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[MD/Apr]Beryl-Never ending dream
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: Soom
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* Ordering period : From Apr.11th to May 11th
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.

* The doll pictured is a sample. Please understand the actual Face up and Body painting may vary the color and brush touch.
* Frequent movement of a ball jointed doll can rub or damage the 'Body painting'.
* We recommend the 'Body painting' option to the customers who want to keep the dolls for decoration.
*'Removing the seam’ is not included to 'Body painting' option.


sanders(09-08-12 12:34 / )
restock her Im begging you Modify Delete 
Please restock this doll. Is the best female face you have. very different and distintiva. so sui generis. please in the name of all of us that cannot buy one restock her!!! plzzzzzz!!!
KIKYO(09-06-14 13:43 / )
Ů Modify Delete 
tiffany(09-03-26 20:44 / )
so a mazing
please restore soo. so nice face n body
Mayra(09-02-12 21:46 / )
She\'s so beautiful. I want to cry !
Alxa(09-01-23 16:05 / )
Restock her plz!!
this doll has the unique face ever. is so different from others. so expressive!! please. please. PLEASE. restock it!!!
spoon(08-12-26 11:13 / )
Please restock her~~ Modify Delete 
I love her so much but too late to see her.pls pls pls restock her ~~I really hope I can bring her home~~
Camilla(08-11-26 22:10 / )
I shure hope that soom will use this head skulpt in futher dolls. then I will buy her. she is so lovely.
Kassy(08-11-26 08:46 / )
I am in love with this beautiful girl! She is so detailed and verry versital. I\'m heart broken that I missed out on her! Please. please. please make more dolls like Beryl!
Erin(08-10-20 05:49 / )
This is my favourite doll. please. please. please restock this one!
Melinda(08-10-11 00:02 / )
I can\'t believe I missed her!!
Please!! Offer another girl with your lovely hooves!
daprima(08-09-17 12:03 / )
Beryl - more. please? Modify Delete 
Love her. Must have her! Please consider offering her again ... or another lovely lady with hooves.
Gothkitty(08-09-15 10:17 / )
Beautiful (part 2)
*mutter mutter...* I meant to give her 5 stars hehe xx
Gothkitty(08-09-15 10:14 / )
I love her hooves! She\'s awesome!
milkyushi(08-08-01 02:22 / )
Please restock
Please restock her. She is absolutely wonderful to behold. I have a soft spot for succubi. And having worked for a D20 gaming company makes even more a soft spot for this wonderful doll. And Shard the male doll of her is just as lovely. Don\'t make me write a signature protest to have her restocked ^-^.
xAkane(08-07-12 10:28 / )
i wann her too..
so unique and verii beautiful! pls make more like her ^o^
m408235(08-07-11 20:04 / )
I want her Modify Delete 
When I saw the time she has sold out. . . Mody will be opened. . . Crying
tina(08-07-04 12:13 / )
l like it very much.quick return please!!!!!!!
shizu(08-07-04 00:14 / )
loves Modify Delete 
the most beautiful doll i seen so far <3
Despinad(08-06-09 14:32 / )
Restcok!! Modify Delete 
This doll is more than amazing!!! If only I had the money to buy her when she was first released! Please please please restocke her!!!!I am dying to get her!
Sirja(08-06-05 02:21 / )
Doll from my dreams!
Please. please re-stock her! I would be more than happy if you would. and I\'d be willing to pay even more of her than that 718$. Absolutely. I\'d order her even if she\'d pay 800$. If I would get her. I\'d be the happiest person on Earth. Thanks.
Kat(08-06-04 08:53 / )
My dream doll! Modify Delete 
I wish you would re-stock her! Everything about her is exquisite and perfect! Soom truly has the most unique and beautiful dolls. I hope to add her to my collection one day.
sarah(08-06-01 18:28 / )
Is she going to be restocked? please. please. please. thank you
catdancer(08-06-01 06:49 / )
She is an OMG Doll!! Modify Delete 
I just received my Beryl today and could not be happier! She stood and crouched directly out of the box. Those hooves are huge! but they help her stand so well..she is a very well balanced doll. I also ordered her accessories. and received everything but the outfit. which I hope will be sent soon. I can hardly wait to do her faceup and airbrushing. Soom continues to be the leader in unique dolls!
Jennifer(08-05-02 15:51 / )
I give Soom great. great credit for this incredible innovation. Beryl will be my first doll. and I couldn\'t be happier. She\'s absolutely beautiful. and the engineering that Soom had to come up with to get the digigrade legs like that must have been a trial. but I thank them greatly for doing it. Thank you. Soom! I truly cannot wait to have this gorgeous girl in my home.
Akari(08-05-02 11:59 / )
The Doll Make Me Crazy Modify Delete 
Che(08-05-01 06:42 / )
Please make more like her!!
This is such an amazing doll! please. please. PLEASE make more like her with those amazing hooved legs!!
spherot(08-04-27 11:07 / )
A Fantastic Doll! Modify Delete 
"Soom continues to impress me with the unique design of its dolls. I already own one Gem. and am planning on purchasing a SuperGem. If I didn\'t already own a girl. Beryl would be on her way to me right now! I researched ball-jointed-doll manufacturers for several months before purchasing my first doll from Soom. Soom stands out in the number of options they provide for your doll. And considering what you get. the prices are very reasonable. Beryl is stunning. When I first saw her. my jaw dropped. Her wings are amazing. as are her \""demon\"" legs. I am anxiously looking forward to her male counterpart. If he\'s anything like Beryl. he will be my second doll from Soom. I wish I could get Beryl too!"
Tegan(08-04-25 10:48 / )
omg i lover so much. i really wnat her. she is amazing! and i love her very mcuh! she has gotten me into a fix! how long will she be here and how many are you selling?
Jas(08-04-24 22:17 / )
Special Modify Delete 
"This is really special and beautiful. But I don\'t like her \""mini skirts\"". Not suitable."
vic&AKA(08-04-24 19:23 / )
God~ Modify Delete 
Love her so much!! Awaiting now!!!!!!!
mayjinn(08-04-23 00:43 / )
XD Modify Delete 
oh my god . she is realy fantastic! I can\'t make myself not to like her. ^_^ But would you like to product another Boy-Type? How ever i love boys more.
ryce(08-04-18 09:44 / )
OMG Modify Delete 
This doll is awsome!I want her soo badly.....if only i had money! -(must save up) Ryce
LanaSibley(08-04-17 06:16 / )
VERY different and unusual...LOVE HER! Modify Delete 
I am finding that Soom is the place for most unusual and beautiful dolls. I could not resist her. She is most definitely not of the ordinary!