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[MD/May]Sard-Night odyssey
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From May 16th to Jun 16th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual face up and body brushing may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the 'body brushing'.
* We recommend the 'body brushing' option to the customers who want to keep the dolls for decoration.
*'Removing the seam’ is not included to 'Body brushing' option.


Grendel(12-01-04 08:38 /
I kept seeing "Sard this," and "Sard that," so I decided to take another look at this gentleman.  And I've missed the event where I could have purchased him!  The hooves are great!  His face is perfect.
Urszula(11-03-23 00:11 /
Restock request Modify Delete 
Yessssssss restock him
Numen(11-03-22 06:50 /
I love him Modify Delete 
I love him and I need him... <3!! Restock him please!!!
treehugger(10-12-01 08:24 /
I'd love to own this fabulous doll.....those people who own one are very lucky!!
SinghamWilk(09-06-12 06:01 / )
i still love him
I find like said comment above. i too am here staring at him. i miss knowing he is no longer available.
rei999(09-04-24 00:40 / )
Positively stunning
Even though Sard is no longer available. I had to comment. I can\'t say how often I find myself going to this page to just stare and admire this doll. It is simply gorgeous. and I wish I had been able to buy him just about every time I look at him. He is by far my favorite; I would love another doll like him.
teja(09-03-11 02:59 / )
huh Modify Delete 
Sard and Heliot... They are unearthly made!!! How I wish it would be possible to get them! .. huh :)
inggrid(09-02-27 14:38 / )
i love this doll~!
"is there any way he could be re-release?? i mean could u make some event that re-release the top 5 monthly dolls last year or something. . i love his face sculpt! and those horns and hooves are amazing! everything bout him is perfect!. . but he was released just bout two months before i even know bout BJD :\""l i want himmm~!"
Katherine(09-02-26 04:09 / )
Missed Out
I\'m terribly depressed that I missed out on Sard. he\'s my dream doll.
catw07(08-11-26 08:41 / )
Sard Modify Delete 
This doll is amazing! His face is so beautiful and I love how he comes with 2 sets of legs! The hoof parts and horns are so detailed. He is such a versital doll. Every time I look at my Sard. he takes my breath away. Great job Soom! ^_^
April(08-11-20 15:16 / )
Fantastic Design!!!
I have received my Sard and he is wonderful. I love the designs of all your Monthly Dolls. They are some of the most beautiful and fantastic dolls ever made. I think! I wish I could buy them all! Thank you so much for making these beautiful things!!!
11(08-11-16 15:11 / )
1122 Modify Delete 
Kat(08-10-27 13:22 / )
When I finally recieved my Sard. I can say he was completely worth the wait. When he was finally shipped he got here quickly and I was really pleased with the customer service in answering all my questions! All of his pieces were well wrapped and beautifully brushed. Once his hooves are put on. he is extremely sturdy and poses like a dream! His face is gorgeous and has just the right feminine touches so that he\'s not overbearingly masculine. I am slightly dissapointed at the chipping paint. but it is to be expected with such jointed areas. if handled carefully and coated a few times. the paint stays on pretty well. Overall I am exteremely pleased with Sard and really glad to have him in my doll family! :)
Stephanie(08-10-25 09:13 / )
Im afraid i need to jump in here too...
"Sorry to say it. SOom. but I\'m going to have to agree with the other members reviews. I\'m new to bjds and I just found SOom a few weeks ago. Im so completely floored by all of the limited edition dolls but i would also love the opportunity to get ahold of one of these lovely hybrids for my own. I\'m completely captivated by the various animal feet. and i wouild absolutely -love- to see a new doll come out with wolf feet. Its always been a sory of fantasy of mine. and if there were such a doll be it male or female I would be there in a heartbeat. But I also think it might be beneficial. since it doesnt seem fair ro re-release a limited edition doll. to make the shin and feet parts available in a \""doll making\"" section so people could actually make the hybrids themselves. Just my two sense on the subject. keep up the absolutely amazing work SOom!"
lyfeisgood(08-09-12 06:17 / )
:( Modify Delete 
Is there any chance he will be restocked next year during the same time as his original release? I really wish I would have gotten this boy and I\'m so mad I didn\'t. I\'d be willing to sell my kidney for a Sard! Y\'know. if I was old enough... But would he ever be re-released? I could care less about the LE fullset. but the doll himself is as stunning as stunning gets. Ugh. I\'m really hating myself for missing out on this one. And I\'m not sure why I\'m bothering to ask for a re-release since it\'s not going to happen. but it\'s worth a shot. right? At least. I hope so. Ah well. I just wish me and everyone else who missed out could get one of these beauties. Edit: Just realised I wasn't logged in when I wrote this. ^.^;
XXXX(08-09-09 14:08 / )
Please make a 2nd Edition of Sard!!! Modify Delete 
I am kicking myself everyday for not buying this gorgeous boy when I had the chance! Please make more! Or. if you can\'t re-issue Sard. maybe for the Capricorn doll. you could make a goat-boy with those magnificent hooves and goat horns. Pleeeeeze!
yllyor(08-08-27 08:24 / )
I received Sard yesterday and am quite impressed with the doll. The legs. even with the extra joint. lock well and overall his balance is much better that a lot of the other dolls I\'ve seen out there. Great faceup as well - you can\'t see the slight golden sparkling sheen to it in the photographs here. I\'ve already made quite a few of my friends envious - this doll is definitely a keeper. Great job!
KM777(08-08-21 03:11 / )
AAAGGGHHH Modify Delete 
PLEEEEEAAASE MAKE MORE. He\'s my ultimate dream doll.... and I missed him. I would sell my ORGANS for this doll. Please do another run. I beg you. *L*
Hayley(08-06-19 05:31 / )
Make more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T
Will he be coming back up for sale! I absolutly must have him I just looked the other day and he was still for sale but I was a few dollars short of his total and now I come on to buy him and he\'s gone! T.T Soom please make some more I just absolutly adore this guy. I would have put 5 stars but the mechaangel sign gets in the way on my screen.
Yuan(08-06-14 21:22 / )
some Question
I must buy it at 16.June. That time I have VISA
Posey(08-06-09 04:28 / )
Question messure Modify Delete 
What as measured height has the doll? Thanks
Patrizia(08-05-24 04:48 / )
Wonderful. really!
"Sard is amazing. really. I was waiting since long time for the right doll for my \""Crypt\"" and he really is! About the ordering period. I hope for everyone who missed him that Soom open back the orders. Anyway there is clearly wrote that the ordering period is: * Ordering period : From May 16th to Jun 16th * This period could be closed earlier then noticed time. I suppose they have to close the ordering period cause they have received too many requests to make them in the scheduled time. This is not so strange for limited sales... Today may 24 I see Sard available again. so I suppose everyone who wants him can get him until 16 June as planned ^^"
Kat(08-05-23 04:03 / )
the ordering period
I had wanted to order Sard this weekend May 24th. And he\'s sold out? Why? I thought your ordering period went to the middle of June? Please restock him. Their are many people that wanted him. Thank you!
Merce(08-05-21 12:33 / )
About ordering period
Hello. Why Sard is sold out if the ordering period is May 16 to June 16. we stay now to 21 May and he is sold out yet?? please. reestock Sard! alot of people want\'s him. I want him! reply our comments here and in the Q&A too.
elizabeth(08-05-21 05:51 / )
FAB Creation ~ Collectors Dream!
This doll is amazing! He is very unique......a fantasy doll that will fill a need in many doll collections. Congrats to SOOM for this creative achievement!!
Victoria(08-05-21 05:15 / )
still sold out?
Restock him please. it is ordering itme. why is he still sold out?
Che(08-05-20 12:01 / )
Restock him PLEASE
I\'d like to second mikagami\'s comment! I too was just waiting for an answer on the the Q&A board before ordering and now he\'s sold out?!
shinya(08-05-20 07:35 / )
disappointed with customer care representative
"He is really lovely! But I am quite disappointed and frustrated with the customer care. By the time my question about Sard was answered at the Q&A board. Sard was already labeled \""Sold Out\"". It is not like we could wait the whole day for our questions to be answered as we also have jobs. Please answer questions at your Q&A board from the earlier posts please. not the latest. Because that seems unfair to those who were waiting for answers that could help them decide if they would continue buying or not. And I hope you would restock Sard to make up for this =( ."
mayjinn(08-05-20 05:37 / )
amazing!!! Modify Delete 
"He is very amazing!!! I love his legs so much! Be my boy please! XD Now is the sell period? Why is he still \""sold out\""?"
Che(08-05-17 04:53 / )
Best... Doll....EVER!
JennyNemesis(08-05-17 02:11 / )
Wow!! Modify Delete 
Sard is spectacular! What an amazing incubus fullset you have made here. His makeup is incredible. from his orange kabuki-shadow to his metallic-copper hooves. His face looks both spooky and beauiful. The body. the horns. the eyes. the outfit. *yikes!* I wouldn\'t mind waking up to find this kind of demon creeping around my bedchamber... And thank you for using more Rilke poems. <3
vic(08-05-16 16:51 / )
~~~~ Modify Delete comes the boy version--|||||||||||||