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Nenad – Moss Sprite
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* Ordering period : From Jul.1st. to Jul.21th.2010.
* This period could be closed earlier then noticed time.
* If you want to have the Removing Seam service for this item, plz click the Related Parodcut 'Removing seam-Legend Mini  Gem' on the bottom of page.
kim(10-10-06 16:45)
no Modify Delete 
the feet don't do it for me. They are I don't know they just look like the artist was too lazy to actually give them feet or something. The other one with the water look too.  I'm not fond of this kind of fary dolls. The wings and face are pretty much the only parts I did like.
midstar7(10-07-01 16:11)
Overall stunning! ^_^ Modify Delete 
Ordered her within 30seconds after she went up! ::laughs::

I too will admit that I'm not a fan of the smaller bust size here.
I think it makes her look somewhat out of proportion, and not as mature as I would have liked. 
It would be great to see you release a larger bust size for your next faery release (I hope there will be a next release!).
Would have also liked to see some Soom trademark sparkly eyes here, as it's not easy to get just the right eyes in 8mm, let alone sparkly eyes! ^_^;;

All complaints aside though, she is truly beautiful and I'm so pleased you've gone down this route.
I'd go as far as to say she's the most striking doll you've released in a while, perhaps since Cuprit (who I also ordered immediately on her release ::laughs::)

Please keep up the amazing work you've shown with Nenad!
Looking forward to future releases!
Sarah(10-07-01 13:43)
Sad. Modify Delete 
She is very very beautiful and I will definitely order her.

But, very disappointed in the tiny breasts.
She should have the old bigger busted mini gem style! :(((((
zirconmermaid(10-07-01 05:38)
Darling! Modify Delete 
I love my Sparkling Forever Uyoo, so this is wonderful!  I am so glad to see more dolls in this scale.  Her wings are lovely, and those little feet are precious!  Thank you!
Miwa(10-06-30 14:33)
Perfect. Modify Delete 
Can't wait to see pictures.
The most beautiful doll you've released in a long time.
Thank you Soom!
sara(10-06-30 14:04)
Stunning! Modify Delete 
I too would like to see colorful resin tones like blue, green, pink!
But girls!  Lots and lots of girls! ^o^
Avery(10-06-30 04:14)
Pretty Modify Delete 
Everyone loves faeries so good direction to go. Would like to see some boys mixed in (especially with bright blue wings) and some colorful resin tones like blue, green, pink etc.
ayperi(10-06-30 02:03)
noooo ;-;
I just started to think I can finally save money and buy no more dolls! D: She so beautiful! I ..must.. resist! ><;;;
Anon(10-06-29 22:25)
Amazing! Modify Delete 
Really hope to see fairies in other skin colors like grey and tan too!
Please keep making dolls like this!
Patrice(10-06-29 10:56)
Just beautiful! Modify Delete 
What an exquisite doll!
lola56(10-06-29 10:51)
Mature tinies! Fairies! Modify Delete 
Please release loads of beautiful female fairies!
I promise to buy them all!
Ellanie(10-06-29 10:04)
Lovely Modify Delete 
I'm excited about these!

My only request is that we get boys and girls!
Sarah(10-06-29 09:04)
Wow! Modify Delete 
This style is much more beautiful than the normal MD line!
Please keep making tiny fairies!
jesswight(10-06-29 05:36)
Beautiful Modify Delete 
I love her! Please keep making Mini Gems in fantasy style. It is nice to have a fantasy doll that is mature but is also easy to play with and carry around, sometimes SuperGems are too big to handle.

Really hope I can bring her home!
AngelicOphelia(10-06-29 05:27)
WOW Modify Delete 
I have to agree that now I'm worried that I will never be able to afford anything ever again, lol.

She is adorable, and depending on later pictures, I may have to skip making my first Soom an SG and just go for this beauty.  I didn't think that you all could make anything smaller that I would like (since I'm not a huge fan of the child-like look myself) and having minis with fantasy parts and a fantasy theme just kills me!  Keep up the good work, and wish me luck saving up :)
karleecakes(10-06-29 04:52)
So Pretty! Modify Delete 
Thank you for making this beautiful fairy! Her green wings are fantastic. I cannot wait to see more of her face :)
Elebuu(10-06-29 01:09)
Oh my goodness! Modify Delete 
Now I *know* it's my birthday today, because look at this little sweetheart who just showed up! She's wonderful, Soom, thank you! :)
jaideen(10-06-29 00:20)
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Modify Delete 
She's so pretty!  And a MINI GEM!!!!!! About time you made more of the little darlings! More pics please!!!
Tenchi(10-06-29 00:20)
Beautiful! Modify Delete 
She's really breathtaking, Soom! And you truly outdid yourself with the resin wings! Awesome job! I'm really excited about what's to come in this series of dolls, and I'm crossing my fingers for more doll sizes! ^^ Keep up the awesome work! You certainly are keeping busy over there!
corrine(10-06-28 22:14)
Gosh !!! Modify Delete 
Her beauty hurt me,she makes the world of human gloomy.
You're at the zenith,Soom.You always dazzle me with your splendid works of art.
Yes,I'm serious.
witchling(10-06-28 21:26)
She's stunning and as beautiful as I expected! But I hope she comes with normal skin option though; I have too many white-skinned Soom girls. Being able to choose normal skin would be a welcome change for me! ^_^

Wonderful job Soom!!! I'm in love already!
****(10-06-28 20:53)
Perfect! Modify Delete 
She's absolutely beautiful so far!
I've been hoping you'd release a doll like this for a really long time and so could not be happier.
Thank you Soom!
0 0(10-06-28 19:56)
wow! Fascinating~! Modify Delete 
But,Fairy feet?!
Nenad is small Topaz?!
misuka(10-06-28 18:55)
Oh wow she is absolutely fantastic *o* I need her!
HerrZog(10-06-28 18:34)
New LE? _-_
Very, VERY cute girl! But Soom, I really love your dolls, but it's 5 or 6 LE in month. Please, let your fans get some money =)