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[MD/July] Bix-Fateful night
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: Soom
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MD(Monthly Dolls) -
Monthly Dolls are limited dolls that they are released every first weeks. They are only available for one month.

Ordering period : From July 15th to August 10th.
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body painting may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the 'Body painting'.
* We recommend the 'Body painting' option to the customers who want to keep the dolls for decoration.
*'Removing the seam’ is not included to 'Body painting' option.

blackfang(11-09-09 09:52 /
SO Bix please! m(__)m
Bix is the "one that got away" that I keep coming back to look at and sigh over.  His face is just so beautiful and expressive!  From one angle he may look deadly and sinister, yet from another he's sad and wistful.  I truly love every feature of his face!  So please, kindly consider releasing a special order version of him.  ^_^
Cloudedmind(11-04-19 00:12 /
SO Bix as well Modify Delete 
With the recent release of the Vesuvia SO, I'm hoping that you all at Soom will also consider releasing Bix as an SO. He's such an underrated but beautiful sculpt and I'd love to add him to my collection. As it is thanks for everything you've done thus far!
Mirren(11-04-15 20:22 /
SO Bix Modify Delete 
I really hope you re-release Bix as an SO. His face is so original and distinctive.
Teresa(09-05-28 14:22 / )
Biz reminds me of two things.
Two differnet stories I\'ve read. one from Heavy Metal and the other from a story by H.P. Lovecraft. Something of a great age. that can be destrictive but highly beautiful.
(09-01-30 03:41 / )
Modify Delete 
Kassy(08-11-26 09:03 / )
l like the claw ^_^
Nadia81(08-11-18 17:07 / )
so cool
"That\'s a pity he is sold out.... he is really cool! If some \""monthly dolls\"" were available again it would be wonderful...^^"
Caro(08-10-21 11:44 / )
I wish I had seen him when he was for sale. . .I love the claw hand. Soom\'s dolls are beautiful pieces of art.
April(08-08-05 12:35 / )
The Most Beautiful and Unique Dolls I\'ve Eve…
Bix is truly amazing. Every month I am just astounded at the beauty--of the sculpt. the concept. the costume. everything. If I could have all of your monthly specials. I would happily buy them--in Fullsets! They are all just breathtakingly beautiful. and well worth the price!
Redd(08-07-19 18:56 / )
Bix is Beautiful!
He\'s amazingly pretty! If I weren\'t already getting a Sabik I\'d get him in a heartbeat! Please do more innovative concept designs like this! *loves soom*
Patrizia(08-07-17 16:06 / )
Stunning as always!
Wonderful as usual. As I have bought a few Soom dolls now I know the quality is amazing... I really love the concept for this doll and the outfit is perfect as the claw is! Great work!
shinya(08-07-17 10:04 / )
truly exquisite!
omg Soom i worship you! he\'s so beautiful and really impressive. *____*!
ZhuoXuan(08-07-17 08:46 / )
oh~new Monthly doll !!
Very Man ^^ how cool with him ^^ and his hand~~oh~~~very interesting. and the color is very beautiful ^^ very nice ^^
surreality(08-07-17 04:23 / )
I had promised myself I would only buy dolls in one size. and I had chosen the Mecha Angels. Bix was the doll that finally made me completely rethink that decision and I had to order him. :) Every part of this doll truly amazes me. His face is beautifully expressive. the faceup is dramatic. and the organic look of the claw is really great! I studied costume design professionally for years and have worked in costume shops. and I can safely say this outfit is not only amazing. but very well worth the asking price. I have another outfit by Soom as well and the quality of it is really amazing. especially at such a reasonable price. The amount of detail in the leatherwork. the quilting. the elaborate cutwork. and the studs and chains and metal pieces are absolutely stunning. The amount of precision required to make such a detailed design is remarkable. and I am very glad that Soom is making this available for our dolls! This wonderful level of work shows true dedication and love for the art. and I sincerely applaud you for it.
JennyNemesis(08-07-17 02:07 / )
Wow!! Modify Delete 
*starry eyes!* He is breathtaking! Every time I think that Soom can\'t possibly outdo themselves on these fullsets. they go and make something like a brooding midnight demolition-man power crab. Just wow. And *I\'m* not insulted by the price of his outfit. so speak for yourselves. -_- I purchased Vega\'s Last Song outfit -- & I too was skeptical about the high price at first. but only until I saw it in real life. Their LE-outfits\' workmanship is incredible. worth every penny.
flamingomoon(08-07-16 20:15 / )
Caught by Bix!
I had to say that I am so impressed with the creativity of this design. The doll is simply gorgeous. and the photography of him is worthy of being in a film. Perfect. Every detail from face paint to claw arm. to his amazing costume is done with the attention to detail that only great talent can define. Congratulations on Bix!
Meags(08-07-16 19:41 / )
Thr price of the outfit Modify Delete 
The price of the outfit is an insult to us! $298 for an outfit for a doll? thats just ridiculous. people don\'t even pay that sum for an outfit for themselves! How much did you pay for the materials. and how much time takes to make the outfit? a month or so? that\'s impossible. I feel insulted.
VICTORIA(08-07-16 18:31 / )
WOW Modify Delete 
SOOM I love your designing!!!!!!!!!!=w= He looks handsome!! Gorgeous doll!!!!!! And seems to be a new style other than the former monthly dolls!!!!!!!
(08-07-16 16:10 / )
greatly gorgeous Modify Delete 
Oh. the atmosphere is greatly gorgeous
Sezaku(08-07-15 11:51 / )
Oh? Is she a crab o.o!