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[MD/Sep] Topaz-Honey Dew
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: Soom
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MD(Monthly Dolls) -
Monthly Dolls are limited dolls that they are released every first weeks. They are only available for one month.

* Ordering period : From Sep.22nd to Oct.10th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

bkai(11-03-16 11:10 /
She is perfect, pleease put her back! Modify Delete 
Oh god, I'm so sad that I only found this site this year. That makes me really angry, because I never ever loved and wanted soooooooo much one BJD before like I want her =(

To me, this one is the most perfect doll ever.
bkai(11-02-28 11:28 /
I really want this doll, she is perfect!
Please, put her back again for one month, please!!!!
lolihime(11-01-13 04:58 /
Please make teenies like her! ^^
Brighteyes(10-11-01 02:03 /
She is just perfect!!!!
I am sure that you know it already, but this just perfection of a doll, she is the most beautiful doll together with Onyx and Amber. It would be wonderful if you could restock her!!!, i am sure she will be in a few minutes sold out, so perfect, love her sooo much *______*. You Soom are for me the best!!!
Aquapure(10-05-16 15:39 /
Fairy Modify Delete 
I stongly support anonymous!!!! 
She is the most beautiful fairy doll I've seen. I know she is the one I must have.
anonymous(10-03-16 01:06 /
PLEASE PUT HER BACK UP!!!! Modify Delete 
Moonblood(09-12-29 00:32 /
Magnificent magnificent magnificent
I do not grow tired of admiring him(it). I discover the BJD and I am a fan of Soom. 
I love Topaz.

Please I want a Topaz!
Rachael(09-09-07 02:27 / )
Wow. just wow. i generally am not a gan of girl bjds. but she is amazing. transparent resin and all. every part of her is beautiful.
marycocoa(09-07-02 03:30 / )
sad Modify Delete 
wow... this is sad i just saw that we have the same birthday (T A T)
p.M(09-06-27 01:11 / )
thnx for lettting me buy her she;s great
Briana(09-06-14 00:31 / )
put her back in stock!!
Julie(09-06-13 11:09 / )
>.< OMG! She is so beautiful! This doll made me a fan of dolls. If only I was a rich 25 year old and not a poor 16 year old!!!! ;_;
Briana(09-05-10 01:49 / )
PUT HER BACK IN STOCK NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jok7(09-05-04 04:38 / )
Wonderful Modify Delete 
This doll is from far the best MD Soom ever made! She is beautiful!
xynyx(09-03-02 14:31 / )
So Gorgeous...
easily one of the most beautiful dolls there has ever been.
Doodlegurl(09-02-03 09:53 / )
Breathtaking beauty!
This is one of the most stunning girls I\'ve seen! She has a lovely. soft look that is very enchanting. And what beautiful eyes and a wig she has! The clear resin was something new and creative. as well. She\'s gorgeous. and I. too. wish she was available longer! Great creation!
Briana(09-01-25 06:38 / )
SOOm. can you please put this beautiful doll make in stock. I would truly love to but this doll. but if there are no more then I can not get her. She is very beautiful.
Rosie(09-01-19 20:23 / )
Rosie Modify Delete 
Prompt please. whether it is possible to make this doll to order?
Parton(08-11-26 15:42 / )
Whoa amazing!! They totally need to start making MORE translucent resin dolls!! Esp an elf. Perfection. I am in love!
Parton(08-11-26 15:41 / )
Whoa amazing!! They totally need to start making MORE translucent resin dolls!! Esp an elf. Perfection. I am in love!
PArton(08-11-26 15:41 / )
Whoa amazing!! They totally need to start making translucent resin dolls!! I am in love!
Kassy(08-11-26 09:06 / )
I really like the use of clear resin on the fairy parts for this doll. It really gives her a magical look. She is such a unique doll! Great job ^_^
zodo(08-11-25 20:48 / )
still the most beautiful thing i\'ve ever see… Modify Delete 
I decided not to buy her since I bought too many dolls this year. now I\'m beating myself every day for that decision....
Bri(08-11-13 05:35 / )
*_* Modify Delete 
she is so beautiful. I WANT HER SOO BAD!!!! but it says sold out! i love the transparent skin. just beautiful!
Anna Marie(08-10-24 00:37 / )
lovin it
Overall it has a great look to it. I love the details put into it. Great choice of eyes matched with simple face up. Interesting add ons to the doll (ears. hands and feet). makes her more magical. Very nice outfit. but it has a feeling of having too much weight.
hatshepsut(08-10-19 00:01 / )
¥ Modify Delete 
qiupingyan(08-10-13 00:14 / )
averia(08-10-12 00:12 / )
LOVES Modify Delete 
I CAN\'T WAIT TO RECEIVE HER!!! she is love
kaleido(08-10-07 11:44 / )
whole new level Modify Delete 
Topaz is by far one of the most unique dolls out their. When i saw her transparent fairy parts I was blown away by how soom always gives you more then you ever expected.Topaz is a work of art and worth every penny.
ά(08-10-07 11:28 / )
soom Modify Delete 
Ashley(08-10-05 02:29 / )
So beautiful
I have to say that I am very impressed by this doll!! She is so unique - as are all of your monthly dolls - but with the transparent resin feet. hands. and ears. she is like nothing I\'ve ever seen before!!
NIxxfey(08-10-04 02:49 / )
Topaz Faery
*sigh* When I saw her I had to have her. She is so beautiful. There are very few things in this world that I want at sight and she is one of them I would have regretted not purchasing. Beautiful doll. I will patiently await her arrival. :) She\'s worth it.
Dani Karasawa(08-10-03 08:24 / )
Why? Modify Delete 
Hello. Soom team. Why this doll\'s page is Sold out? T___T Please... I want this beautiful woman... Love. Dani
Spherot(08-09-27 14:47 / )
Simply Stunning
Contents: Topaz-Honey Dew is such a beautiful doll that I can hardly believe it. With every new doll. Soom surpasses itself with the creative design and flawless execution of its dolls. I really wish I could purchase them all. but have to content myself with the few that I am able to afford. I\'m glad that I\'ve chosen Soom as my favoured ball-jointed-doll manufacturer. Dolls such as Topaz-Honey Dew and my newly purchased Sard - Night Odysee have made me a devotee of Soom. I hope to continue welcoming Soom dolls into my home for the rest of my life.
Mechel(08-09-26 02:46 / )
Topaz Princess of the Faeries
Well that is what I call her. She is so stunning. Just wish the dress was included as well. Not sure if I can afford both doll and dress at the same time. Gorgeous honey color eyes as if you can see right through them into their realm of fantasy. I am so there!
shaz_k(08-09-24 23:27 / )
Creative genius Modify Delete 
You are amazing. Soom! Your creativity in interpreting the horoscopes in unique ways never ceases to amaze me. You\'ve really outdone yourselves with Topaz! Congrats. and keep up the good work!
Dk Norhazwana(08-09-24 22:35 / )
She is just adorable! At first I figured I don\'t need her but then I realize the transparent parts will work perfectly for my character. You must be reading minds. giving your customers exactly what they want
Cassandra(08-09-24 14:56 / )
Gorgeous! Modify Delete 
She is beautiful! You portrayed virgo fantasitically in this year\'s theme. =) Impressive doll.
Ruth(08-09-24 07:12 / )
I love her!!
She\'s so beautiful!! I love that magical feeling she gives. and her transparent ears. hands and feet are amazing! <3
Nadia81(08-09-23 21:30 / )
I am not disappointed
I am not disappointed. She is so light! I enjoy very much looking at these photos. Thank you Soom
susumu(08-09-23 20:59 / )
=w= Modify Delete 
pilixiong(08-09-23 17:48 / )
hatshepsut(08-09-23 12:45 / )
Modify Delete 
Jayme(08-09-23 11:34 / )
Yes! An elf. and she has really looong ears too! Most bjd elves have too short of ears. IMHO. She is so beautiful!! Please tell me she is Gem or Super Gem in size! I need more big elves!
hatshepsut(08-09-23 10:13 / )
Modify Delete 
Kay(08-09-23 09:52 / )
Very beauiful!
She\'s goregous. I don\'t know why people complain they have to wait so long. look at the work and detail that goes into these dolls. they take a long time to get right. Please don\'t be angry with them when they work so hard. :)
DBurch(08-09-22 23:01 / )
Previous posters complaining about time Modify Delete 
need to understand that SOOM. like other BJD companies. need time to produce their masterpieces. These dolls are not mass produced by a machine like Barbies. If you want instant gratification. try Barbies. But if you want a hand produced. gorgeous doll of the size and quality Soom provides... Be Patient. Waiting is part of the excitement of this hobby. Learn to appreciate it and take the time to prepare for your doll\'s arrival. I am excitedly awaiting the Arrival of my Beryl. :) And she is definitely worth the wait. :)
cupid13180(08-09-22 12:50 / )
GORGEOUS~! Modify Delete 
wow... this girl is definitely my favorite of all the monthly dolls that you have came out with... she\'s definitely gorgeous... im so in love.
Nadia81(08-09-22 11:44 / )
so pretty Modify Delete 
So sweet. so pretty...such a nice honey color...I am looking for seeing more photos...
disappointed(08-09-22 10:19 / )
Pretty but .....
I love all your mounthy dolls but it\'s 3 mounths after i ordered and paid for my Onyx and i still can\'t get her(there was information that you will send Onyx dolls in 35 days!!) :( May all people be carefull before ordering MDs becouse it means very long waiting. I think Soom should stop introducing new dolls and concentrate on older ones >_<
Jeanne(08-09-22 05:41 / )
So beautiful! Modify Delete 
Soom. you keep breaking my bank! Oh. how I wish I could get them all. Topaz is a true art creation! XD And so very close to a fire fairy I made a picture of years ago with a topaz on her face. She\'s simply breathtaking! Now if only I can convince my husband to let me get her.
shadow176(08-09-21 20:32 / )
Topaz Modify Delete 
She is quite beautiful indeed. if only there were more pictures of her...-_-
nightfeather(08-09-21 18:35 / )
So excited!!!
I just can\'t stop clicking the website from time to time to see whether there is any update for this doll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> < She is definitely match with the nature!
Catie(08-09-21 12:15 / )
Wow... Modify Delete 
She is incredible! SOOM has done it again. I am interesting to see a bit omre about her sculpt and those lovely ears as well. Another thing is that i\'m wondering how big she\'ll be.... she looks about Gem-sized... One never really knows...
lyfeisgood(08-09-21 10:58 / )
She is gorgeous! Those ears are beautiful! I love them so much! Hope to see more of her soon!
Krasandra(08-09-21 01:24 / )
"I am one customer who paid for soom doll I think she is a great doll but when you order her you will have to wait for \""5 months\"" or more because SOOM can\'t clear old order and people who buy MD doll name BIX or ONYX didn\'t get thier dolls until now too good luck for people who want to buy this doll and have VERY LONG WAITING for this doll too."
DBurch(08-09-20 13:52 / )
Absolutely STUNNING! I love her. Time to make some more money! I want her!
T.Ting(08-09-20 13:37 / )
ooooooo Modify Delete 
Shuga Youko(08-09-20 10:05 / )
Lovely! Modify Delete 
She\'s really beautiful! Her face is so delicate. so lovely! And her elf ears... they\'re big and looks transparent too *-* She\'s so perfect! I hope to see the fullset soon ^_^
spyder66(08-09-20 01:26 / )
A Gentle girl!
A gentle and feminie girl! So nice to see! She looks wonderful!
crionigirl(08-09-20 00:11 / )
She.. is... GORGEOUS! Out of all the girl soom dolls. I\'m OFFICIALLY dubbing her my ABSOLUTE favorite! I hope I can get her.... *dreams happily*
catdancer(08-09-19 23:51 / )
Beautiful!! Modify Delete 
Soom does it again!! Can\'t wait to see the rest of her!!
Masa(08-09-19 20:39 / )
amber dream Modify Delete 
She is like an amber. I wonder what size is she... Hope you\'l post full picture set soon.:)
madammaumau(08-09-19 19:52 / )
You've done it again! Modify Delete 
Another amazing Soom innovation. Those translucent ears are magical. both for the material and for the beautiful. graceful shape. I love it!
Lynn(08-09-19 19:27 / )
OMG! that\'s everything i want for a girl doll! can\'t for the full view!
m408235(08-09-19 18:17 / )
żҪ Modify Delete 
Loy(08-09-19 18:11 / )
How dare you? Modify Delete 
How dare you? Where is my orde that I have to wait sooo longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time and you release new doll????? CAN YOU PRODUCING IT INTIME???????????????????????????
Jactance(08-09-19 17:18 / )
waou! I love her ears
I want in knowledge more!!!!! Deeply new pics :)
ZhuoXuan(08-09-19 17:17 / )
beautiful elf !!!
Hope(08-09-19 15:42 / )
Absolutely breathtaking
Anastasiya(08-09-19 15:18 / )
She is beautiful!!!