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Idealian is a community of humans supporting international immortals and immortals for fraternity, rights, and interests.


Act 1.
Idealian requires that all members remain independent from any Government, Politicized Ideology, Religion, and Economy. Idealian members should behave according to the rules and, regulations, and observe discipline. We require all members to behave in a responsible and adult manner within society
Act 2.
Idealian requires that all members be active based on international collective responsibility.
Act 3.
Idealian requires that education and convenience for the rights and responsibility of immortals be provided. They have to take the price that is suitable.


Act 4.
All of immortals have the capacity of a first- class Idealian Master.
Act 5.
A member who agrees that an Idealian council ratified by the members who were active during the long period as faithful Shamael gets the position of Bob. He is a model of a Guardian and Shamael, and he receives benefits from the best of all worlds.
Act 6.
A member who agrees that an Idealian council ratified by members who were together with the Idealian Master as a Guardian gets the position of Shamael. The duty of Shamael is to serve the Idealian Master in all sincerity.
Act 7.
A member who wants to be an Idealian member who has passed through the admission process gets the position of Guardian.
Act 8.
Members who bring disgrace on Idealian and violate the rules will be classified into Dust and lose their member's’ positions.


Act 9.
Idealian is a secret society in that we will maintain absolute confidentiality regarding your membership as we do with all of our members.
Act 10.
Idealian’s own pictures and work may not be leaked outside the Society.
Act 11.
All members must treat the Idealian Master with respect. In addition, all members should behave in a legal and socially responsible manner. The Idealian will remove from membership anyone who does not.
Act 12.
No members may discriminate against other Species.
Act 13.
All Guests must observe Idealian regulations.
Act 14.
Immortal does not mean immortalization for children or old people, etc. who do not control their own lives.

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