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[MD/June] Onyx-Light and Shadow
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From June 19th to July 10th
* This period could be closed earlier than noticed time.


* Super Gem's body measurement[female]

- Weight : 1400.5g
- Overall Height : 65 cm
- Eye size : 14mm
- Wig size : 10”
- Head Circumference : 22cm
- Neck Circumference : 10cm
- Chest Circumference : 27cm
- Shoulder Width : 10.5cm 
- Bottom Circumference : 17cm
- Arm Length : 20cm
- Wrist Circumference : 6cm
- Hip Length : 28cm
- Thigh Circumference : 15.5cm
- Leg Length : 33cm
- Ankle Circumference : 7.5cm
- Feet Length : 7cm

Grass(09-06-16 20:22 / )
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KIKYO(09-06-14 13:40 / )
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Teresa(09-05-28 14:31 / )
Onxy of the Moon.
One for the light of a full moon and the other for the dark of the moon. Just gorgeous.
Crecia(09-04-03 03:21 / )
I really hope you re-release this girl in the future! I am absolutely love her. Due to confusion on my part. I missed out on her and am very sad about it. If she ever gets re-released I will be sure to buy her right away!
LOMO(09-01-14 15:07 / )
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Kassy(08-11-26 08:53 / )
I really like the gray skin its so unusual! I also really like the long nail hands. I wish there were more female dolls with long nails! Great job on the outfits too ^_^ These are verry beautiful girls!
Nya(08-10-18 19:27 / )
Soom Onyx is beautiful
My Soom Onyx arrived a few days ago. and she truely is beautiful. She has a presence about her like none other. and her craftsmanship is top noch. The dress is a pain to get put on. but it\'s a gorgeous dress. Her blushing and faceup are lovely and perfect for her. I also find her long nailed hands fascinating and beautiful.
Stevie(08-08-18 02:04 / )
Pictures?? Modify Delete 
Just wondering... Do you guys have a link with Shaiya? The pictures are very similar to that games art of the two main females.
Jennifer(08-07-10 12:44 / )
Choosing between good and evil was never so hard..…
WOW! Simply amazing... The dolls are gorgeous. and the attention to detail on the costumes is insane. I especially *love* the duality theme (night/day. good/evil. purity/corruption. etc.). The contrast between \'dark\' Onyx\'s black hair with the ashen skin tone and \'light\' Onyx\'s blond paleness and flowing white veils blows me away.
ZhuoXuan(08-07-09 19:23 / )
I love them so much
I love them ~~ very beautiful ~ and I love the grey one ^^ miss her for a long tiem ^^
HKit(08-07-03 07:54 / )
Like no other
Perfect. absolutely perfect for my character from the elegant long nails to the tips of her toes. I never thought about buying girls but this. I must have her! <3
(08-06-30 15:54 / )
Ooo Modify Delete 
I really love the gray skin. I hope you release a boy in the near future with the gray skin. XD
Roser(08-06-26 23:13 / )
So wonderful!
I\'m really in love with the Shadow one. her grey skin is absolutely awesome! Thery\'re both really impressing. so beautiful. And their outfits are great!
(08-06-26 16:34 / )
So Beautiful! Modify Delete 
So Beautiful!
Heidi(08-06-26 00:50 / )
too beautiful
She\'s just stunning. both versions.. but I\'m so in love with the gray one. Wow! She\'s so beautiful. my heart skips a beat when I see the full face shot.
spyder66(08-06-25 04:45 / )
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
They're gorgeous! I hope you make more grey skinned dolls in the future! I look forward to you monthly dolls every month just to see what Soom comes out with!
Enki(08-06-23 02:53 / )
Soom you\'ve done it again! <3
Shadow is in essence my dream girl. From the color of her skin. to her drop dead beautiful face. I am absolutely. positively in love with this girl. Soom you have done wonders!!!
Alexiell(08-06-22 04:05 / )
I feel i will be struggling with this one. I really am in love with the dark Onyx. she would be perfect for the elemental group I\'m making.....Kudos on this month Soom. Am loving this years line up
Edellon(08-06-21 16:37 / )
The beauty of Darkness and Light
They are the most beautiful girls I\'ve ever seen *_* I\'m totally in love with both versions of Onyx! The Light version reminds me of one of my own characters - Memory. a godess-like girl with supernatural forces. And the Shadow version is... simply too beautiful. I don\'t have right words to describe her... She is like the night sky with millions of stars.
Andrea(08-06-20 23:46 / )
Onyx is a thief of hearts!
She is absolutely stunning -- I am in love with the Shadow version!
Antara(08-06-20 03:02 / )
She's a beauty!
I'm doomed! I love her! And Onyx is a great name for her...makes her the perfect human girl for Sard... :D