m just... sick of the big dolls getting all the attention.
Susan(09-03-26 08:41 / )
A beautiful lady
I really like this beautiful lady...she has such a serene facial expression. and her ears are so hit it right on with her :o)
Jassy(09-03-26 08:33 / )
OMG! Modify Delete 
Sooo beautiful!! When are the rest of the photos coming? I CAN\'T WAIT :D
Astrid(09-03-26 05:16 / )
What a wonderful design! I absolutely love her. She seems to have horns and black wings. Is she the dark side of Heliot? Please keep up Your fantasy theme. It is wonderful! You always have great new ideas. Personally. I am glad that she seems to be bigger than the last MD\'s because I prefer dolls in Super Gem or Mecha Angel size. Will there be another MD in Mecha Angel size?
vic(09-03-26 01:12 / )
~~~~~~~~~~` Modify Delete 
teja(09-03-26 01:00 / )
the next Modify Delete 
After seeing her i keep thinking that she will have to get a boy even more magnificent! I hope the next doll will be this breathtaking! I wish soom would make majestic Vampire boy! Soooo would like that to happen!!!!!
Kassy(09-03-25 16:48 / )
forgot to mention
I really hope she has long nails like Onyx or Vesuvia!
Kassy(09-03-25 16:05 / )
I\'m so glad that you have continued to make Super Gem size MDs! She looks great! Please post more pictures soon!
faerionette(09-03-25 08:36 / )
Lovely! Modify Delete 
To the person above me. she hasn\'t even gone on sale yet. ^^ She\'s just listed as sold out until all the information and pictures are up and they are ready to take orders. Don\'t worry!
A.Ruiz(09-03-25 08:35 / )
Soom. you really are creative :) Modify Delete 
She looks flawless. and I believe those might be horns on the side of her head. right? I only wish I could actually pay for these dolls when they are actually ready to be shipped. instead of using the preorder style. It gets really frustrating just knowing I won\'t have the money in time and even if I did I wouldn\'t see my doll for what. half a year later? n_n;; Someday soom! *shakefist* xD
GinaRaney(09-03-25 08:09 / )
sold out ...already. Modify Delete 
I didn\'t look at the site last night..and how I could kick myself. really are breaking my heart. I give up.
KM777(09-03-25 05:42 / )
Oh dear...
...She is magnificent..... but all my munnies are already belong to Soom. T_T If I could. I would.... *sigh*
Mikal(09-03-25 05:11 / )
Wow!! Modify Delete 
She\'s gorgeous! I can\'t wait to see the full body shots! I hope she doesn\'t cost too much... though there is layaway. :)
peetje77(09-03-25 04:14 / )
wow Modify Delete 
i like fairies like to see more of her soon hope she;s not too expensive
arcangel(09-03-24 22:42 / )
what color? Modify Delete 
It\'s beautiful. I really like his ears. just hope that this time can also choose to Normal Skin.
Mystee(09-03-24 21:37 / )
She is just amazing !!! Modify Delete 
OMG ! She is gorgeous !!! She is so classy and faeric ! I love the elvish ears. and the shape of her face is just perfect ! Beautiful almond eyes also ! Can\'t wait to see more pics !
ħ(09-03-24 20:02 / )
Modify Delete 
Jactance(09-03-24 18:42 / )
My next doll? Modify Delete 
She seems to be one of the best...
Teja(09-03-24 16:12 / )
waw! Modify Delete 
Oh my God! Stunning!!!!
badbeck(09-03-24 15:22 / )
She is gorgeous! Modify Delete 
She is absoultely stunning. I can\'t wait to see the rest of her photos!
lomo(09-03-24 14:46 / )
= =.. Modify Delete