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[MD/Feb] Glot & Glati - Dream Caller
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Feb.27th. to Mar.15th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Sabrina(11-02-01 23:47 /
Please! Modify Delete 
Restock, please!!

Both of they are so cute and adorable >_<!
Restock !!!(10-07-28 03:22 /
restock pleaseeee Modify Delete 
restock her please T_T
Brighteyes(10-07-15 18:14 /
Lovely Glot.....T____T, love her!!
i want a glot so bad >/////<, i must have her! Please consider offering her again that would be wonderful. She is just perfect!!!
ER(09-05-03 11:58 / )
Modify Delete 
soo soo soo soo cute!!
Greg(09-04-25 23:07 / )
Cuteness Attacks
These guys are amazing! Nothing else really to say.
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:46 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Gothkitty(09-03-17 22:33 / )
Missed out again :(
"OMG *cries* You heard my plea for more hooves and while I\'ve been poorly you made more and I can\'t believe I\'ve missed all the hooves again... \""Devastated\"" doesn\'t even come close... :( Please please PLEASE make a hoofy girl that\'s not Limited Edition... I\'m BEGGING you... please? Please please please? These are the most gorgeous things I\'ve EVER seen. and I thought Beryl was stunning... these two are breathtaking."
(09-03-15 11:13 / )
So cute! Modify Delete 
Wow! I love them! So cute! >w<
Elfiex96(09-03-14 09:53 / )
mini Modify Delete 
they are minis of the bigger ones!!! they are sooooo cute
Kinzie(09-03-13 07:48 / )
I ordered Glati because of his cuteness! He is exactly what I was looking for in a tiny! :D He is cute but has the potential to be sooo much more! I am so happy I jumped on this when I did- and thanks to a friend for introducing me to SOOM ((wait. should that be thanks?))
Aiowen(09-03-07 17:15 / )
o_____o Modify Delete 
This oddly has me hoping for a tiny Euclase... I would be all over that!
yumyum2(09-03-05 17:51 / )
brava! magnifico!
oh. I\'ve been soom\'ed! Your adorable little Glati has beckoned me to purchased my first Soom doll! He is absolutely adorable! <3
S(09-03-05 10:15 / )
Glot <3
So adorable! I\'ve loved all of the monthly dolls. but never as much as I love Glot! I ordered her straight away and can\'t wait to recieve her - I am so looking forward to making her a part of my doll family :).
Sheri(09-03-02 23:53 / )
Same Sculpt??? Modify Delete 
Love these two little ones!! I can\'t tell - are they each a different sculpt from the other. or do they match except for faceup?
Ranad1(09-03-02 15:07 / )
so adorable Modify Delete 
these are so adorable!!! I love all the satyr type dolls. but these are the cutest dolls so far. now I want to spend money
anubisnut(09-03-02 04:33 / )
OMG Modify Delete 
They are sooo cute. I like the pictures of them with the larger dolls!
Melissa(09-03-02 01:20 / )
very beautiful
Very beautiful indeed. You should make all the monthly dolls available every month! For example. Soom Beryl was released April of last year...correct? Why not make her available every April! If you make more dolls available for one month at a time...then you would probably make a lot more money. Also. if you make Chibi versions of all the monthly dolls. then I would be willing to buy them. The thing is. not all people have the money to buy the dolls right away. so it would be in your best interest that you make all the monthly dolls available for the months of their release. Trust me...
ħ(09-03-01 20:40 / )
ŶӴӴӴ Modify Delete 
>_<(09-03-01 05:12 / )
>_< Modify Delete 
Hisuihime(09-02-28 09:04 / )
Basic Edition? Modify Delete 
They are beautiful. will you ever have a basic edition? I\'d love to get them but wont have the money by the 15th.
Andrea(09-02-28 02:02 / )
You truly proove that Soom is head and shoulders above other doll companies! these two are adorable! Excellent price for the basic dolls too! QAnd amazing layaway- we love you Soom- keep up the great work! I can\'t wait to get my little Glot! Thank you!
joankagami(09-02-28 01:14 / )
sorry i always forget the stars thingy Modify Delete 
i give it 5 stars
joankagami(09-02-28 01:13 / )
:} Modify Delete 
they are really adorable. lovely rendition of mini sard and beryl.
Guest(09-02-27 15:47 / )
*squee* Modify Delete 
I WANT THEM SOOOO BAD! I hope they make Chibis of all the Zodiac dolls!
strawberry(09-02-27 12:36 / )
OMGness!!! <3 Modify Delete 
Wow. Just wow. Tinys aren\'t really my thing. but these two made me die of cuteness. Well done! <3
repulsive333(09-02-27 11:46 / )
OMG Modify Delete 
These guys are so cute. I cannot wait till they come out so i can snatch them up... I never thought i would own a tiny... but now... oh now i think i may. *Eeeee (jumps up and down for joy)
daniela(09-02-27 10:12 / )
so cute!!!
oh my! you\'ve made the most cute. sweet and gorgeous baby doll i\'ve ever seen! great job!
KM777(09-02-27 08:22 / )
GAH!! Modify Delete 
OMG the cuteness.... it BURNS. *L* I LOVE them. And as others have said. if there are hooves. we\'re all Soomed again....
Lina(09-02-27 07:21 / )
Eeee!!! EXCITED!!!!
Absolutely adorable! Can\'t wait for them!
Jeanne(09-02-27 07:14 / )
So precious!
They\'re so adorable! I only hope I can scrounge up enough to work them into my order! I hope you make more of the teenies of the previous monthlies! They\'re so wonderful!
Lanabelle(09-02-27 04:06 / )
MUST HAVE Modify Delete 
I am so excited by your new theme...these little ones are a MUST HAVE for me!!!! Thank you for making it possible for us to have small wonders too!
Annabell(09-02-27 02:05 / )
The cutest teenies ever! Modify Delete 
They look so sweet :< I\'ve never wanted a yo-sd or anything smaller than that as much as these babies! I don\'t think i\'ll have enough money saved up in time for these little guys but I hope you keep making tiny MD\'s. I\'d like one of amber!
Tia(09-02-26 23:57 / )
They are such a cutie.*3* I cant await them.must get enough money to buy them . ^3^
Sonya(09-02-26 23:25 / )
You have done it again Modify Delete 
You have done it again and this time I do want one of my own I missed Bereyl but I don\'t think I\'ll be able to pass one of the little ones.
LOMO(09-02-26 14:56 / )
= =+ Modify Delete 
bramble(09-02-26 13:57 / )
~~~~~~~~~~ Modify Delete 
so lovely~~I\'m looking forward to seeing them soon~~
kiki(09-02-26 10:26 / )
Modify Delete 
shisako(09-02-26 09:49 / )
yeah. these are definitely adorable~ Their faces are so cute~ ^^
Kassy(09-02-26 06:00 / )
I want these kids!
Up untill now. I was happy only collecting big dolls and Mini size. But now that I see these two. I may have to branch out to Teenie! Please. please. please make little versions of all the zodiac dolls from last year!
yukiookami(09-02-26 05:57 / )
They\'re so cute!! ^_^ Oh my god!!
Anna(09-02-26 05:42 / )
So cute!! >0< Modify Delete 
OMG. those are sooo cute! Soom. you never fail to impress me! I really could not see it comming. and I fell in love again~! If they have tiny hooves I will faint. Sard is my favorite mould of all. and having a pocket version of him is a dream~! Since they\'re tinys. I think I will be able to afford at least one of them! n_n~
srethoret(09-02-26 05:04 / )
I can\'t wait to see more of these 2 - each of your creations just are so much better than the last...I always look forward to new items from you - :o)
Irene(09-02-26 03:20 / )
OMG! Cute!
OMG do they have tiny hooves?? OMG!
sealedwish(09-02-26 02:41 / )
These new dolls look so adorable!! Can\'t wait to see more pictures and info XD
Katherine(09-02-26 02:09 / )
Congrats! You\'ve outdone yourselves! I though I\'d never want a tiny bjd but I really want my own Glot and Glati now. I can\'t thank you enough. when I missed out on Sard I was devastated but now I can have his tiny incarnate that will always be beside my desk. Thank you! ^_^
EvoMyxx(09-02-26 01:54 / )
Too Cute!!! Modify Delete 
Oh wow. this is way too cute!!!
eggsoup(09-02-26 01:09 / )
<3 Modify Delete 
I wonder if they will have little hooves!?!? Ahh! Cute!
p.M(09-02-26 00:01 / )
amazing job
: whooooo amazing job Soom i hope to see more pictures soon i totally luv them^^
Beverley(09-02-25 22:28 / )
So cute
They are simply adorable. cant wait to see more of them ^_^
FunnyLori(09-02-25 21:23 / )
Oh my goodness! Modify Delete 
So cute! I cannot wait to see more!
=3=(09-02-25 21:05 / )
=3= Modify Delete 
toraro(09-02-25 21:03 / )
so cute!!!! Modify Delete 
>//////////////////////////< mini beryl and Sard *[]*!!!!!! so cute. >w
kanokwan(09-02-25 20:58 / )
"They are very cute!!!!!! Waiting for them. >_______<\"""
melanie(09-02-25 20:21 / )
OMG tiny chibi beryl\'s and sard\'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
saturn(09-02-25 19:35 / )
They are so beautifuuuuuul! I want too much!
(09-02-25 19:33 / )
ahhhhh~~~ Modify Delete 
=O= so cute!!