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[MD/Nov] Vesuvia-Poison Kiss
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Nov.26th to Dec.10th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Nyrissa(13-07-11 11:40 /
Nice tail.
Her tail is really cool, very flexible, can do interesting poses.
The resin shoes she comes with are super cool, very beautiful.
Her hands are lovely.
Very nice doll.
rikihelena(10-12-09 08:58 /
So gorgeous!
Vesuvia is a real dream doll. I hope I can get her one day. Keep up the good work Soom.
p.M(09-06-27 01:09 / )
just wanna say in real she\'s absolute amazing ^^
catw07(09-03-10 03:49 / )
Vesuvia resin Modify Delete 
I have heard of so many people who love Vesuvia\'s resin color and are looking forward to seeing it in person. I really think people would love more dolls in Pearl Violet resin!
ҹӣ(08-12-21 01:57 / )
=3= Modify Delete 
Loveless(08-12-12 02:50 / )
Loveless Modify Delete 
Glenn(08-11-27 23:31 / )
tr? belle
Elle est vraiment superbe!!! J\' ai rarement vu aussi belle cr?ture...
Moon(08-11-27 12:34 / )
She looks charming and dangerous at the same time. And her skinton shines as a some kind of jewelry - that\'s really amazes me. It\'s another amazing work. I\'m wishing her so much~
Briana(08-11-27 05:03 / )
she is just beautiful. i love the skin tone and the scorpion tail! i love the wig to!
kuroshi(08-11-26 23:10 / )
WOW Modify Delete 
She is just amazing. Really a great fullset.
konoshu(08-11-26 18:12 / )
disappointing Modify Delete 
she doesn\'t express the charm of scorpio very well this time you disappoint me. soom:(
Che(08-11-26 13:10 / )
I think she\'s really fantastinc! The tail is amazing and I love the skin tones your doing!
alicia(08-11-26 12:53 / )
wow Modify Delete 
WOW. she is sooo sweet!!
KM777(08-11-26 12:29 / )
Vesuvia Modify Delete 
HOOOOTTTTTT. That poor Sabik has no chance....
Briana(08-11-26 05:44 / )
how long do we have to wait?? she is going to be pretty i know it. i think she is a scorpion beacuse of the tail.
konoshu(08-11-26 04:46 / )
Ϊë Modify Delete 
her skirt looks like sailor moon= =||||||
penelopeia(08-11-25 21:22 / )
Patience .... Modify Delete 
Is there a chance we might have pics ... even only a few ... just to see... what she really will look like Waiting is a torture here.
KnittingD(08-11-25 09:21 / )
Dream Woman Modify Delete 
As a Scorpio I am dying for her. I just hope I have the cash.
Caro(08-11-25 09:20 / )
I want to see more pictures!!!
BERGER(08-11-24 21:55 / )
Yes !
She will maybe the next in my soom collection ;) I want to see more pics !!!!
hatshepsut(08-11-24 17:55 / )
look like IO- wind walker on this pictures Modify Delete 
look like IO- wind walker on this pictures
hatshepsut(08-11-24 17:54 / )
Modify Delete 
ZhuoXuan(08-11-24 15:48 / )
ah~ in the end of time ^^~~
I still wait to her for a long time ^^ And now I see her ^^ it\'s must come true what a lady of Scropio love her. and then I will waitting for full of pic ^^ I wish I could get her
Nariko(08-11-24 15:40 / )
Waiting! Modify Delete 
Wow! Scorpion -inspired? Seems really cool (*-*)/ If there is any Christmas promotions. I might consider (*A*)
Sze Sze(08-11-24 14:15 / )
clicking every second
coming soon?~? Highly expected that she is a vampire.....Is there any Christmas event or special offers?
estherwong(08-11-24 14:00 / )
Nov MD Modify Delete 
Wait a long time ^^