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[MD/Jan] Amber - Pure Spirit
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Feb.3rd. to Feb.16th.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Ashanaelle(13-11-22 21:25 /
Sad that this one is not released :'(
Hope you will release her again !
Nyrissa(13-07-11 11:37 /
I have this Original MD, and I love her. Her resin is nice and solid, she is a pretty color, even for how old she is, she doesn't show it.
She isn't the best doll for posing, but I make it work. :)
She is my grail doll, and definitely lives up to it.
Junon(11-07-04 21:58 /
Please give us a chance to pampered
Hello I was wondering if you will put on sale again the magnificent Amber - Pure Spirit released in January 2008?
Natalia(11-03-11 02:07 /
Stunning... Modify Delete 
Please release her!!! She is brilliant!!!
snakefang101(11-02-12 06:03 /
Gorgeous Modify Delete 
PLEASE RELEASE HER AGAIN! She's absolutly beautiful and perfect in every way
Tekona(10-10-08 00:57 /
Pleeease Modify Delete 
release her again Soom, so many people love her so much!
Everything is perfect, her face, her outfit, her wig...
Bubbless(10-07-28 03:29 /
Oh wow Modify Delete 
My lord, she is beautiful! I only wish I had gotten into this hobby sooner so I could have bought one!

They MUST sell her again!
Mana(10-07-27 08:49 /
O__O Modify Delete 
Will she be on sale again?
I love her sooo much!

That face is beautiful. ♥
Masquerade(10-06-24 03:43 /
Oh Wow
Man I wish I had discovered this sooner! I would have loved an Amber to call my own, Now I have to wait to buy my first one.
Gidget(10-06-18 03:18 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
Please restore her Amber is so amazing...must..Buy!
Paige(10-02-03 14:10 /
Stunning Modify Delete 
She is so gorgeous. I've been wanting to get her and just realized she goes back on sale tomorrow! But tomorrow's my dad's birthday, and even with all of my money put together I'm still 300 dollars short. Guess I'll have to wait until next year! If so, she will be my first BJD!
karleecakes(10-01-31 12:17 /
Simply Amazing
I came across your dolls in a magazine and was blown away.  This doll is by far my favorite and I cannot wait to see what is released in the future.
mindless_scribbles(10-01-24 23:56 /
Oh. My. God! Modify Delete 
She is absolutely amazing! By far my favourite doll on SOOM and definatly the most amazing i've ever seen!
I wish I had found her in time to get her! :(
Erina_Nobara(10-01-22 05:32 /
Beautiful Modify Delete 
I wish you would make her available again. She's gorgeous.
Moonblood(09-12-29 00:27 /
Amber is magnificent
When will redo you Amber? Or a new Amber?
17(09-09-23 09:15 / )
Nice Modify Delete 
Rachael(09-09-07 02:31 / )
She is so sweet. the colors give her an innocence not seen in many mature dolls. not to mention how beautiful her outfit and wig are. and espwecially her horns. GORGEOUS!
Talia(09-08-23 11:36 / )
Beauitful! Hoping for little fauns in the future!!
This sculpt is still my absolute favorite of your monthly dolls. I am so sorry to have missed out on her but I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be little fauns coming soon!!! I am in awe of your talent. she is so unique. I hope there will be a faun family so I would not have missed out completely on her concept! :)
Zoebug(09-08-17 03:55 / )
ugh Modify Delete 
gahh its all sold out! I really want one for my birthday but there all gone
С(09-05-09 19:10 / )
Modify Delete 
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:46 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
p.M(09-02-26 00:00 / )
amazing a capricon thats my sign i bought her cant wait to see her whens she\'s finally arrive Amber i luv you see ya soon at my place nice birthdaygift thnx you soom
p.M(09-02-25 23:59 / )
amazing a capricon thats my sign i bought her cant wait to see her whens she\'s finally arrive Amber i luv you see ya soon at my place nice birthdaygift thnx you soom
Ya-u(09-02-16 16:56 / )
She is beautiful
She is gorgeous and probably my favorite of the Monthly Dolls. Soom definitely has some of the best dolls! I can\'t wait to get her! Thanks. Soom. for the amazing doll!
Buzzibee(09-02-15 15:06 / )
Absolutely Gorgeous
This is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. I\'m contemplating using my savings to buy her. I know she will only be available to order for one more day! I think that the creators at Soom are SO amazing! The craftman ship is wonderful.
axeonos(09-02-14 02:49 / )
saving the best for last eh. SOOM? She is stupendous. I cant wait for my faun to come home. this has clearly been your best work. shes stunning. absolutly stunning
Chris(09-02-13 13:53 / )
Modify Delete 
August(09-02-13 13:52 / )
Modify Delete 
Mayra(09-02-12 21:51 / )
She\'s a cutie
She\'s a jewel. I love her.
Mariel(09-02-10 08:46 / )
I believe I might buy my first Soom doll. my birthday is in January and I love the capricorn sign. I think it was meant to be.
(09-02-08 13:52 / )
Modify Delete 
Candace(09-02-06 05:32 / )
I am so excited for her to arrive! She\'s a capricorn just like me! And she\'s absolutely gorgeous! I can\'t wait. I can\'t wait. I can\'t wait!!! :D
(09-02-04 19:01 / )
= = Modify Delete 
Caitlin(09-02-04 16:59 / )
Just curious
I\'m rather curious about the knee joint for the fauna legs. Are they really as limited in poseability as they look? They don\'t really look like they can bend more than a few degrees at best... Also. how is the tail attached? Is there a magnet? Aside from those matters. she is definitly a very lovely doll. particularly her face and ears. They are very endearing! ^__^
ħ(09-02-04 14:19 / )
XDDD Modify Delete 
shinkonokoko(09-02-04 13:18 / )
Oh wow... Modify Delete 
She\'s such a gorgeous sculpt!! I really love her! I hope that her sculpt will maybe some day be available for sale not as a faun. She\'s gorgeous!
spekle(09-02-04 09:46 / )
Good beautiful design but. the legs will be hard to pose and do much with. Perhaps if another joint on the legs would help. like the beryl. Personally I do not like the lower part of the leg. it needs more. Perhaps you can fix it? Thanks.
Sixoclock(09-02-04 07:38 / )
Hooves Modify Delete 
WOW!! Such astonishing work!! Is it possible for you to post some more photos of the hooves close up? Perhaps without any blushing? :D
KM777(09-02-04 05:08 / )
WOW. Just WOW.
If I weren\'t already paying off a Heliot. this one would be mine. Eh. who am I kidding. I will probably buy her too. *L* She is GORGEOUS. Soom.... Your work keeps getting better and better. Please never change your creativity and your awesomeness!
Lana(09-02-04 03:44 / )
Normal color pictures Please
It would be wonderful to see some natural light pictures so that we can see what she will really look like when we get her home. The pictures posted are so lovely but so bright its hard to tell her true colors. Thank you Soom!
friebus(09-02-04 01:50 / )
incredibly beautiful!! Modify Delete 
This is another incredibly beautiful doll! Great concept! I always love to see fantasy characters. Will there be a male faun. too? That would be a dream!
BLDMGL(09-02-03 22:34 / )
Ů Modify Delete 
gwen(09-02-03 22:30 / )
Please publish a book Modify Delete 
Your monthly dolls are exciting beyond words. Please consider publishing a book about your monthly dolls - lots and lots of photos. It would probably be a best seller among doll collectors.
flamingomoon(09-02-03 22:03 / )
Spectacular Modify Delete 
I don\'t know how the artists at Soom manage to top themselves every time. but they do. Each doll in this series has been unique and beautiful. What a pleasure to see. Marilyn
BERGER(09-02-03 21:50 / )
It is dynamite !!!!!!!!!!!!
"\""C\'est une tuerie\""...."
(09-02-03 18:06 / )
Modify Delete 
LOMO(09-02-03 17:09 / )
= =+ Modify Delete 
blaknite(09-02-03 16:13 / )
WOW Modify Delete 
Amber is the second doll I have wanted as soon as I saw her. I look forward to bringing her home.
crionigirl(09-02-03 16:03 / )
WOW! Modify Delete 
Amber is just so amazing! Deer are my favorite animals so its very interesting that soom would make a doll featuring my favorite animal :D Except for Topaz. I believe Amber is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen.
hatshepsut(09-02-03 16:02 / )
Modify Delete 
Malice(09-11-14 09:06 /
Breathtaking Modify Delete 
she is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Simply stunning in real life.