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[MD/Oct] Euclase - The last judgment
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Oct.22nd to Nov.10th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.


jackal19(10-11-25 15:43 /
Lovely *A*
This guy is my all-time favorite of your bigger MD's. The Egyptian theme works so well for him, and fits perfectly with his haunting elegance. I'm a bit sorry I missed out on him, as he would probably have been the only big doll I'd have ever bought.

Also, Hung? WTF. Seriously :| Go troll a dating forum instead.
kyanthe(10-11-09 14:09 /
MD event sale
Euclase/face-up two heads/ Viktoria/kyanthe
Hung(10-07-27 15:10 /
Help a newcomer Modify Delete 
let me just tell you one thing: I WANT TO FUCK. Does this thing have a working urethra, or ass even, hole. The ossifying seed hardening in my old pharaoh playthings has made penetration quite the obstacle for my tremendous Rasputin-dick. I need a new flame.
Kuronueslover(10-02-20 12:56 /
please! Modify Delete 
omg!! hes such a beautiful doll! pleae put him for sell aain! i was really lookin forward to gettin him. i found out about him just lat yr, but cudnt seem to find the rite place to buy him. ive looked so hard and now that ive found him, i discover he was only bein sold for a month. pls pls pls begin his production again! i cried when i found out hes no longer bein sold, so pls SOOM, pls begin sellin him agai!
kyoushi(09-10-08 05:21 / )
make him again Modify Delete 
plz. make him again This first time i want to keep my special gift He is a october doll like me plz. make him again
Guest(09-09-27 11:07 / )
MAKE HIM AGAIN! Modify Delete 
OH MY GOD! THAT DOLL IS SO HOT! Please make him avalibile again!!! <3<3<3
Teresa(09-05-28 14:10 / )
Oh my!
He is absolutely divine. he makes me think of what RA would look like. without his bird head. Absolutley divine.
Shelby(09-03-06 16:07 / )
When is he available?
When will this doll be available again? He is so amazing. and I want to buy him!
tummigummi(09-02-27 02:43 / )
Euclase Arrived! Modify Delete 
Euclase arrived yesterday! I love him!!! He is truely wonderful! Kym
DoodleGurl(09-02-03 09:57 / )
What a great new idea!
Euclase is something no one has ever seen before. An Ancient Egyptian God\'s look makes him truly unique. The hawk\'s legs are amazing. and I love the wing ears meditation head. He\'s a great doll. Soom!
Mana(09-01-14 00:31 / )
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
What I would do for this doll!
Camilla(08-11-26 22:06 / )
It\'s a nice doll. BUT the nose is to small for my taste. where has all those macho noses that soom did so well before gone?
catw07(08-11-26 09:10 / )
Egyptian bird boy
I love all the option parts for Euclase! Once again. great use of the gray resin! I would totally be interested in more Egyptian themed dolls!
Sze Sze(08-11-22 19:33 / )
Longing for monthly doll!
Very special ears like rabbits! Looking forward to see next month doll!!!!! Today is already the 22 Nov 08!!!
(08-11-10 12:16 / )
Modify Delete 
Deredere(08-11-02 18:58 / )
Harpy Modify Delete 
I wish you would sell those legs separately. I would love to make an harpy.
kiara(08-11-02 09:40 / )
Euclase-The Last Judgment Modify Delete 
This doll is absolutely GORGEOUS and the details are amazing!!!!!!! Way to go Soom! I can\'t wait to receive my Euclase doll!
lyfeisgood(08-11-02 06:02 / )
Hands? Modify Delete 
I love the hawk legs too. but the ears are not working for me. Oh well. I know this boy isn't for me despite his beauty. Though I am curious. is there a chance that the death hand parts would be sold seperatley aswell? I'd love to have some. Of course. if they were jointed they'd be even cooler!
Jenn(08-10-29 08:40 / )
He looks incredible
Wow... He has such a great sculpt and looks fantastic. I love how different he is.
kala(08-10-28 22:22 / )
Wonderful Libra! 00:42 / )
WOOOOOH!!! Modify Delete 
It\'s amazing!
Anna Marie(08-10-24 00:51 / )
interesting mix
Character concept is very good. I almost thought of him as Horus. but has the job of Anubis. hehe. Interesting name though. It is of uncommon gem. and conotation of gem is different from given character of the doll. Nice sculpt of talons and hands. Interesting wing-ears. Nice outfit.
petiteb(08-10-23 15:23 / )
Splendid! Modify Delete 
I love the grey color! This beautiful man will come home to live with my Sard. Uyoo. and me. Bravo for creating such wonderful limited dolls. + My thanks to Soom for having layaway!!! ^_^
gema(08-10-23 04:53 / )
Im a libra and he is soo beautiful! He is one of the most stunning dolls ive seen though! Im really in love with him but im not overly fussed on the grey skin. he looks lovely but... Would there be any chance of him in normal or white skin?
Karolina(08-10-23 02:15 / )
How to add sanding to ordered doll
I have ordered tEuclase + some goods. but I forgot to add removing seem and sanding. How can I add it to my order without extra shpping costs + so it will be known for you that I want it to the Euclase? Should I cancel my order and make the new one or I don\'t have to do that. Please respond. because I would like to make a money transfer as soon as possible
yifeier(08-10-23 02:11 / )
Grey skin Modify Delete 
How I wish he\'s not grey skin.....He\'s excellent but if he\'s not grey skin he\'ll be perfect.
Taniquetil(08-10-22 15:28 / )
aaaaa?? Modify Delete 
Hooooww much he is?! No. i mean he\'s great. but that\'s something unreal)) The face and legs are fantastic. though the ears are absurd)) In general he is just wow)
Sarrawei(08-10-22 14:15 / )
Favorite yet! This is wonderful!
H0rus(08-10-22 13:56 / )
He\'s occupied my heart!! Modify Delete 
What a surprise to my birthday! Thanks SOOM! He seems like the son of Horus! Charming.sacred and inviolable I love my life. I\'m interested in culture of ancient Egypt and I have no other choice to get Euclase! Because He\'s already taken my heart up^ ^
febe303(08-10-22 11:59 / )
Order period??? Modify Delete 
Ordering period : From Sep.22nd to Oct.10th but today is oct 22........orz
liltigre(08-10-22 11:13 / )
Lovely. but... Modify Delete 
Would there be any chance of him in normal or white skin? Grey is lovely. but with the production delays already on the other grey dolls... He\'s possibly the most beautiful doll I\'ve ever seen. but if he\'s grey skin I\'d have to pass.
samiritis(08-10-22 09:08 / )
OMG!!!! Modify Delete 
That doll is sooooooooo cool!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!
Myaku(08-10-22 07:38 / )
Wow Modify Delete 
All I can say is wow. This doll is absolutely gorgous. His face is amazing. Too bad he\'ll probably sell out in seconds and I won\'t be able to afford him anyway.
konoshu(08-10-21 21:38 / )
Ҫ Modify Delete 
PurgatoriX(08-10-21 20:38 / )
I want to see more!
I think this boy is stunning & I can\'t wait for more info on him! His sculpt is really lovely & the faceup tones really compliment the gray skin tone. Please post more pictures of him soon!
Jenn(08-10-21 12:59 / )
All I want for Christmas is a SOOM doll...
Wow... I mean...WOW! I can feel it... This is the one that\'s finally going to make clear out my bank account. and it will be totally worth it. LOL! ^_^ I love the Egyptian theme!!! (Did I mention that I always wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was a kid?) The sculpt on the face is amazing on screen. and I\'m sure it will be even more of a knock-out in person. I can\'t wait to see more of the outfi - the detailing on what we can see is tantalizing.
Taniquetil(08-10-21 11:41 / )
Oooh wow.
He\'s super. the eyes are absolutely wonderful! I wonder if Soom have worked through the grey skin model.. Can\'t get the idea with the wings but i guess that will be clear when there is more photos.
stjames(08-10-21 10:00 / )
Beautiful interpretation! Modify Delete 
This boy is truly wonderful. I\'m sure the additional photos will reveal more details. but from what I see here I am guessing he is inspired by Osiris? The Vulture wings and clawed hands are brilliant! I hope normal or white skin is an option. as I think that will make him a more versatile doll than just the gray. Thank you for your hard work! \\(^o^)/
angeline425(08-10-21 09:27 / )
.. Modify Delete 
he is gorgeous. but he is more scorpio i think.
Kei(08-10-21 07:03 / )
Consider him Sold.
Soom. he is perfect. He\'s exactly what I\'ve been wishing for for in a doll. I can\'t wait for him to go up for sale. He took my breath away!
Sarah(08-10-21 06:27 / )
Beyond Beautifull!
He is the one I have been waiting for. There has been no other that has pulled my heart strings like him!
DevDem(08-10-21 03:51 / )
He is splendid! Modify Delete 
You don\'t know how long I have been waiting for an Egyptian themed doll! Please me merciful and cast him in tan as well! *begging*
pendrithgirl(08-10-21 03:29 / )
Cant wait to see more of him XD He looks great!
athenagensis(08-10-21 02:39 / )
Beautiful Modify Delete 
He is just gorgeous!!
miranda(08-10-21 02:08 / )
WOW Modify Delete 
I was wishing for a Doll that I would like even more then Sard-night odessy for my birth month and you did it. this doll is perfect!!!!
(08-10-21 00:44 / )
Modify Delete 
KM777(08-10-21 00:33 / )
Wow.... just wow. Modify Delete 
GORGEOUS. From a former student of Egyptology. I am in love. Soom. let me just say you make the most spectacular dolls in the business.... thank you for making ABJD into real art. I am Soomed for life. =^_^=
(08-10-20 23:20 / )
Wonderful Libra Modify Delete 
The most gorgeous monthly doll yet. I wait eagerly for more pictures. and hope I can earn enough money for him until then!
RemDeRosier(08-10-20 22:02 / )
simply wow Modify Delete 
I\'m so glad my birth month is a super hottie
lamu(08-10-20 21:47 / )
*W* Modify Delete 
Trully amazing! Waiting for him...xD
WNDesign(08-10-20 21:38 / )
Incredible Modify Delete 
Every month you manage to create a new perfect doll. I am amazed every time! Love to see more pictures! And if I were een rich girl I would want all of the monthly dolls!
surreality(08-10-20 21:37 / )
Sold! This is the most beautiful face I have seen on a doll in my life; this is a brilliant sculpt. I always love the faces you have created best. and this is the best of all of them thus far. Libra is my sign. and this is perfect. Thank you for making something so incredible for my birth month!
(08-10-20 21:28 / )
̫ Modify Delete 
flamingomoon(08-10-20 20:05 / )
Fantastic Modify Delete 
Another amazingly creative doll in this series. Absolutely beautiful. I can\'t wait for more photos. Marilyn/flamingomoon
Jeanne(08-10-20 18:18 / )
::cries:: I just wish I could afford him! He\'s so beautiful!
nya(08-10-20 17:59 / )
grey? Modify Delete 
Soom~ before you try to sell more grey dolls. how about finishing the grey onyx you are long overdue on? ^_^
Leella(08-10-20 17:55 / )
Modify Delete 
omfg it\'s unbelievable i want MOOORE photos
codered(08-10-20 17:31 / )
That face!
Those eyes are entrapping. amazing. The theme on this one has me on my toes! I can\'t wait to see all of them.
Avery(08-10-20 17:28 / )
You did it again Soom. this boy is just INCREDIBLE! Amazing job. he just takes my breath away!