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[MD/Feb]Deneb-Planet Spirit
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: Soom
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* Flat feet parts are basically included.


*  Mecha Angel Measurement[Female Type]

- Weight: 2344g
- Overall Height: 79cm
- Head Circumference: 23.5cm
- Eye size: 14mm
- Neck Circumference: 11cm
- Chest Circumference: 31.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 11.5cm 
- Bottom Circumference: 21.5cm
- Arm Length: 22cm
- Wrist Circumference: 6.5cm
- Hip Circumference: 32cm
- Thigh Circumference: 18.2cm
- Leg Length: 39.5cm
- Ankle Circumference: 8.8cm
- Feet Length: 8cm

ssssuishui(11-01-07 00:53 /
To Kateness
Guess that's because she's also an FFD, which means you still have chance to get her from SOOM without those outfit showing on the picture.
Kateness(10-11-30 13:41 /
That's weird... Modify Delete 
I find it odd how so many people are asking for various MDs to be re-released, and people all dream of various Soom dolls they want but can never have, but somehow I've never heard Deneb come up. I would LOVE to see her on the marketplace, my god. She is amazing, but it feels like everyone forgot her.
Teresa(09-05-28 14:36 / )
She reminds me of a valkyrie.
Riding in from Vahala.
Annie(08-11-02 06:34 / )
beauty Modify Delete 
beauty really intresting proposition;)
mugen(08-10-09 20:17 / )
~~ Modify Delete 
Barretto(08-08-03 21:32 / )
YOIKS! Modify Delete 
She\'s like the \'ultimate\' fantasy woman.... an unholy. sexy. sexy cross of Axa and Red Sonja in the the Mecha World. On a side note. I\'d love to locate a similar biki-bott for myself. A-hem.
Emma(08-06-30 14:39 / )
^_^ Modify Delete 
lile2344(08-03-20 12:03 / )
She's beautiful......I love her shoes where did you get those? and where can I get those?