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[MD/Aug] IO-Wind Walker
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: Soom
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MD(Monthly Dolls) -
Monthly Dolls are limited dolls that they are released every first weeks. They are only available for one month.

* Ordering period : From Aug.13th to Sep.10th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

Teresa(09-05-28 14:38 / )
Not the wind walker I was expecting.
But he is fiercly beautiful none the less.
K(09-02-24 14:26 / )
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Maggie(09-01-24 10:30 / )
wig Modify Delete 
Is this wig available to buy alone? I really love it and have been looking for a wig exacly like this one! also. any chance of this entire doll coming back some day?
kii(08-11-29 18:52 / )
ʨ Modify Delete 
Guest(08-11-29 05:15 / )
Caucasiophilia Modify Delete 
You could at least make the characters the skin color that people really are who live in the lands where lions come from.
Kassy(08-11-26 09:01 / )
"I really like this doll! He makes me think of the Broadway \""Lion King\"" ^_^ The mask is really cool and unusual! I\'d like to see more dolls with animal masks. Also. that wig is really amazing!"
(08-11-22 11:31 / )
Mmmm.... Modify Delete 
He is really amazing~~~~~~~~~``` I\'m chinese.too^ ^
Anna Marie(08-10-24 01:00 / )
haw XD
It has a beautiful face. I love the costume and accessories. The lion mask is great. Very interesting wig. I\'m very intruiged with the braiding. I hope it can come in tan skin for more authenticity.(but it will be hard on your part .so. nevermind)
Amanda(08-10-10 16:48 / )
Io\'s lovely face
Io has a gorgeous face. I\'d really love to see his sculpt avaliable not as limited edition for a basic set in cream white so that he may be lover to my Onyx. He has very sultry and handsome eyes that make him very desirable. and the super gem boy body is very perfect.
centi(08-10-05 17:51 / )
dying from the wait Modify Delete 
the truth is I\'m not often so in love with a sculpt that I\'ll just throw caution to the wind and spend mass amounts of money to get them and get them now. This boy had me at hello! I took one look and KNEW he had to make his way into my doll family. I love that he has a boyish look but is definitely still more mature and realistic than the majority of my dolls (ended up with a lot of luts dolls) This will be my first soom. and my first doll over 600 dollars...but let me tell you the 900+ I\'ve put into him is coming thus far with no regrets. And I have high confidence he\'ll be as beautiful in person as he is on the sight.
lyfeisgood(08-09-12 06:24 / )
Will his mold ever be re-released? Modify Delete 
It\'d be really cool if you guys re-released these dolls every year. The Zodiac idea is cool enough. but having them brought back each year would be awesome! As for the doll himself. he\'s gorgeous. Though. I will admit. he\'s a tad dissapointing. I was hoping for paws. claws. a tail. or even a mane. Ah well. he\'s still a beaut. ;)
ami(08-09-10 01:53 / )
Modify Delete 
(08-09-03 02:19 / )
=w= Modify Delete 
T.Ting(08-09-02 00:34 / )
=o= Modify Delete 
hoho(08-09-01 16:07 / )
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ά(08-09-01 12:18 / )
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321(08-08-28 19:48 / )
37365 Modify Delete 
hatshepsut(08-08-28 00:28 / )
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111(08-08-18 20:08 / )
!!! Best Modify Delete 
Hang(08-08-16 18:48 / )
He is the most gorgeous boy I\'ve ever seen XD~ But he is limited. and now I can\'t have enough money to buy him ;A;
Demian(08-08-16 00:27 / )
= = Modify Delete 
HwoaRang(08-08-15 20:07 / )
Modify Delete 
(08-08-15 11:56 / )
ʨ Modify Delete 
Brinson(08-08-15 10:54 / )
First Time!
I\'ve known about ball-jointed dolls for years. but never has one left me so smitten. This will be my first doll. I\'m so excited to see all the wonderful details of his costume and face-up in person.
(08-08-14 18:22 / )
``` Modify Delete 
m408235(08-08-14 17:29 / )
? Modify Delete 
Avery(08-08-14 17:12 / )
He is just a DREAM Soom! Wonderful! Wonderful! ^_^
Xiah_wife(08-08-14 13:21 / )
Modify Delete 
gamaga(08-08-14 10:50 / )
Modify Delete 
(08-08-14 03:42 / )
Modify Delete 
Olga(08-08-14 02:54 / )
IO-Wind Walker Limited Edition
Amazing!!! This doll is the best Limited Edition.
(08-08-14 02:19 / )
Modify Delete 
(08-08-14 00:51 / )
Modify Delete 
nanami(08-08-14 00:49 / )
Modify Delete 
gamaga(08-08-14 00:27 / )
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(08-08-14 00:00 / )
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(08-08-13 21:41 / )
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Gabrielle(08-08-13 14:25 / )
Love the doll
Very lovely doll. It looks like a very spirtual in touch shaman. This is going to be one I am going to have to buy. Nice work.
Sakurai(08-08-13 07:54 / )
Amazing Modify Delete 
He looks great~!^^ Nice work soom^^ And catdancer. lions live in Africa. so it\'s African themed >.>
Natasha Ranken(08-08-13 02:46 / )
*love* Modify Delete 
So beautiful... if he has cat paws at the ends of his legs. I\'m going to have to sell something to get him.
Jeanne(08-08-12 23:13 / )
Wonderful work. Soom!
Awesome doll once again! I can\'t wait to get this one! He\'s my own zodiac sign and I can\'t wait to see more pictures of him too!
digikym(08-08-12 21:55 / )
A beautiful boy Modify Delete 
This boy is extremely beautiful! He looks like a medicine man or a shaman... I am in love with his face. Another awesome doll. SOOM! You keep doing this. and your economy will far surpass even that of Japan\'s!
catdancer(08-08-12 21:29 / )
whew I am saved. its a boy- I can save my money!!! Modify Delete 
I am a little dissapointed Soom didn\'t keep with the boy/girl theme...but I am saved..I don\'t need to spend my money on him...Nice Native American theme though.. or is it African?
fujini(08-08-12 15:50 / )
haha~ Modify Delete 
(08-08-12 14:59 / ) Modify Delete 
shirleyred(08-08-12 14:55 / )
Modify Delete 
victoria(08-08-12 13:43 / )
Modify Delete 
ZhuoXuan(08-08-12 13:28 / )
beautiful lion ^^
very cool ^^ it\'s makes me to thinking The lion king ^^ I like his jewllery. the hair are very interesting ^^ and the color very light. love him so much ^^
PamSD(08-08-12 13:10 / )
He is so beautiful Modify Delete 
I am thrilled that August is a boy. I am Leo myself and I love his face. PamSD
nanami(08-08-12 13:02 / )
=w= Modify Delete 
ħ(08-08-12 11:54 / )
ӴӴӴ Modify Delete