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: Soom
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* including :

- assembled Spinel doll: basic hands included
- random Soom eyes (14mm)
- Owner's Guide & certificate of authenticity

* options :

- Face up
- Body brushing
- Full b.j.hands UA KIT (Unassembled Kit) : Tension strings and Assembling guide included

※For attaching a Head parts magnet

You drop one drop of glue, and you fix in magnet halls of Head as pushing the above magnet. Head cap attaches a magnet in ways same as above. At this time you shall let you leave for the poles to the inside that you were opposite to Head magnet. (make reference to Owner's guide)

pilipaomo(16-04-06 01:13 /
Please Release him again!
Please Release him again!
Please Release him again!It's so pity that I realise his beauty so late! Please give fans a chance to get him again!
resination(12-01-28 21:04 /
Total Love
I received Spinel, whom I named Jovani, last week. I am his second owner and his face up is by Helene. This is an incredibly beautiful sculpt - sensitive, sensuous yet very masculine, and depending on the angle of the light, he shows many moods and emotions.  IMO he is one of Soom's more realistic male sculpts and very versatile to style as well as just being drop dead gorgeous and one of my most fascinating guys to photograph.
treehugger(10-11-06 10:17 /
He's 65cm of pure beauty
Emma(10-10-26 00:34 /
How big is he? Modify Delete 
I've been looking everywhere for a male looking doll as most of them look too childlike or female. He is perfect but I can't find anywhere that says how big he is?
Cat(10-07-27 04:24 /
What the Modify Delete 
I'm gay and this is the faggiest doll I have ever seen.
treehugger1961(10-07-14 01:10 /
Handsome fella! Modify Delete 
I received my Spinel today....OMG he's so handsome!
I've been Soomed for sure....want another Soom doll.
(09-09-10 14:27 / )
Rachael(09-09-07 02:23 / )
This is by far my favorite sculpt of all time. i can not wait to purchase him. his face is GORGEOUS!!
Acunetix(09-04-21 00:46 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
Acunetix(09-03-28 10:38 / )
Mr. Modify Delete 
tehrin(09-03-03 04:49 / )
Love at first sight <3
I fell in love with this sculpt immediately and I had to have him. He\'s just perfect. The head sculpt is very easy to paint if you\'re doing it yourself. But the default Soom faceup is very beautiful and uinque too. I love my Spinel very much and he\'s just perfect. Thanks so much Soom for making this lovely guy!
Glenn(09-02-27 03:33 / )
C\' est l\' amour de ma vie...
Depuis qu\'il fait parti de ma vie. je suis au anges... Il est sublime en vrai!!! Je suis completement en admiration devant lui et mes sont immence quand je le regarde...
Adele(09-02-03 09:54 / )
What a Latin Lover he is!
Wow. The look and angles of this guy\'s face gives him an all around look of being a looker. One can imagine a twinkle in his eye the way his head is angled. His colouring could make him a lover from anywhere in the world. I see him as a Latin Lover. Great facial lines and angles around the chin and cheekbone area. The eyes are soft yet have a lovers. sleepy eyed look.
Glenn(08-12-13 22:25 / )
trop beau Modify Delete 
il est d\' une telle beaut?.. je me suis fais un grand plaisir en l\' achetant
Jenn(08-09-08 06:23 / )
He is truly gorgeous
He\'s so pretty. Very masculine though. He\'s a lovely doll. I really want one. I love the little fuzz above his lip. It\'s different and very attractive.
kesschan(08-04-02 21:58 / )
PERFECT Modify Delete 
I love my Spinel so much he is really beatiful as the photos !!
pepstar(09-12-04 11:44 /
Please post better pics
The facial shadow and costume really don't do him justice. If it wasn't for seeing owner's pics on the doll sites, I would have passed him by...